Australia: trashing whites is a regular industry at Monash university

From Andrew Bolt

Wannabe black? We can do a reverse Mikheel Jackson on you!

Three Wakademic Tarts & A Beard  will re-educate you: come hear this exciting conference on  ”Re-Orienting Whiteness


* Good news:  Scotland’s first Muslim Police Association has been launched in Glasgow

* Interesting stuff. They already have a Black Police Association and another one for multiculti … (Correct me if I’m wrong) Only thing they don’t have is a White Police Association…


Professor Ann Curthoys 
Keynote Address/Public Lecture: ‘White British, and Genocidal’…


I want to tease out the connections and dissonances historically between white identities and British identities, and the relationship of both of these to the destructive impact of colonization in the Australian colonies. I want to consider where historical responsibility lies for the enormous destruction of life and society wrought by the process of colonization (the British authorities? the settlers? colonial governments

Ann Curthoys is an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow and was the Manning Clark Professor of History at the Australian National University from 1996 to November 2008….She is currently writing a short book with Ann McGrath for UNSW Press called How to Write History that People want to Read.

Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson 
Keynote Address: ‘Writing off Indigenous Sovereignty: White possession within the United States’ Whiteness Studies literature’ …


Aileen Moreton-Robinson is a Geonpul woman from Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island), Quandamooka First Nation (Moreton Bay) in Queensland, Australia. She is Professor of Indigenous Studies at Queensland University of Technology. Prior to this appointment she taught Women’s Studies at Flinders University and Indigenous studies at Griffith University and the University of South Australia…

Professor Lynette Russell 
Keynote Address: ‘Race Incarnadine: The Fluidity of Nineteenth-century Categories of Race, Colour and Competency’ 
Lynette Russell is hold the Chair in Australian Indigenous Studies at Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, where she also Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts…

Select Publications 
… ‘“Whiteness” and “Aboriginality” in Canada and Australia: Conversations and Identities’, Feminist Theory 8, no. 2 (2007).

Associate Professor Matt Wray 
Keynote Address: ‘Whiteness Studies and Boundary Theory: New Contributions and Future Research’ 

This paper briefly traces the development of whiteness studies in the United States from 1990 to 2008…

Select Publications

Not Quite White: White Trash and the Boundaries of Whiteness (Duke University Press, 2006); “That Ain’t White: The Long and Ugly History of ‘Trash’ Talk.” American Sexuality Magazine. (May 2007); … White Trash: Race and Class in America (Routledge, 1997).


Wow. Trashing whites is a regular industry. No wonder people more white than black prefer to call themselves Aboriginal, at least in applying for uni positions.

Thanks to reader Michael Connor, who notes a persistant nagging sound at the conference as he goes through the papers:

“White Colonialism in the Early Childhood Field”;


“Cultural Contagion in the Eye-To-Skin Encounters of Inter-Racial Sexuality”;


“Whiteness and the Working Mother”;


“Brown bully, white class; brown teachers exposing whiteness to white students”;


“The Good White Nation Once More Made Good:  Apology for Atrocities to the Stolen Generations”;


“Re-orienting Racism. ‘Raggers’ and ‘Rednecks’ in Relation to a Proposed Islamic School”;


6 thoughts on “Australia: trashing whites is a regular industry at Monash university”

  1. * Hosted by the School of Historical Studies, Monash University. In association with the
    Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association with support from the University
    of Melbourne and Reconciliation Victoria.

    I need an extra strong cup of coffee, or something, before I begin to respond to this. What
    would you do in an association that studied whiteness? or blackness?

  2. Here I thought this sort of insanity was exclusive to the US-after all, the honkies of America held blacks as slaves from the 1600’s to the day before Obama (MCF) was elected president
    so studying whiteness was deemed imperative here. Now this fashionable reverse racist crapola has caught on in Australia. What’s next? Importing a bunch of black folk like Jesse Jackson to Australia so that a new history of that country can be written where whitey held people in slavery from the day the British first arrived to the present?

    The entire world is really going nuts!

  3. They all need a frontal labotomy, I need a bottle in front of me. Sheesh! these tools certainly make me wonder why their parents ever fucked!

  4. * “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race …”

    But, but, but … isn’t the key to solving social problems multiculturalism, diversity, harmony,
    equality, integration, muslim reference groups, sharia law, global governance, human rights…

    So now its true agenda is decloaked … genocide.

  5. I’m not proud to be white, very importantly, I AM NOT ASHAMED TO BE WHITE.

    It’s only melanin in the skin, these people are more racist than anyone.

    The true evaluation of a man is their character, not whether they happen to have a better or worse tan than the next man.

  6. Once Obama is coronated, it will be “beat up on whitie” in the U.S. I read his wife’s anti-white college paper – AKA an overview of things to come.

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