Gaza: Fauxtography and the Usual Suspects

The ever vigilant Charles Martel has a keen eye for Pallywood productions: do you recognize old Fatima doing her thing in the “Rage-boy” tradition?

SYRIA: A “Palestinian” woman cries during a protest in Damascus, Syria Ah, the Fakestinian mothers – the same ones that strap bombs on their babies and do the snoopy dance of glee when their children die in a homicide bombing. Got it.

The staging and fauxtography, and the framing of the narrative begins.

Charles Martel in the comment section:

Anybody else recognizes ‘Fat Fatima’ in the 3d picture, the same ghoul as in the other pallywood propaganda photos and videos, including the one in which a woman held two cartridges as evidence that US forces shot at her house in Iraq?

Can you say fauxtography?

Pallywood propaganda overdrive:

Hamas calls Israeli strikes “Holocaust”

They know how to tug on the West’s guilty heartstrings. They know no one, or hardly anyone, will stop to consider the fact that the Jews didn’t send 200+ rockets into Germany before the real Holocaust. They know no one, or hardly anyone, will consider how grotesque is an analogy between the calculated murder of six million innocents and the casualties resulting from an entirely justified military action.

“Israeli strikes in Gaza called ‘Holocaust’ by Hamas,” from Ya Libnan, 

The EU also criticized what it called Israel’s disproportionate use of force…”

Agence France Presse cheerleads for the jihad

A Palestinian rock-throwing Santa illustrated the story

Agence France Presse headline on Israel’s action in Gaza:Gaza braces for invasion as Barak threatens children.

UPDATE: And an Israeli died as Hamas swiftly responded to the air raids by firing several dozen rockets on the Jewish state. The response is not strong enough. TAKE OUT HAMAS. TAKE OUT THEIR INFRASTRUCTURE. CRIPPLE THEIR JEW KILLING WAR MACHINE.



CNN (the Crescent News Network) reports that the giant pussies at the European Union and its current coward president, France, urged both sides to stop to the violence , as did Britain and Russia. Translation, Jews tip defending yourselves.

             The United States said Israel should avoid civilian casualties, while the Arab League and a number of Middle Eastern states singled out Israel for blame.

The Left Really Loooves Hamas:

The Left loves them some Hamas

This article was ‘hijacked’ from John Lilyeah’s blog who has rightly complained that we didn’t credit him with this article. However, the header is a direct link to his blog, which is usually sufficient…

The Israelis pounded Hamas pretty good this morning after taking six weeks of rocket attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Some reports of dead Palestinians are over 200 dead and 300 injured. And the Left is hatin’ on the Israelis. FromLittle Green Footballs, I read this from Daily Koz;

We cannot seriously expect Hamas to end their barrage of rocket attacks on southern Israel until the Israelis make good faith efforts to recognize the legitimate claims of the Palestinian people.

Keep in mind, this is after the Israelis endured six weeks of rocket attacks without returning fire until the ceasefire ended. Not to mention the other concessions Israel has made over the last several years. And even though readers of this blog knew that counter attacks were imminent, one writer at Firedoglake called it a surprise attack against Hamas;

Another, calls it a “first strike”;

Well, so much for peace. Looks like Siun was right, and the deliveries yesterday were just a pathetic public relations ploy. Israel managed to assassinate the police chief, governor, and security chief. A first strike bombing like this can do a fair bit of damage, as it did, but Hamas will now disperse its people and assets, and future bombings will be less effective.

Of course, this second writer doesn’t mention the Hamas rocket falling short yesterday and killing two Gazan girls. But he does drag out a picture of a dead Palestinian baby from February for his piece;

I’m sure this writer figures Hamas should be forgiven since they didn’t kill many Israelis;

Hamas missile counterattacks killed, oh, one person.

So because they’re bumbling buffoons, they should be allowed to continue firing their rockets into Israel with no response because they don’t usually hit much anyway. Besides, who knows, practice might improve their aim. Oh, and Fatah are apparently the Israelis’ lap dog which might come as a surprise to both parties;

Israel keeps thinking it’s going to get a cheap peace or that its problems with the Palestinians can be solved with violence. Short of full-scale ethnic cleansing they can’t. Nor can they make peace with their lapdogs in the Fatah, the only people who might be able to enforce a peace are Hamas. You have to make peace with your enemies and it has to be those enemies who are able to enforce peace. Only Hamas can do that. Fatah can’t and Israel can’t, and they can’t bomb or assassinate Hamas into peace either.

So the Left sees Hamas as the key to peace – the same Hamas that slaughtered hundreds of Fatah Palestinians a while back. The same Hamas that has fire fights with the Egyptian Army. Others on the Left are so tight with the language usage that they attack the Huffington Post for “taking cues from Fox News” because a writer at HuffPo called the strikes “retaliatory”.

It looks like the American Left is being as obstinate as Hamas and hezbollah. Of course, it’s easy for them to be obstinate as long as the whole rest of the world pays the real price and finally comes up with a solution that they can gripe about.

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  1. Lilyea – if any credits have not been given it is an error which the editors of this blog will almost certainly rectify – the issue here is about giving people access to comment which appears to have been censored by the liberal press. No-one here is terribly concerned about the issue of credit for articles – however what is important is that articles can be verfied. Your concern on authorship is more a comment on yourself within the scope of this blog.

    Charles Martel – we confirm your analysis – fat fatima appears to have a split personality and mutiple nationalities!

  2. Kevin Rudd has sided with the UN in condemning Israel for retaliating to hundreds of rockets fired by Hamas into Israel, according to SBS News tonight. (28 Dec).

    Kevin Rudd, the UN, France, and all the other dhimmis, never condemned Hamas and the Palestinians for continually firing rockets into Israel. Never once.


    Israel is damned if they do, damned if they don’t, so – BOMB THEM TO SMITHEREENS!

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