Gaza Latest Updates

229 die as Israel hammers Gaza

An injured Palestinian is helped from the rubble following an Israeli missile strike in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. Picture: AP US blames Hamas for Gaza bloodshed

ISRAEL hammered Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip overnight, killing at least 228 people in retaliation for rocket fire.

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  1. the moslims should be happy if there are too much moslims in Gaza are killed because they will go to the heaven. there they will f***k 72 girls and they will have rivers van alcohol. they will eat dinner with their mohammed.

    they must sing and dance. they dont have to cry

  2. My response to Bader , What a moron !!!! The idiot has no idea of Islam but wants to make stupid remarks !!!! May you fry in hell !!!!!

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  4. Some people can’t even spell “Muslims” correctly, says a lot—born a Cristian, but I must say I feel for my fellow human beings in Gaza, children, women and men, today they killed 40 innocent people in a School..good on you”Israelis, you learned a lot from Hitler, it seems you have to learn a little more.what happened to him , will happen to you!

  5. Salam to all mu muslim brothers and sisters and a curse to all Israilis..may u and those who is supporting u die in humailiation. Curse be on ( Bader) those who speak bad about the muslims..To write any comments u should have a knowledge about the religion…

  6. dear all, i am disapointed at the messages here, leave out religion and see the innocent children and parents dying and maimed we need to help those that cant defend themselves and cannot do anything for protection. war is bad but turn your real hate and anger to those people who will not leave peace alone. the hamas is not fighting fair, by hiding between the people and poor people wh cannot hide anywhere are trapped. therefore you will have suffering. please lest ask hamas to fight like men in the open away from the people then we have a war by idiots isreal and hamas play with thier toys but our wonderful people are protected. concentrate on helping and spreading gods love and it will come back to you ten fold. peace and love to the world. god bless

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