Greek Riots Watch: Yoots with Hoots

Lizard Watch:   Greek Rioting – “Unrelated to Islam”

Athens’ giant Christmas tree, ignited by protesters, burns in front of the Greek parliament in Athens Dec. 8, 2008.

* King Lizard sez “suspicion is understandable” but prefers denial over facts:

Lots of people have emailed us to express suspicion at the reports of “youths” rioting in Greece after the police shooting of a teenager. The suspicion is understandable, given media’s previous reluctance to identify the rioters in France as anything other than “youths,” but the simple fact is that this horrible violence has nothing to do with Islamic immigrants and everything to do with Greece’s home-grown anarchist left: Violence breaks out during Greek teen’s funeral.

    “Nothing to do with Islamic immigrants”,- really?

Reality Watch:

Muslim Immigrant Rioters Demand Entry to Greece…

More unrest over asylum system

Hundreds of asylum seekers went on the rampage near central Athens on Saturday after a migrant was injured falling into the same ditch in Votanikos where a 29-year-old Pakistani man died last month

* Newsflash: Copenhagen: 300 Muslims riot outside mall

Not just plain, ol’ “youth” — but Muslim youth! “Copenhagen: Muslims riot on Eid al-Adha,” from the Copenhagen Post

“Nothing to do with islam” Watch: “Allahu akbar…”


It was not clear what led to the unidentified man falling into the canal on Saturday. Police said that he was taken to the hospital for treatment and an investigation had been launched into what led to the incident.

The man’s fall appears to have provoked the outrage of hundreds of migrants waiting to submit their asylum applications at the Aliens Bureau on Petrou Ralli Street.

They began setting fire to garbage cans and branches from trees, which they threw into the street. Some threw stones at passing vehicles. The riot lasted for about one hour. No injuries were reported and the fire service extinguished all the blazes.

The incident is likely to draw even more attention to the government’s asylum policy. Greece approved only 140 of more than 20,000 asylum applications last year, according to the UN refugee agency.

The Aliens Bureau accepts asylum applications only once a week, forcing some 4,000 migrants to queue up outside the office from Friday night to have a chance of being one of the small number that are chosen to hand in their paperwork the next day.

Officials processing asylum claims at the bureau had briefly started processing claims daily, apparently in a bid to appease protesters after the death of the Pakistani asylum seeker last month. It seems that officials switched back to a once-a-week service after the furor subsided.

Civil rights activists claimed that police officers pursued the 29-year-old following a clash outside the bureau, resulting in him falling into the ditch. However, this version of events is at odds with the statement issued by the police.

According to the police statement, the 29-year-old had been with his family and had approached the ditch to relieve himself but slipped and fell.

Kathimerini discovered last week that the chaos outside the bureau has inspired opportunists to sell asylum application forms – photocopies of the original – for 20 euros each.

Some of the asylum seekers waiting in line outside the Athens bureau reportedly applied for asylum on the Aegean island through which they entered Greece, but were subsequently issued with a deportation order.


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  1. send those muslim illegals back to their cesspoolstans. if they cannot leave islam, they can go back to it.

  2. Hey

    I have been trying to post updates to you on the 12/7/08 post

    Asylum seekers riot in Athens

    Hundreds of migrants waiting to submit asylum applications rioted in central Athens, setting fire to rubbish bins and attacking passing cars.

    Protesters said the riot began when one man fell into a nearby canal after authorities told the crowd that no more applications could be submitted. Only a small number of applications can be submitted each week.

    It was not immediately clear how the man fell into the canal. Police said he was injured and was taken by ambulance to a hospital. They said they were investigating the incident.

    Outraged asylum-seekers began setting fire to rubbish bins and throwing them into the street, and ripped branches off trees to set them alight. A smaller group threw rocks at passing cars, stopping some vehicles and banging on them with their hands. There were no reports of any passers-by being injured.

    The riot lasted for about an hour, and riot police who were on standby nearby did not intervene. A fire truck extinguished the blazes.

    In October, a human rights group said a Pakistani man was fatally injured when he fell into the same canal.

    The group, Stop the War Coalition, said that the man had been trying to escape police after immigrants queuing to submit applications clashed with authorities. Police rejected claims they had any involvement in the man’s death and said they had tried to repulse an attempt by a large group of migrants to jump the queue.

    Rights groups have often criticised Greece’s treatment of illegal immigrants and the living conditions in detention centres.

    As the article above mentions “Stop the War Coalition” shoudnt we take a closer look at this sinister group

    The Stop the War Coalition is a United Kingdom anti-war group set up on 21 September 2001.

    The coalition has opposed the various wars that are claimed to be part of the ongoing war on terrorism. It has been the most prominent group in Britain campaigning against the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War.

    At their initial meeting the Coalition also adopted the slogan ‘Against the racist backlash’, asserting that a war against Afghanistan would be perceived as an attack on Islam and that Muslims, or those perceived as Muslim, would face racist attacks in Britain if the government joined the war. The Coalition worked closely with the Muslim Association of Britain in organising its demonstrations.

    Just a few of its leaders

    Tony Benn: British socialist politician

    George Galloway: Good friend of the late Uday Hussein,

    Yvonne Ridley: Traitor supreme

    Andrew Murray: Leader of Communist Party of Britain.

    Salma Yaqoob: Spokesperson for Birmingham Central Mosque.

    Tariq Ali: critical of American and Israeli foreign policies

    Jeremy Bernard Corbyn: is an MP sponsored by the UNISON trade union, and is a committed anti-fascist and calls for no platform to the BNP

    The first open event of the “Coalition” was held on 29 October 2002 in the Theater Academy in Athens. The first open event of the “Alliance” was held on 29 October 2002 in the Theater Academy in Athens. The event, attended, in a packed hall, hundreds of people had been invited, among other speakers and Jeremy Corbyn

    And if any one has doubts In the video below there is a link between the muslim rioters and the 2.09 you see the muslims wearing the Stop the War Coalition, and at the very end of the video you will see the muslims carrying the Stop the War Coalition poster

    Stop the War Coalition logo

    Now can King lizard and his morons answer this simple question, what where anarchists with molotovs doing in a muslim populated area on the same day that muslims had been rioting?

    Also there is no doubt in my mind that the yoot was not so innocent, judging by photos of him

  3. Shiek

    I think you should know that the video showing the funeral of Mohammed Ashraf a Pakistani who died, possibly by drowning, during an immigrant riot outside the same Athens asylum processing centre last October.

    The give away was the video, where you see at 2.09 the Stop the War badges.

    Strange the ever observant lizoids did not pick up on this, or they want to white wash it because it is the same groups that are rioting who also supply him with all the anti right wing propaganda

  4. Why don’t the countless Muslim “charities” offer support to their “brothers” to help the so-called poverty?

  5. Zena…”sending them back” is locking the gate after the horses are gone. Prohibiting entry in the first place by canceling Visa’s is the way…something we need to learn before we become Europe.

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