Hamas Cleric Muhsen Abu 'Ita: "The Annihilation of the Jews in Palestine One of the Most Splendid Blessings for Palestine"

* A lot of Islam-apologists keep pushing the canard that Ahmadinejad didn’t say ‘wipe Israel of the face of the earth’, and that he said something along the lines of ‘eliminating the Israeli regime’. This is, as always, absolute BS from those who are religiously obliged to use taqiyya to fool us:

Syrian Actress Amal ‘Arafa: “We (Arabs) suck the hatred (of israel) in with the mothers milk…”

*   “I killed my Jew, I will go to paradise.”

Iranian President wants to “raze Israel to the ground” (again)

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-stated necessity to raze Israel to the ground. The Israeli Government has blockaded Gaza Strip to influence on upcoming presidential elections in Palestine and to bring a necessary man to the post, the President said. 

The Israeli government is committing this crime, because their officials know that the government will tumble down soon, Ahmadinejad said during anti-Israeli action in Iran on Dec. 12, Mehrinformation agency reported.

The Zionist regime has lost philosophy of its existence and states, which earlier supported it, currently are not taking this step, the Iranian President said.


8 thoughts on “Hamas Cleric Muhsen Abu 'Ita: "The Annihilation of the Jews in Palestine One of the Most Splendid Blessings for Palestine"”

  1. Apologists for Islamania claim this crowd is peaceful. Here we have further proof of the opposite-clerics calling for murder and mayhem, actors calling for murder and mayhem, politicians calling for murder and mayhem. Koranism is the only “religion” that constantly and shrilly calls for murder and mayhem-when members of other religions call for this they are immediately (and rightly) denounced as crackpots. With Koranists the more outrageous the call for violence, the more glorified the one who called for it becomes. This is why we cannot have peace unless these people either have a complete mindset change or drop their Korans into the toilet-they are simply too alien for this world as they currently are.

  2. How left wingers and PC Moonbats worldwide continue their ‘cognitive dissonance’ in the face of the overwhelming evidence thrown in their faces day after day with terrorist attacks , statements from clerics and Islamic Governments, Al Jazeerah, Youtube, Blogs etc etc etc is beyond my comprehension ( note not the MSM that is totally moonbat too). Still these are the same people who swallow the Messiah Obama’s blatant and continuing LIES too so what can you expect. Just read the Koran people its all in there just like it was in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

  3. Lionheart true but the evil in Mein Kampf is just as apparent as the evil in the Koran just because Mohammad (allah’s inventor) was an illiterate moron who could not write a coherent chronological book of ‘Hate and War’ does not make it any more acceptable.

  4. Sheik- this is No More Ham, Ed

    This is a recent post I made on another website discussing robbery of old women in Saudi Arabia…I believe it merits repeating here. Notice at the end of this video how he state”…will be pleasing to men and Allah”. What he is really saying is it will be pleasing to MUSLIM MEN ONLY, as they consider themselves the only real men, where everyone else , including muslim women ( known as walking vaginas) is a scumbag sub-human non-believer of “their Truth”

    This is Islam reaping what it sows. The stupid muslim crime victims are too retarded to make the connections, especially the women, who, like all non-muslims, are regarded as sub-human, vaginas with legs, who have 1/2 to 1/4 the rights of muslim men and ZERO say about where they can go outside of their own homes. All muslim women must be escorted everywhere they go, for fear of being raped by muslim men, using the guise of “protecting men from womanly wiles”, and “tempting pious muslim men” away from pure, Islamic thought. That is why they must wear garbage bags (black in color in the desert no less) everywhere they go, or be beaten on the spot.

    Proof: read entire Koran, hadith and sira. Muslim imams are merely vomiting up what they have read in these three texts. Idiot Westerners still do not realize that hadith and sira are as important as the Koran. Muslim Imam says ” The Koran states that innocent people must not be harmed” while leaving out the fact that no non-muslim or woman is considered innocent.

    Re-read this last sentence over and over until you get it through your thick ******* skulls.

    Then use this filter to decode every single ******* lie that any muslim has ever said or will say in the future.

    Then, bang your head against wall repeatedly for being a lazy moron who is afraid of finding out the whole truth about Islam and their utter contempt for you, as a non-muslim, and their intention to first ask you to convert from your religion or non-religious status, and upon refusal, to kill all of you down to the last man and woman, or tax and publicly belittle your ass into submission (also known as conversion to Islam – which is the literal translation of the word.)

    Re-read this post over and over if you have any desire to survive.

    Think I am ******* kidding? You just might be one of those people who have a Chinese character tattoo which you think says “peace” but really says “Idiot” or “Foolish American”.

    Not kidding people, check it out for yourself, then prepare yourself to be enraged, and learn to handle an assault rifle/combat knife.

    By the way, I work in surgery using the latest in laser and high-energy physics technology.
    I would prefer that no human ever suffers, bleeds, or gets wicked , fatal diseases like cancer and diabetes.

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