Hamas cops it

Hamas: We can’t believe they actually did it

* Fitzgerald: Olmert: The schlemiel as head of state

* At least 160 dead as Israel hammers Hamas-run Gaza

Their surprise is entirely warranted, with Olmert still in power. In any case, their victimology mill is already grinding into high gear. Watch for staged photos of civilians being hit, coming soon from all the wire services.

“Hamas source: IDF strike unexpected: Organization admits Air Force offensive in Gaza caught its people off guard since no one thought Israel would strike on Shabbat,” by Ali Waked for Ynet News, December 27 (thanks to JW):

* instantly comes the obligatory howling & wingeing from the “international community:” here…

A Hamas source in Gaza confirmed Saturday that the Israeli Air Force attack on the Gaza Strip, caught the organization completely off guard. Hamas, said the source, did not believe the IDF would launch a strike on Shabbat.Earlier in the week, many Hamas operative went underground, fearing an Israeli assault, but despite the precautions taken by Hamas, many of its police stations across the Strip were operating as usual, again – believing an Israeli attack will not begin over the weekend.


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Hamas spokesman Fauzi Barhum told the media that the organization learned on Friday that Israel was not going to launch any military operation in Gaza. Egypt had recommended Hamas cease all rocket fire immediately, in order to allow Israel to postpone its planned offensive in the Strip.

According to a Hamas source, the organization believed an Israeli offensive would mimic past ones and target Hamas training and other minor facilities, and not offices meant to provide services to the general population.

Among the offices hit were the Gaza passport bureau and the Preventive Security Headquarters.

Hamas further said that the message sent by Israel was one stipulating that that are no more line in the sand, and therefore the organization’s would respond accordingly.

Earlier Saturday, Hamas interior minister confirmed that all Hamas infrastructure in the Strip was hit during the string of IAF strikes. The Palestinians further reported that one of the strikes was aimed at a Hamas cadet course readying for its graduation ceremony. According to the Palestinian police spokesman in Gaza, many of the cadets were killed, including Tawfiq Jabar, commander of the Gaza Police.

Eyewitnesses reported black smoke towering over the Gaza Harbor, as well as over several building used by Hamas’ armed forces in the city. The Palestinian television is broadcasting images of dead bodied across the city, and of the wounded being rushed to medical facilities.

Official Palestinian reports estimate 150 people were killed in the strike and 300 injured.

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  1. Applause to the IDF for catching these rat bastards with their pants down (and no goats in sight).

  2. p.s. I expect Jimmy Carter and the U.N. to make their “inapproprite response” comments before the sun sets today.

  3. 1. What Rich says.
    2. Go Israel! Remember, there are no “innocent’ civilianS. There are only people waiting in line for thier turn to harm Israel or the West.

  4. Haha Hamas caught knapping at the wheel and good thing too you never know when that car wouldv’e been driven to blow up somewhere. Go Israel!

  5. I’m sure jimmy carter & peolpe of that ilk are already readying statements of protest,Well
    SCREW CARTER, SCREW HAMAS, & the rest of the idiots who want to decimate Israel!!!!
    Jimmy Carter has done more to basically assist extremist groups all over the WORLD to gain power while he was President & has continued to assist terrorist groups since the American people booted his worhtless ass out of the White House!!! He is the reason for the troubles in Iran today, He knowingly assisted, In fact used CIA officers to help destroy
    Rhodesia & put a known marxist in power (Robert Mugabe) why? Research Carter & his actions against Rhodesia & South Africa, He is know a ‘spokesman’ you may as well say for the nuts in HAMAS & the so called “palestinian state”, wich anyone who has researched the area knows the only Palestian is in Jordan!!! GET SOME ISRAEL!!!! SEMPER FI to you all!
    Loks like target aqq. was GREAT!!! Well Gone, Maybe..doubtful..but maybe this will slow down these nuts rocket attacks on random civilian cities.

  6. A question for all the left wing, PC, Dhimmie , Moonbats who are clogging up the blogs screaming about the filthy Israeli assault on the poor innocent peace loving Hamas charity workers.
    Most of what was the ‘Territory of Palestine’ ( note it is NOT and NEVER has been a COUNTRY) is OCCUPIED by Jordan but we never hear about this from the Muslims and ARABS and no rockets are fired at Jordan and no suicide bombers go there so why is this ??? Could not be that the Jordanians are MUSLIMS could it and that this has nothing to do with land just killing JEWS???

  7. Peter Barry is quite correct. 70% of land which was historically settled by the tribal group that we know as the Palis is in Jordan. Arafat and his pali hordes tried to overthrow the Jordanian royal family (Black September), and were untterly crushed by the Jordanian security forces. This is why a flood of palis invaded Christian Lebanon after the failure of the Black September and the vigorous response by the Jordanian security forces (+3000 palis shot, etc) . The Black September terrorist group then went on to make the biggest and least usefull contribution by Arabs to the olympic games – the murder of unarmed Israeli athletes and German police at the 72 games in Munich. Ony three of the scum that planned this attack are alive and Mossad did a reasonable job in exterminating most of the arab pigs that took part. One terrorist is still alive. Curiously, the perverted arab mindset holds these cowardly arab terrorists as heroes, well arabs cant achieve anything so any fuckwit arab criminal that makes the news becomes a hero (ie the child murderer Kuntar). After speaking with some Jordanians (real Jordanians – not scum that have been born in the west and suddenly find a desire to express their pedigree as born again pedophiles for Mo. and camel rapists) it appears that the Palis are absolutely detested by the Arab and non-Arab populations in Jordan. This point of view was expressed to me a sufficiently large number of times to cause me to consider most of what is written in the western media regarding the pali issue as crap (well there are a lot of other indicators as well). So as Jimmy and his pals in the CIA have destroyed Christian Lebanon (once called the Paris in the east – now just a typical muslim shit hole) one wonders what these idiots, with the help of the UN, are now trying to acheive. In any case Israel has been patient with the arabs for too long, and I hop that the idiot politicans we have elected now start supporting Israel against these muslim thugs. Long live Israel. Gay and GWB, be seeing you.

  8. To the IAF – kol hakavod.

    Thanks to the sterling work of Itamar Marcus (Palestinian Media Watch) and of MEMRI, and of jihadwatch, I have become familiar with the monstrous antisemitic nonsense, the endless river of genocidal hatred, that saturates the combined Jihad Fortress/ Armed Camp/ Munitions Dump that is Gaza; that is preached in its mosques and taught in its schools and even in its children’s TV programs and indoctrination summer camps for kids. The jihad gang bosses who rule Gaza dream of conquering, and annihilating, not only Israel, but the entire *world*; their aim is the violent imposition, worldwide, of the totalitarian horror that is sharia. Since the 1950s, when Gaza was a vast prison ruled by Egypt, it has been soaked with Muslim jihadist agitprop of the worst kind; Martha Gellhorn in the 1960s compared it to a ‘lunatic asylum’; Nonie Darwish, who went to school there, has borne witness to the rabid antisemitism that was routinely taught to her. Gaza compares with Hitler’s Berlin. It deserves the same treatment.: fire from heaven.

    At present only those too young to speak, besides the tiny beleaguered dhimmified Christian remnant (who would be infinitely better off in a Gaza ruled by Israel and inhabited not by Muslims but by Jews), can possibly be described as ‘innocent’, in Gaza.

  9. We now have supposedly “pro pali” muslims demonstrating all over the world. From Ft. Lauderdale to France (burning cars LOL) but not one arab/muslim country is doing anything to help these poor fakestinians. Gotta love that! Go IDF!!!!!

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