Ihsanoglu Meltdown Watch: "Attempts to equate Islam with terrorism should be stopped. Stereotyping and demonization of Muslims should be combated"

* A little more on Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Turkish “historian of Islamic science” whose outward appearance is so deceptively modern and secular and sweet-reasonable, and then one realizes that that is merely camouflage and that his mental baggage, while not quite as primitive as that of the qaradawis and tantawis, is from the same product line manufactured by Islamic Tourister:

Against free speech, but for it

* Perhaps Ihsanoglu should ask the OIC to remove the 164 jihad verses from the Koran, for starters, things like “8:12 Strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers”…

Of course, he is exercised about “attempts to equate Islam with terrorism” by non-Muslims, who make this equation simply by reporting accurately on the terrorists’ own stated justifications for their actions. He is not talking about the terrorists’ own “attempts to equate Islam with terrorism.” Those don’t bother him.

“Don’t link Islam to terror, Islamic chief urges,” by Robert Evans for Reuters, December 19 (thanks to JW):

GENEVA (Reuters) – The world’s top diplomat for Islam called on Friday for an end to what he termed efforts to equate the religion with terrorism and said the ‘demonization’ of Muslims around the world must be fought.

* Nothing Sada Cucumber can’t fix: US Envoy Vows to Boost
Ties with Islamic Countries

But speaking soon after the U.N. General Assembly passed an Islamic-sponsored resolution condemning “defamation of religion” for the fourth year in a row, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said his group was committed to respecting freedom of expression.


Ihsanoglu probably knows that he can’t have it both ways, but is hoping the West doesn’t figure that out in time to stop his anti-free speech initiatives.

There was a “rising tide of incitement to religious hatred and discrimination and intolerance targeting Muslims,” he told a meeting called by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) at the United Nations in Geneva. The 57-nation OIC, based in Saudi Arabia, represents 1.5 billion Muslims.”Attempts to equate Islam with terrorism should be stopped. Stereotyping and demonization of Muslims should be combated,” said Ihsanoglu, a Turkish history professor who became OIC Secretary-General in 2005.

In a statement on Ihsanoglu’s remarks, Geneva spokesman for the International Humanist and Ethical Union Roy Brown argued that Islam was often linked to terror because perpetrators of many terrorist acts identify themselves as Muslims.


See a fuller statement from Roy Brown in this Jihad Watch exclusive.


The OIC calls on the media to suppress the truth

Roy W. Brown, former president of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, offers in this Jihad Watch exclusive an analysis of the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s attempts to destroy the freedom of speech:

On 2 December 2008, the General Secretariat of the OIC released a statement that is utterly breathtaking in its duplicity. I feel it must be refuted. The statement is entitled “Islam, the Religion of peace, tolerance and compassion”. It begins:“With the multiplicity of terrorist attacks perpetrated recently by deviant and fanatic individuals, the General Secretariat of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has noticed a tendency of a section of the media, to interpose the word “Islam” in reporting these incidences.”

“Noted a tendency”? Whyever could this possibly be? Could it perhaps be because the terrorists shout “Allahu Akbar!” when launching their attacks? Or leave video testimonies calling for all Muslims to join them in a Holy War against the infidel while calling for the establishment of a global caliphate? Might this perhaps have misled some commentators into believing that these “deviant and fanatic individuals” have something to do with Islam? Or, perhaps they have been misled by the slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Death in the path of Allah is the greatest glory,” into thinking that Allah has something to do with Islam.

The OIC statement continues:

“Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance and compassion, that sanctifies the human soul, and whose universal message is one of mutual peaceful coexistence among all the peoples of the world, regardless of their ethnicities, race, religions, and which calls for kind reasoning and dialogue with all their fellow human beings, abhors and despises all such criminal acts and had enacted the utmost severe punishment for their perpetrators.”

But peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims only ever applies as long as they show their submission to Islam by paying the jizya, protection money, and accept their state of dhimmitude, and maybe not even then. Evidence the million Jews who have been forced from their homes in Arab lands and the 400,000 Christians who have been driven from Iraq by Islamists (who of course have nothing to do with Islam) since the American-led invasion.


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  1. Stop shouting “ALLAH AKBAR” when blowing shit up or cutting someones head off and we might reconsider equating the two. Duh!

  2. * “Islam, the Religion of peace, tolerance and compassion”

    George W Bush?

  3. Come on guys be reasonable just because over 12000 acts of terrorism have been committed by MUSLIMS and in the name of ISLAM since 9/11 and virtually EVERY terrorist plot being investigated involves MUSLIMS and MUSLIMS post Youtube videos praising terrorism and write blogs threatening Israel and the West and MUSLIM Immans preach hate and MUSLIM Politicians threaten the West with Nuclear weapons this in no way implies that somehow ISLAM is connected to terrorism, intolerance, stupidity , hatred , anti semitism, and misogyny at all don’t be Islamaphobic.
    Sarcasm OFF.

  4. “Attempts to equate Islam with terrorism should be stopped. Stereotyping and demonization of Muslims should be combated”

    And no attempt to convince the countless Muslim terrorists, their financiers, and their facilitators that Islam is peaceful, nor any attempt to get the silent majority of Muslims to stand against terror. Me smells a rat.

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