6 thoughts on “Just do it: you know you want to!”

  1. Saw this on several ‘blogs today including

    There is an interesting comment from MuslimsAgainstSharia replying to a previous poster:


    rainydayweather: “I would never go out of my way to offend someone else over their religious beliefs, and certainly not by intentionally vandalizing something they consider sacred or important to their faith.”

    Moderate Muslims do not perform religious rituals in public – the footbaths are used only by radicals.

    Comment by Muslims Against Sharia — December 2, 2008 @ 12:27 am

    I guess footbaths are the acid test for radicals?

  2. Traveling in Turkey I never did see footbath there at the airports or busstations.
    These type of people just come up with all kinds of demands to irritate the West.
    They bring the hatred towards them on by their own actions.
    Stay in your own country, the West don’t have to jump to your demands.
    We don’t demand things in your muslim countries.

  3. Nonie Darwish (“Now They Call Me Infidel”), who was born in Saudi Arabia, says there are no foot baths in Muslim countries except for Saudi Arabia–and they’re only located in the mosques. She says the West is being duped!

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