Kaaba Rotation Watch: its that time of year again…


 “Muslims slaughter animals in this holiday but I call for the Mujahidin (Islamic fighters) to slaughter the Amharas (the Ethiopian soldiers) who invaded our beloved country,” Shebab spokesman, Muqtar Robow said. “The enemy will be defeated as our Allah promised…” JW

Pilgrims converge on Mecca for the hajj

Nearly three million pilgrims chanting prayers converged Saturday in a valley just outside the holy city (?) of Mecca at the beginning of the five-day hajj pilgrimage, a lifelong dream for many Muslims. CBC/AP

Muslims stone Satan

Death to Satan!

Now that’s one of Islam’s many “death to [fill in the blank]” many infidels can get behind. While Muslims (symbolically) stone Satan today — a (symbolically) good thing, to be sure — it is well to remember that, in Islam, Satan is often depicted as a corporeal entity, who, for instance, eats and drinks with his “left hand” and “urinates” on unsuspecting people in the night; he also farts and runs some 36 miles whenever he hears the call to prayer. Just for the record.

“Muslim Pilgrims Symbolically Stone Satan During Annual Hajj Ritual,” by Edward Yeranian for VEONews, Dhimmi Watch:

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims are performing the ritual “stoning of the Devil,” Monday, at Muzdalifa, outside of Mecca, in one of the high points of the annual Hajj. Pilgrims will also sacrifice a lamb to mark the day Muslims call Eid al- Adha, or “Feast of the Sacrifice.” 

Throngs of pilgrims cast pebbles, while some threw much larger stones at symbolic pillars, meant to symbolize Satan, on the Muzdalifa plain outside Mecca.

Pamela has more:



Two million Muslim pilgrims gather outside Mecca for haj  Daily Mail hat tip Banafsheh
More than two million Muslim pilgrims gathered around a mountain east of Mecca on Sunday at the peak of the haj to beg God’s forgiveness, chanting “O Allah, I am answering your call!”.Haj2_1175554c

Despite a ban on political activities at haj, a senior Iranian cleric gave a speech at Arafat to a group of pilgrims, who chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, Iran’s state television showed.

Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri, head of Iran’s haj mission, told the pilgrims some Muslims had despaired “in the face of Western civilization’s onslaught” but that today there was a “resurgence of Islam”.


Observe sharia law; slaughter a goat!

“Uganda: Muslims Advised to Observe Islamic Law During Idd,” by Anthony Bugembe for All-Africa, 

Kampala — AS Muslims celebrate Idd al-Adha today, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council has urged them to observe the Islamic law (Sharia) and the ritual of slaughtering animals. 

Sheikh Rajab Kakooza, the director of Sharia, said slaughtering animals for sacrifice emulates prophets Ibrahim and Muhamed…


Speaking of sunna and animals, Muhammad, according to Sahih Bukhari, the most authoritative hadith collection, also recommended the drinking of camel urine for medicinal purposes. According to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, should Muslims also “observe” that? And if not, why? Are they not both sunna?


12 thoughts on “Kaaba Rotation Watch: its that time of year again…”

  1. What a bunch of crazies. I’d love to know what that meteorite is made of-maybe it emits something that makes people stupid, causing belief in the Koran and all its nonsense.

  2. Now this kind of crap I don’t care if Islam hijacked from pre-Islamic Arab pagans, they can enjoy stampeding each other to death all they want. Just keep the Murder cult® out of Judaism & Christianity.

  3. Odd that muslims call for death to satan, given that “allah” is one of satan’s sockpuppets.

  4. Mullah,

    for the slaves of Allah bad is good, up is down, night is day, right is wrong, God is Satan …. perhaps that’s why they stone him. What say you?

  5. Beardy weirdies having themselves on. Sad Sacks who think that this is what life is all about, they really want to be destroyed so they can go to paradise. If reincarnation is true they are in for a big shock.

  6. Sheik, as you say, bad is good, and if you snort enough “personal use” coke and get caught,
    you can scarper to Dubai then sue the NSW govt for “false arrest” … and probably get away
    with it (Iktimal Hage-Ali, at it again)

  7. This black stone, and the encasing it is in, is made to look like a woman’s vagina. The very thing that islam hates – women – and they are so willing to carve it up on too many women. This mysoginistic ‘religion’ goes and kisses a woman’s vagina!!

    You can do a google of it for yourselves – but in wikipedia there is a picture of it.


    Maybe that is why they hate women so much – they have to kiss a symbolic vagina and it really gets those men’s dander up.

    The real reason is that this whole religion’s rites and many of its other principles are based on mohammed’s pagan religion which was a fertility cult. It wasn’t hateful of women, but with mohammed being a woman hater, he turned it into a woman-hater religion. Well, mohammed hated a lot of people and things – he just made the whole thing into a ‘hate fest’ of a religion.

  8. islam the piecefull,
    the best,
    having some laws for every one may its man or woman,
    having equality to every one may it rich or poor,
    islam the piecefull

  9. hassan,
    you are convinced by that, aren’t you? Ok, why is it then that YOU have to have a visa to visit the gulf states or Saudi or any other mozzie land since you are ALL equal and abide by the same laws? If it is peacefull as you say (I think it’s a pitfall), how come sunni’s and shiites hate each other? And if it is the best (I think it’s the beast) , why is there so much misery, poverty and violence all across mozzie land?

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