Mumbai: another 20 trained killers missing

*  As Mark Steyn would say: ’20 excitable young lads whose grievances we’ve yet to accommodate’

* Freak headline of the day: UN labels 4 Pakistanis linked to Mumbai terrorists


From Andrew Bolt

POLICE in Mumbai said the 10 men who carried out the terrorist attacks in November were among 30 recruits selected for suicide missions. The whereabouts of the other 20 were unknown.

And which country is so tolerant of terrorism that whole teams of such killers can train there?

Police released the identities and home addresses in Pakistan of the nine gunmen who died during the attack on India’s financial centre – a move designed to increase pressure on the Pakistani Government.

Warning: Graphic pic’s of slain killers ahead

One thought on “Mumbai: another 20 trained killers missing”

  1. Thanks for the warning of graphic pic’s.

    Only two?

    It would have made my day to see graphic pics of all 30 killers, tortured, maimed and murdered like their victims.

    It is time that mohammedans around the world were living in fear of terrorist attacks against them. As do Westerners in every country the mohammedans have infiltrated.

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