Pakistani Jihad Mill: “We teach jihad because it’s part of Islam and we can’t remove it from holy Quran …

Pak Daily Times

* India’s Military chiefs urge raid inside Pakistan

* Hafiz Mohammed Saeed incited killers

Fear of an Indian missile strike haunts Pakistani Jihad Factory…

*  Slogans like “India is an occupier” and “run occupier run, Lashkar is coming” adorn several walls. (Indians) are anti-Islam, they are our enemies,” saysa tall bearded man in his mid-thirties…

Most wanted man in India: Hafiz Saed

He was blamed by India for carrying out the Mumbai train bombings in July in which 186 people died.


It’s the Obama doctrine being played out – by India:

PAKISTAN was bracing last night for a retaliatory airstrike by India against the sprawling headquarters of the al-Qa’ida-linked Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist organisation near Lahore.

UPDATE: Andrew Bolt sez this is something Obama would do!

Barack Obama has a military option of his own he must soon consider:

Iran poses the greatest foreign policy challenge to the new president with Tehran on course to produce a nuclear bomb in the first year of an Obama administration, an unprecedented coalition of top think tanks warned yesterday.

Jamaatud Dawa charity fears Indian reprisal

* Followers deny Hafiz Saeed has links to terrorists

* Call Indian demands for his extradition ‘ridiculous’

MURIDKE: The fear of an Indian missile strike haunts the Pakistani charity that India and the United States say is a front for the militant group suspected of orchestrating the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

“Will India attack our centre?” said Abu Hassaan, chief administrator at Jamaatud Dawa headquarters, known as the Markaz-e-Tayyaba. “Are they serious?” he asked, anxiously, before denying that terrorism was either taught or preached at the complex.

The head of Jamaatud Dawa is Hafiz Saeed, one of the most wanted men in India. He is the founder of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba but quit it days before it was banned in Pakistan in 2001.

His aides deny that their leader has any links to terrorists and termed Indian demands for his extradition as ‘ridiculous’. “Hafiz Saeed has never been convicted of any crime anywhere the world,” Jamaatud Dawa spokesman Yahya Mujahid said. (sure thing. That’s why he’s hiding in Pakistan, a jihad nation…/ed)

Pakistan briefly put Saeed under house arrest after bomb blasts on Mumbai’s commuter trains killed close to 200 people in July 2006, as it feared a peace process begun in 2004 with India could be derailed. Saudi funding helped Saeed open the complex in 1988 in the town of Muridke, 30 km north of Lahore and about an hour’s drive from the Indian border, to spread the teachings of the Wahabi sect.

Heavily armed guards patrol the barbed wire perimeter of the sprawling complex housing two schools, an Islamic university and a mosque, as well as paddy fields, fish farms and stables for livestock.

Slogans like “India is an occupier” and “run occupier run, Lashkar is coming” adorn several walls.

“It’s rubbish,” a tall bearded man in his mid-thirties, wearing a red and white chequered scarf, said of the Indian accusations as he came out of noon prayers at the mosque in Muridke.

“They are anti-Islam, they are our enemies,” he said, before stalking off after being hushed by a colleague.

Rashid Minhas, the principal of one of the charity’s schools, denounced the Mumbai attacks as un-Islamic since civilians were killed. “We teach jihad because it’s part of Islam and we can’t remove it from holy Quran … but we don’t give jihadi training.” reuters

* Rashid Minhas is lying. There is no such thing as ‘civilians’ in Islam. And teaching jihad including training is just about all they do. But since they’re obliged to lie about it they lie…


“The massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spanish and Portuguese.”

 Francois Gautier

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  1. Then if it can’t be removed from the koran , then we have to remove the koran and the fools who believe every word of it from the planet.

  2. Like the cancer that it is, islam must be cut out of the body of the human population on earth. I say Lionheart is exactly right — Destroy the koran, and destroy every single moslem on the face of the earth. If they want to clain “victim” status, let’s make them victims.

  3. “Pakistani Jihad Mill: “We teach jihad because it’s part of Islam and we can’t remove it from holy Quran …”

    Idiotic western dhimmis should convince him that he’s wrong instead of trying to convince non-Muslims that Islam is peaceful.

  4. “They are anti-Islam – they are our enemies”
    Well, doesn’t that say it all.?
    I am against Islamism, Facism, Nazism, Communism – but I am also against any sects, that claim their “religion” is better than mine.
    Other religions are not my enemies, unless the people of any religion MAKE me their enemy – through paranoia……………
    It must be Hell for Muslims in USA and Europe, living with all those “enemies” around – so why don’t they just go back to their Muslim Paradises, where they can live in peace with each other………….. ? ? ? ? ?

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