Sheik Feiz Mohammad "dumped" as leader of Sydney youth centre

By Joe Hildebrand

* Make no mistake: this is about damage control, nothing else. The ‘hateful ideology’ didn’t come from Feiz Mohammed, it comes from Koran, sira & hadith.  The ideology stands like the black rock in Mecca and sheik Feiz Mohammed is widely revered, BECAUSE he preaches fiery jihad,  which, as we all know, is “inner struggle”, or is it?

Preacher of hate, death & martyrdom

AN extremist Muslim sheik who encourages his followers to kill themselves for their religion has been dumped as the main spiritual leader of a Sydney youth centre.

* Hardly. Feiz Mohammed is not “extremist”, he teaches pure Islam: Koran 9.:111 Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods for theirs in return is the garden of Paradise,  they fight in his cause and slay and are slain…

The move comes amid revelations that he is still preaching his extremist message via a number of online forums – scotching claims that he has renounced his hardline views.

Yesterday, Sheik Feiz Mohammad was hurriedly sidelined by the Global Islamic Youth Centre as the spiritual leader young people should go to for religious guidance after The Daily Telegraph revealed that the centre was planning a massive expansion in Sydney’s southwest.

* That’s about as significant as replacing catmeat sheik Hilali with sheik Fehmi. Two peas in a pod. The BS they preach and teach is the same, the ends justify the means../ed

Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem’s latest cartoon depicts Austalia’s most trusted  Muslims jihadists…

Teach the children – Sheik’s vile lesson of hatred

The GIYC has plans for a $6 million “prayer, learning and sporting” facility in Liverpool.

The centre is designed to cater for a growing population of Muslims in the area, estimated to double to 20,000 in the next decade.

It has already raised $700,000 towards a $1 million land purchase.

Sheik Feiz was recognised on the prospectus for the centre as the prominent spiritual leader for the proposed youth facility.

Audio: Hear the sheik’s rantings

But, as of yesterday, visitors to the GIYC website have been given the choice between Sheik Feiz and another sheik, Abu Adnan, whose name now appears first and whose email address is now set as the default.

The director of the centre Zunaid Moosa declined to speak toThe Daily Telegraph yesterday, although several supporters rang to defend Sheik Feiz and claim his comments were taken out of context and made years ago.  (“out of context” and the “comments were made years ago”, that’s kind of cute. But does it change the message?/ed)

Piers Akerman: No place here for ‘teachers’ like this

However, The Daily Telegraph has uncovered evidence the sheik is still encouraging young Muslims to sacrifice their lives for their religion and warns all non-believers will die.

A series of Sheik Feiz’s lectures on Ramadan have been posted on the Muslim website Halal Tube as recently as September. Despite the subject being the Muslim holy month, the sheik still opens the Q&A session with a passionate exhortation of how “beautiful” it is to die for Allah.

“This is fighting, this is sacrificing your life. Reflect (on this),” he tells the audience, before quoting holy warriors addressing Mohammad.

” ‘Whatever you command, oh prophet of Allah, we shall obey . . . We are not scared to face the enemy tomorrow . . .’ What a beautiful statement. They love death more than life because they know death is better for them than living.”

* No different from scumbag Obar Bakri who ran off to Lebanon and left his brood behind for the British taxpayer to feed:

A militant Muslim cleric banned from living in this country is continuing to lecture to his followers in the UK twice a day.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Islamic “charity” Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), affiliated with Lashkar e Toiba  and Al Qaeda, has this as its slogan:

“Our aim is to establish the supremacy of Islam in the world. To fulfil this duty we are ready to devote our life, property, and abilities. For the supremacy of Islam, we will employ all means”

Source: Gulf Times

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  1. For a so called ‘Religion of Peace’ with a self proclaiming ‘easily understood’ manual of Hate and War (Koran) it is amazing how many ‘ misunderstanders’ there are. This begs the questions 1) Are the ‘misunderstanders’ STUPID? 2) Is the book of Hate and War not clear enough ? 3) Or are we all being fed a ‘crock’ by LYING Muslims and stupid PC Politicians?
    The answer is quite clearly number 3.

  2. If Sheik Feiz’ thinks it is “beautiful” to die for Allah, why doesn’t he?

    Great cartoon by the way. What a surprise that you include Waleed Ali, Al Age’s favourite moderate!

  3. In fact, if all the jihadis who think its wonderful to die for Allah could just go and die, that would solve the problem.

    Or do they have to take us infidels with them?

  4. who on earth is this hatefull man JOE!!!!!!!
    Sheik Feiz is an intelligent,compasionnate person ,his lectures are very interetsting even if one is not a moslem, no need to insult him!
    i am sure this JOE is an ugly guy and jalous of sheik feiz good look!
    poor IDIOT, your hatefull comments when red ,make in poeple mind ,at least in mine, all the contrary of what you try to achieve! don’t you see that!! now because of the hatred of joe towards Islam i am going to get to know more about thtat religion!! thank you JOE.

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