Taliban "kangaroo-wrangler" foot loose and fancy free

“Every other wrangler would say. I was mighty grand” (Zappa quote)

Taliban “kangaroo-wrangler” set free

Gitmo burgers are the best…

*  by myself, I wouldn’t have no boss, but I’d be raising my lonely, dental floss…

He doesn’t even have a beard — of course he must have been “deluded” and is now on the “right track.” Soon, he will even tell us “his story.” Hey, he might even get a book deal and appear on Oprah out of all this. More on “his story”, including how he deemed Osama bin Laden a “lovely man” and took orders from him.

“‘Australian Taleban’ fully free,” from the BBC, (via JW) December 21:

An Australian former inmate of the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay is now a free man after Australian police lifted strict controls on his actions. 

David Hicks spent more than five years at Guantanamo Bay without a trial before admitting to charges of providing material support to al-Qaeda.

In return, he was allowed in May 2007 to serve out the last nine months of his sentence in an Australian prison.

Hicks, a convert to Islam, was captured by US troops in Afghanistan in 2001.

The former kangaroo wrangler was the first “enemy combatant” held at Guantanamo to be convicted by a US military commission.

‘Still recovering’

The control orders limiting his movements expired at midnight on Saturday.

Australian police said they would not seek to extend the measures after Hicks made a public appeal to be allowed to “get on with my life“.

He was subject to a strict curfew and restrictions on his travel and had to report regularly to police.

His telephone and internet communications were also limited.

Hicks has admitted to training with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and meeting its leader, Osama Bin Laden.

The 33-year-old has said he is recovering still from his ordeal at Guantanamo Bay and is not ready yet to tell his story.

But he has said he will do so.

6 thoughts on “Taliban "kangaroo-wrangler" foot loose and fancy free”

  1. Don’t be too sure since the Moonbats took power in Aus it is more likely he will get Compo and a free house and Police protection.

  2. Now that Hicks has renounced Islam, shouldn’t the punishment for apostasy apply?

    Or would that be too embarrassing for our Aussie Muslims, who are trying to convince us that we share the same values?

  3. OK! He has renounced Islam, well that is a start. Now join the Army ( if they will have him?) and prove that you are not a complete traitor by fighting on the side of the Good and Noble.

  4. Bet he has been practising as much taqqiyeh as his treasonous backside could think of, the usa should have killed him when they had a choice. This bastard is not fit to breath air . I hate him. He has betrayed our beautiful Australian country. He has been no doubt informed to stay a sleeper until people forget him a while and then watch his treasonous scum bag do his talibanesque terrorism. He is a deceptive liar, fraud and traitor- he should be permanently stripped of his citizenship and sent to stay forever in caves in afghanistan.
    He deserves the death penalty.

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