UK: Indulgence of Islam is harming society

By Damian Thompson / Telegraph UK

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Britain: the number of Muslims has grown from 1.6 million to two million since 2000. Moreover, every major public institution has changed its policies to accommodate the demands of Islamic “community leaders”. The Government, the Opposition, the police, schools, the Church of England, the BBC and now Channel 4 are all helping Muslims construct a parallel Islamic state.

Early next year, the think tank Civitas will publish a survey of 100 British Muslim schools. Entitled When Worlds Collide, it will argue that some of them are pushing pupils into ghettos. Young women, in particular, are forbidden to pursue career opportunities. “Every year, an incalculable number of Muslim young women are lost to the wider world,” says the report. One school website links to al-Qaeda; another directs pupils to a scholar who advocates the murder of Jews.





    Until recently, these radical mullahs were blamed for turning disaffected youths into bombers. But, in August, a leaked MI5 report revealed that Islamist terrorists tend not to be obvious religious extremists. The Muslim community usually knows nothing about them.

    For years, the Government has offered Muslim leaders self-governance in return for information about “dangerous” elements. But if terrorists cannot be accurately identified, this is a waste of time. Unelected community leaders extend control over Muslims, yet society is no safer.

    Self-censorship is crucial to this growing separatism. The BBC’s director-general, Mark Thompson, says that Muslims should be treated more sensitively than Christians.

    In America, Random House cancelled publication of Sherry Jones’s novel TheJewel of Medina, about Mohammed’s six-year-old bride Ayisha. But Martin Ryna of Gibson Square in London did agree to publish. Three men were subsequently charged with conspiring to damage his home. Islamic groups have threatened Borders bookshops with violence if they sell the novel.

    Although most Muslims do not condone such attacks, many support the proposal that Islam should enjoy privileged status. After the 7/7 terrorist murders, the Home Office commissioned reports from Muslim working parties. Their recommendations included “Muslim teacher accreditation” to ensure special treatment for Muslim children; Muslim oversight of policing methods; and a new verbal etiquette in which Islamist terrorism should be referred to as “criminal” rather than religiously inspired. There were also hints that British Muslims should be allowed an unofficial veto over foreign policy.

    In the event, the Government backed away from the more extreme demands. Others have been quietly met. A National Association of Muslim Police was set up in 2007 and is regularly consulted by senior officers.

    Government ministers rarely put the words “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence. Conservative front benchers follow the same practice, except when addressing the Conservative Friends of Israel. “I have been told off by three members of the shadow cabinet for using the phrase ‘Islamist terrorism’ when I have appeared with them,” says Douglas Murray, director of the Centre for Social Cohesion.

    The major development, however, has been the encroachment of Sharia law into public life. Last February, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, declared that British Sharia was “inevitable.” In fact, instruments for expanding it already exist. A network of Muslim Arbitration Tribunals (MATs) has been set up with Home Office support. In theory, these bodies are just a form of “alternative dispute resolution”. They are “unable to deal with criminal offences”, says the MAT website. Yet it also confirms that they can “assist” the police with domestic violence, sometimes “with a view to reconsidering criminal charges”.

    MATs also deal with wills, where Sharia discriminates against females. The Government is also anxious to attract Muslim investment by regulating British Islamic banking; the only way to do that is to grant legal recognition to Sharia.

    According to Murray, “what we are seeing is the state deferring to a seventh-century Arabian tradesman as a source for secular law”. He was speaking on Christmas Eve. The next day, Ahmadinejad spoke to the nation. Yesterday it was reported that Baroness Butler-Sloss, one of Britain’s most senior legal figures, wants Sharia divorces to be enshrined in law. For the first time in decades, religion is moulding public life in this country; but that religion is not Christianity.

    5 thoughts on “UK: Indulgence of Islam is harming society”

    1. Interesting question, Michael.

      At least you don’t have a Muslim army, not yet. But don’t you have two Muslim police units already, along with Muslim police unions…

    2. Now this official figure of 1.6 million muslims, someone is lying somewhere along the line. I read that one of the “famous” imams (choudary, hamza etc) had claimed that there are over 6 million in the UK, and they are readying themselves to take over. I wonder if this is just propaganda on the part of the imam, or whether the government really are that deceitful, and i’d personhally go with the latter. As usual it’s been suppressed by the media, because they won’t hear a bad word spoken about their darling muslims!

    3. The muslims can try an uprising and they can then be legally killed. There are more than 1.5 million muslim scum in the UK and they are being watched however people need to openly express their concerns to their political leaders. Muslims should not be allowed into the armed forces or the police. Already, muslim police are breaking UK laws, particularly with respect to the treatment of women. Any muslim that shows extremist behaviour should be jailed and/or executed. After having a Christian church defaced with the false and misleading statements to the effect that Jesus was a muslim, which he was not, it is clear that the muslim radicals are trying to bring religious conflict into Europe. This cannot be allowed, and the radical muslims and their legal advisors should be judicially executed.
      Do not allow muslims into your communities – they cannot be trusted – and since muslim ghettos are to be avoided muslims should be sent packing back to Pakiland or whichever hole they originate from. Further, the members of the british governing elite, who have allowed the immigration situation to deteriorate to the level that it has, should be brought before the courts and charged with treason. These traitors are a very significant problem and it will take a considerable amount of time for Europe to recover. Already a significant component of the deterioration of European economies can be traced to the zero-paypack policy of uncontrolled immigaration. Perhaps people should start painting “Mo was a child rapist” on Mosques – the dhimmi media will be very busy then.

    4. I hate the fact that the British people just sit back and allow this take over of their country and culture. They seem perfectly alright with it and it just strikes me as the result of the overly political correctness that has enveloped them. How can anyone sit and watch this happen to them? I can’t imagine that.
      Though at the same time, I hate to say it but…. it is almost Karmic.
      The British have held many other countries under their thumbs for centuries and it is nearly fitting that they now are subjected to just the same.
      However, the blanket of Islam crashing down on them seems to be a pretty severe Karmic return.
      May this show an example to other countries that force political correctness and absolute tolerance. There is a such thing as too much tolerance. This is the end result.

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