UN Watch: Richard Falk slams Israel 'crimes'



*April 2008:  Israel to deny UN official entry for comparing Israel to Nazis

* For more on Richard Falk go to the bottom of the page where he belongs…

* They really believe they’re on a mission from Allah: 

The Iranian VP said this week that the destruction of Israel ought to be a global cause.
Fars News reported:

* Predictable bile from the demented Jew-haters in the UN:


Palestinian family celebrates a meagre Eid meal in Gaza   

The blockade means Gazans have little to celebrate this Muslim feast-time

The UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories has said Israel’s policies there amount to a crime against humanity.

Richard Falk’s statement came as UN human rights delegates urged Israel to take nearly 100 measures including ending its blockade of the Gaza Strip.

He said the UN must act to protect the Palestinian population suffering what he called “collective punishment”.

Israel says the blockade is a necessary security measure to stem rocket salvos.

The UN Human Rights Council has spent two days reviewing Israel’s human rights record under a new mechanism called the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), in which the Council scrutinises the records of all UN member states every four years.

Israel is to report back in March on how it plans to follow-up on 99 recommendations made by the Council, which also include freeing thousands of Palestinian detainees.

Flurry of denunciation

In his statement, Mr Falk called on the United Nations to make an “urgent effort” to “implement the agreed norm of a responsibility to protect a civilian population being collectively punished by policies that amount to a Crime Against Humanity”.

He said the International Criminal Court should also investigate whether the Israeli civilian leaders and military commanders for the Gaza siege should be indicted and prosecuted for violations of international criminal law.

The last time there had been “such a flurry of denunciations by normally cautious UN officials” it was during the heyday of the apartheid government in South Africa, Mr Falk said.

“And still Israel maintains its Gaza siege in its full fury, allowing only barely enough food and fuel to enter to stave off mass famine and disease,” Mr Falk said.

Israel allowed dozens of trucks filled with humanitarian supplies into Gaza on Tuesday, the fifth such shipment permitted to enter the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory in the past month.


There were heated exchanges between Israel and some of its adversaries during the debate at the UN last week.

Israeli officials described Gaza as “a hotbed for terrorist preparations” and said more than 200 rockets and mortar shells had been fired from there in the past four weeks. Palestinian militants say their barrages are a response to Israeli violations of a ceasefire in the summer.

Late on Tuesday Israel’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva said the country was committed to building on successes in human rights and dealing with any shortcomings, and he welcomed the “positive and productive” dialogue with the Human Rights Council.

However a foreign ministry spokesman dismissed Mr Falk’s intervention as “more anti-Israeli propaganda than truth”.

“The situation in Gaza is the direct result of the violence inflicted by Hamas, not only on Israeli civilians but the Palestinian population,” said Yigal Palmor in an interview with AFP news agency.


Richard Falk, scumbag par excellence:


Former US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, criticized Falk’s appointment to the United Nations Human Rights Council, stating that “This is exactly why we voted against the new human rights council” and that “He was picked for a reason, and the reason is not to have an objective assessment — the objective is to find more ammunition to go after Israel.” Bolton also suggested that Falk was chosen for this position because he had previously compared Israeli actions in Gaza to the Nazi treatment of Jews.[9][10]

In May 2008 the National Lawyers Guild urged Israel to permit Falk entry, stating “Falk made no claims any different from those made by John Dugard, the man he was to replace, in several reports on conditions in the Occupied Territories.”[11] In a July 2008 interview Falk stated the constraints would “limit my exposure to the direct realities. But I think it’s quite possible to perform this role without that exposure. Barring my entry complicates my task but doesn’t make it undoable.”[12]

Falk’s position has also been criticized because he is the only investigator assigned to a single country by the Human Rights Council.[13]

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  1. Falk, hcr, un, ai, oic,cfr, aclu, cair, mcb, isna, msa – they all have the same goal. Destruction of Western civilization. Enemies in front, enemies to my right and left. Western civilization that recognizes the West for its uniqueness and freedoms had better wakeup because they are ripping chunks of flesh from its skin without so much as retaliation, just a whimper. Not me.

  2. * They really believe they’re on a mission from Allah:

    The Iranian VP said this week that the destruction of Israel ought to be a global cause.

    Indeed they do, but in reality, God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) will, at the time of His
    choosing, gather them against Israel, and destroy them. The ultimate “global cause”
    against Israel is Armageddon, but first comes Ezekiel 38 / 39.

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