Vice President of Muhammad Mosque Cops 20 Years For Housing Fraud

* Truly a bad Muslim — he wasn’t even a jihadist merely enjoying his well-earned plunder (promised to the believers in Koran 48:19). 

Liberty City mosque leader goes to prison for housing fraud


* One cannot live on Muhammedanism alone…

A leader in a Liberty City mosque was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Tuesday for his role in a housing scam that stole homes from the elderly — and even from dead people.

Sameer Muhammad, the vice president of Muhammad Mosque No. 29 at 5600 NW 7th Avenue, was convicted earlier this year of nine counts of grand theft, forgery and using a false identification related to the scam.

Investigators said Muhammad, 51, and a partner targetted elderly residents with liens on their homes, registering fraudulent deeds to the homes and then selling them.

The partner, Carolyn A. Murphy, would file fraudulent deeds showing herself as the owner of the home and pay off the liens.

Then Muhammad would sell the homes through his real estate investment corporation, Bar None Properties, Inc., and the two would split the proceeds.

In one case, investigators found a deed a couple purportedly signed transferring their home to Murphy — years after they had died.

Murphy was convicted last year and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Muhammad is listed in corporate records as the vice president of the Liberty City mosque at 5600 NW 7th Avenue.

Miami-Dade’s Inspector General investigated the case.

”These individuals represent the worst in our society because they prey on those that are most disadvantaged,” said Inspector General Chris Mazzella.

14 thoughts on “Vice President of Muhammad Mosque Cops 20 Years For Housing Fraud”

  1. Dear Sheik,

    I really do not understand one thing: sometimes you report ordinary crimes as linked to the fact that one person is a Muslim.

    Now of course, we can find thousands and thousands of ordinary cases of crimes like this one perpetrated by some religious leaders everywhere in the world, (particularly fraud, sex abuse, repression and so on). Does not this dilute your argument?

    Now two logical possibilities: Do you really think that Muslims live their lives as if they were controlled by some kind of ‘software’ called Islam and that they have no freedom of action or thought, so that whatever they do is dictated by the ‘program”? I think that it is nearly impossible to provide evidence that can support such argument. The only way, in case, is that you show that Islam changes the genome of people and hence this affects the neocortical synapses so that it takes overall control of their actions and behaviors.

    The second option that I can think about to understand your overall argument is that Islam in itself is evil, hence evil people become Muslims. Now this may sound a better logical argument than the above. Yet we have a problem: how many Muslims are there in the world? Yup too many for validating this theory. Also they think and believe different things and are all affected by cultural practices. So, also this second option seems untenable.

    Maybe you have another point, and I am very curious to know it.

    Have a nice time

  2. * Now two logical possibilities: Do you really think that Muslims live their lives as if they were controlled by some kind of ’software’ called Islam and that they have no freedom of action or thought, so that whatever they do is dictated by the ‘program”?

    Have you stopped beating your wife?

    * Islam in itself is evil

    Snap! Sunk it in one!

    Islam is a false religion, with a false god (allah) and false prophet (mohammed) which
    blasphemes against Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, and denies his crucifixion,
    thereby damning its followers, unless they repent of their sins, and accept Jesus Christ
    as Saviour and Lord.

    As Jesus Christ warned, in Matthew 24:24, “For false Christs and false prophets will
    arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the

    And false prophets don’t come much falser than Mo! Islam, and its followers, are doomed.

  3. Incidentally, Gabriele, the biggest challenge facing muslims in this millennium will be
    surviving beyond the battle described in Ezekiel 38 and 39, should they continue to
    reject Jesus Christ in favour of the sonless, salvationless “allah” and his false prophet

    These are the prophecies of Ezekiel that foretell the doom of the nations that seek to
    destroy Israel:

    Or watch a depiction on YouTube, if interested:

    Ezekiel 38

    If you have any love for muslims, Gabriele, warn them of what is to come, and alert them
    to God’s plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

  4. My gosh, now this subject has turned to hate between muslims and chrisitians.
    That way there is no outcome.
    Religions, the hate between people and the cause of so many wars.
    Time to stop religion. The illusional man in the sky.
    Start thinking rational for yourself, all of you are brainwashed by religion.

  5. Well lets face up to it.

    Islam is a psychosis always looking for grievances.

    Cant do, cant make, cant write, cant think, but boy can they go after any slight or trumped up grievance.

    All from the same crowd that has recently achieved one major coup though.
    They won a debate in the UN to curb freedoms of expressions, inter alia one cannot criticise Islam for being a religion of scum bags.

  6. Mimi blaming evil on religion only makes sense to someone who thinks a belief system is inherently evil just because it is called a religion, that is quite absurd to say the least.

    Two things.

    1.) Its what the religion teaches.

    2.) And what the believer adheres to that decides the issue of destructive or constructive behavior.

    So if some Christian follows scripture that commands them to love their neighbor as them self….that needs to be forsaken???

    Mimi what you have is a hatred of anything labeled religion and bought the lie that its inherently evil no matter what any specific one teaches, from the standpoint of humanistic atheism.

  7. Mimi,

    I would just say that all you have to do is look at the ‘founder’ of each of these religions. Islam, founded by a pedophile rapist murderer who died with hatred on his lips, and Christianity, ‘founded’ by Son of God, crucified and died with forgiveness on His lips, and resurrected on the third day. (Historical fact)


  8. Dear John,
    Historical fact? Let me guess: is it also an historical fact that the devil spread the fossils around planet earth so to trick fat unbeliever of Charles Robert Darwin?

    Best wishes

  9. Gabriele,

    This is a site where islam is exposed for the satanic cult that it is. There is plenty of information at other web sites, as well as real science which completely disproves evolution.

    However, I believe that visitors to this site are more interested in the islamic concern. Don’t you think that Christians should be able to have an opinion about islam? The Bible contains many prophecies written before Christ that indicate the world will be exposed to exactly what is happening right now. (Ezekiel, Daniel, are books that are quite explicit)

    There has to be an absolute truth, what makes you so sure that the Judeo-Christian belief is not the truth?

  10. Gabriele,

    your first post is challenging me. Much appreciated!

    I will get back to you on that, promise!

    Sorry I don’t have time for it right now.

    For now, here’s a comment from a friend of mine relating to this mosque fraudster:

    I wonder: people might say, well, he’s simply a fraud, and all religious groups have their occasional con-man.

    But I wonder what answer the reporter might have got, had they rung up the mosque and asked what they thought of the conviction.

    A church, one of whose wardens or donors was exposed in and publicly convicted of fraudulent practices, would be deeply ashamed, and would not try to cover up the member’s bad behaviour, nor defend it, since fraud explicitly contradicts the code of conduct taught by the Christian faith.

    A mosque – so long as the frauds were practised against kafir rather than Muslims – might not react in quite the same way.

    In the absence of access to law enforcement and court records in the US or elsewhere, I can’t pronounce on whether, given X number of convictions for fraud (this sort of property scam, plus identity theft, passport fraud, welfare fraud, you-name-it), Muslims in the USA, or Australia, or the UK, or India, or wherever, are more heavily represented among those thus convicted, than members of other faith groups or belief-systems.

    I do recall reading, in a news report from the archives here, that Pakistani Muslim police officers, in the UK, had been found to be ten times more likely to be corrupt than their fellow officers of non-Muslim backgrounds

    I also recall reading, in Geraldine Brooks’ Nine Parts of Desire, that a police study in the UK in the early 1990s found that women with Muslim husbands were eight times more likely to be killed by their husbands, than women with non-Muslim husbands.

    The pattern emerging does not look good.

  11. Hello Sheik,

    A bit off topic I know, but even us die-hard creationists are interested in the spread of islam.

    I know this site’s focus is on islam (as I previously stated to Gabriele) but I hope you don’t mind the Biblical references. I am sure you will be aware that we are on the same side in this war against islam. I suppose it is just that Christians are aware of the spiritual warfare as well as the physical.

  12. I personally do not mind bible references, as long as the subject is somehow related [because I am a born again Christian myself]. I get the feeling when people lash out against Creationists out of the blue when the bible is mentioned is all thanks to Charles Johnson & lizard cult Jihad against anyone who rejects Darwinism.

    A bunch of pathetic hypocrites they are.

    They [attempt] to ex-communicate anybody with even a rumored tie to fascism [Robert Spencer & Jihadwatch, Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shruggs etc…] yet the LGF blog has become a shining example of shutting up anybody who disagrees with Darwinism. Sir Charles & his little minions instantly ban anyone who speaks a word for Creationism in the face of their odd Jihad and continue attacking Conservatives who believe the bible.

    Oh the shock and horror! Conservatives who believe the bible!

  13. yec,

    As previously mentioned, this site is about islam, do you have anything to add?

    Science is against evolution, but please, use another blog for that subject.

    Kind regards.

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