Wilders: “Just Kick the Whole Lot into the Sinai”

by Baron Bodissey


Geert Wilders ventures his opinion on Israel’s “disproportionate response” in this brief article from De Telegraaf, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Wilders stands behind Israel

Geert WildersThe Hague — PVV leader Geert Wilders stands behind Israel in the conflict in the Middle East. “Violence against terror is rarely disproportionate”, he responded Sunday concerning the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

“If we [in The Netherlands] had to deal with terrorists just across the border in Belgium or Germany, who were launching missiles at Maastricht or Breda, and broke a truce,” Wilders — if he were Minister of Defense — would have done exactly the same as Israel is doing now.

Wilders points out that the Palestinians have chosen Hamas themselves in elections. He believes that Israel has the all the right in the world to defend itself. “The cause is blind hatred. There is unfortunately no dialogue against that. If your people and country are threatened existentially and fired upon by terrorists, you shoot back.”

According to Wilders, Israel is quite right: “Just kick the whole lot into the Sinai.”

Will Israel really neutralize Hamas? Don’t count on it

Lifted from Jihad Watch:

Debbie Schlussel thinks not:

[…] There have been many of these occasion, temporary Israeli attacks on HAMAS or temporary blockades of funds or supplies to Gaza. And they are a waste of time because Israel doesn’t mean business. Eventually, Israel backs down and stops and allows HAMAS to get “refueled” with supplies, money, etc. And yet the HAMAS attacks never end.You must ask yourself why Israel suddenly chose to strike back now after years of HAMAS sending these rockets to kill the poor, working-class Israelis of Sderot–most of them descendants of Jews expelled from their homes and property in Arab Muslim countries. Why did it not matter that HAMAS sent rockets every day to kill Jews during the faux-truce and before then? Why does it suddenly matter now? What was different about now versus two months ago or two months from now?…


Find out the answer at Debbie’s site.

And see also this, from commenter Mega over at Pamela’s place:

The pattern:

1) Israel starts out with an aggressive military response to the terrorists – the goals are somewhat fuzzy, but it does feel cathartic
2) The terrorists go to ground quickly after taking a minor hit to key forces and weaponry
3) The Arabs riot in the streets of Europe and across the middle east
4) Western govts get nervous and turn the screws on Israel to pull back and negotiate and make peace
5) The media reports it as a humanitarian tragedy story, complete with the pathetic pictures of Palestinian kids, leading to massive pressure on Israel to call it quits
6) Israel gets nervous and starts doing non-strategic things like flattening empty buildings, to avoid civilian casualties, while trying to figure out what to do next in the face of strong and (to them) unexpected international condemnation
7) The enemy, seeing that Israel has no real war plan, starts claiming victory, i.e. “survival” in the face of the onslaught of the world’s 4th largest army blah blah blah, and uses some of its mostly-untouched forces and armaments, which were, of course, hidden beyond the IDF’s reach
8) Israel calls it off and tells its citizens it won. Everyone knows otherwise.

We seem to be roughly at stage 6 right now.

4 thoughts on “Wilders: “Just Kick the Whole Lot into the Sinai””

  1. Israel is NOT at stage 6.

    It is between these 2:

    3) The Arabs riot in the streets of Europe and across the middle east
    4) Western govts get nervous and turn the screws on Israel to pull back and negotiate and make peace

    The EU does not count as a Western government IMHO.

    Number 4 has not happened and I hope it does not.

  2. Israel should see this thru to the end. All media which supoprt Hamas in the west should be shut down and the respective editors jailed. All governments should support Israel and the only way to achieve this is for people to WRITE TO THEIR POLITICAL RESPRESENTATIVE STATING SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL. The muslim scum are innundating our politicans whith dishonest statements to the tone of that australians are supporting hamas. They are not, and these muslims have no right to speak for Australia. So get of your backsides and tell your representative in Canberra what you really think. Ninety percent of the war we are now in is a media war and unless Australians participate there is a chance the enemy will be successful.

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