Wilders Prosecution is a Welcome Opportunity to Expose Islam


Prosecuting Geert Wilders, Islam, Koran, Hadeeth, Violence and hatred, Radical Muslims

 By Dr. Sami Alrabaa  Saturday, Canada Free Press

H/T Atlas

Prosecuting Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament, is a welcome opportunity to expose fascist Islam and radical Muslims. Wilders and his lawyers do not need to go far away to fetch crystal clear evidence that Islam, i.e. the Koran and Hadeeth incite to violence and hatred, and radical Muslims are behind numerous crimes against humanity. 

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Amil Imani: Good Hate, Bad Love

* Oriana Fallaci said it: “ If I have the right to love, then I have the right to hate also.”

Amil Imani

* Nobody tells the truth better than the ex-Muslims, the apostates of Islam.  Because the Messenger of Allah said, “Whoever changes his (Islamic) religion, kill him” for good reason: he didn’t want the infidels to know what he had in store for them…

Islamo-fascists’ useful idiots

“Love” is thought as virtue, while “hate” is considered vice. But not all forms of love are good and not all hates are bad. If you love to set buildings on fire, molest children, or steal, these are obviously bad loves. If you hate racism, sexism or injustices of all sorts, then these are good hates.

Time and again, in response for exposing Islam for what it is, Islamists simply retort by calling me hatemonger instead of refuting my assertions.

* Egyptian judge to Christian apostate from Islam: “If I had a knife now, I would kill you”

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Hamas: Tony Blair "stupid" for asking it to recognize Israel and renounce violence

* No, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Britain’s careering busybody Tony BLiar. He never got it, although he claims to “read the Koran everyday”–  and history will be unforgiving, just like history will be unforgiving to his American counterpart, the forever deluded, mendacious Peanut Khadr…

Update: BLiaring away wants to bring his sister-in-law‘s Hamas friends into the ‘peace process.’ But Hamas apparently can’t make up its collective mind whether that is good or bad for them.

                                  Not schmart

He is stupid to think that Hamas will ever sincerely do this, but his stupidity is shared by most policymakers today, as Hugh explains here. This kind of stupidity stems directly from an ignorance of the Islamic doctrines of jihad and Islamic supremacism. “Hamas: Blair’s statements ‘stupid,'” by Roee Nahmias for Ynet News, January 31 (thanks to JW):

Quartet envoy Tony Blair’s comments about the need to involve Hamas in the Middle Eastern dialogue are “worthless and stupid” but show that the world recognizes Hamas’ strength, sources in the movement said Saturday.

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Dear Muslims, please tell Maulana Fazlullah that he got his religion all wrong!


Islam recommends slitting of throat: Fazlullah

* Gee, where did he get this idea? Surely he must be getting his religion all wrong, don’t you think? Is this the same Islam which, in the words of  US president GWB, is all peaceful and good?  “The face of terror is not the true face of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. Islam’s] teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah” 


Peshawar, Jan 31 : Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat chief Maulana Fazlullah has said Islam recommends slitting the throat of a man if he is charged with espionage, adding that this is also the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions acted upon this.

Fazlullah was replying to allegations that the Taliban slits throats of people and even digs up dead bodies of men from graves and then hangs them.

“I am also ready for a debate with the Ulema on this issue,” he added.

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Caroline Glick: Defending freedom's defenders


* The pernicious politically motivated investigation of “war crimes” by uninvolved countries is in the news again: Spain may try Israel for its actions in Gaza. Presumably Bush and Cheney will be next. More from the Gates of Vienna


Last week, the IDF issued an unprecedented directive. All Israeli media outlets must obscure the faces of soldiers and commanders who fought in Operation Cast Lead. Henceforth, the identities of all IDF soldiers and officers who participated in the operation against the Hamas terror regime in Gaza are classified information.

* Mayor Bloomberg Supports Wilders

* Israel: Defence Minister Slams Spain War Crimes Probe

The IDF acted as it did in an effort to protect Israeli soldiers and officers from possible prosecutions for alleged war crimes in Europe. The  army’s chief concern is England. In England, private citizens are allowed to file complaints against foreigners whom they claim committed war crimes.

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Netanyahu: Obama Will Try to Internationalize Jerusalem Sites


* Nintendo toy says ‘Islam is the light’

* Caroline Glick: Geert Wilders is begging his countrymen to smell the coffee…

by Hana Levi Julian/Israel National News


The Temple Mount, desecrated by the abominable Mosque…

(IsraelNN.com) Likud party chairman and Knesset Opposition leader MK Binyamin Netanyahu warned at the Jerusalem Conference Wednesday that the Obama administration and leftist Israeli politicians will try to internationalize holy sites in Jerusalem — and he vowed to fight the move.

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Fidel demands U.S. returns Gitmo to Cuba

And why not? Peanut Khadr gave the Panama canal back too, right? And with the Obamessiah at the helm, there is no end to stupidity. There is a sucker born every minute and  when it comes to Obambo, – these guys sure saw him coming:


                  “The will of the people..”

HAVANA: Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro demanded on Thursday that President Barack Obama return the US naval base at Guantanamo to Cuba without conditions, and he accused the new US leader of supporting “Israeli genocide” against Palestinians. 

Paki Daily Times

Castro, who had recently praised Obama as “honest” and “noble”, lashed out at his administration for stating that Washington will not return Guantanamo if it has any military use for the United States and without concessions in return. “Maintaining a military base in Cuba against the will of the people violates the most elemental principles of international law,” Castro wrote in a column posted on the government-run website www.cubadebate.cu. 

* Just curious: what kind of “international law” is he referring to? His own?

“Not respecting Cuba’s will is an arrogant act and an abuse of immense power against a little country,” Castro said, resorting to a charge he has leveled against the 10 previous US presidents since he came to power in a 1959 revolution. Cuba indefinitely leased Guantanamo to the United States in 1903 after the United States occupied the country during the 1898 Spanish-American War. Castro charges that the base at the south-eastern tip of Cuba was taken over illegally. 


Chavez comes along for the ride:

Earlier on Thursday, Washington’s loudest critic in Latin America, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, also urged Obama to return the Guantanamo base, after applauding his decision to close the prison camp for terrorism suspects there. “Now he should return Guantanamo and Guantanamo Bay to the Cubans because that is Cuban territory,” Chavez, Cuba’s closest ally, said in a speech in Brazil. 

Fidel Castro on Thursday also attacked Obama for supporting Israel’s invasion of Gaza. “It is the way our friend Obama has fallen into sharing Israel’s genocide against Palestinians,” Castro wrote in his column called “Deciphering the thought of the new US president.” reuters

UK: The Case of the Retard Revert Who Prematurely Blew Up the Loo


Failed suicide bomber gets 18 years

Quite ridiculous. The poor fellow needs to be treated in a mental institution. A miscarriage of justice. And the guys who made him do it are allowed to get away? No further investigation? Pathetic!


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith cuts the mustard:

“We need to work together to prevent people, especially young people, getting drawn into illegal activities.”

Reilly came from a “loving and fairly normal family unit” but was “seduced” by a cause he “wrongly and almost fatally interpreted and probably never understood”, said the judge.

Al BeBeeCeera sure makes your heart bleed, doesn’t it? More

*  London judges are looking for more sophisticated suicide bombers:

“Unfortunately those who attempt to commit suicide and in doing so murder other people are almost invariably unsophisticated in many aspects.”

* UK: When Did the Bobby Turn Into the Slobby?

Pamela from Atlas: 

A little concerned about this case – because the guy was retarded – and was preyed upon by these Islamic guys who I think are the real villains.

Here is a guy who used to visit an internet cafe and need help with using the internet – then he builds a bomb by himself ?? The guy at the internet cafe used to help him – then all of a sudden he started to get help from these two Islamic guys – next thing he’s got a bomb strapped to himself – in a restaurant!

Someone has gone free in this trail that shouldn’t be free!! 

Sydney Moonbat Herald

A Muslim convert who injured himself in a failed suicide attack on a restaurant in Britain was jailed for life on Friday, and ordered to spend at least 18 years behind bars.

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Pals unhinged: The BBC is writing its reports "with the blood of Palistanian children"

*  The children, the children! As if they cared. Don’t they breed them to become ‘martyrs?’

*  Arabs take first step to sue Israel/By Faheem Al-Hamid


Al BeBeeCeera not enough pro-Hamas? What a surprise!

* Hamas keeps roasting the opposition: Dozens believed dead in reprisal attacks as Hamas retakes control, MSM snores…Suspected collaborators shot during and after war 

* The worlds most useless watchdog,  the head of the Iranian Nuclear Proliferation Committee, I mean the UN International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei,  snubs BBC over Gaza 

Khaled Abu Toameh , THE JERUSALEM POST

A large group of Palestinians has signed a petition calling to ban the BBC from operating in the Gaza Strip because of the broadcaster’s refusal to air a charity appeal for the victims of Operation Cast Lead.

This was the first time that Palestinians called for boycotting the BBC – a station which they had regularly considered to be biased in favor of the Palestinians and Arabs.

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And now, the girls of Serbia


From Serbianna

In other news: Albanians seek release of terrorists

Thousands of Albanians hurled onto streets to demand that Serbia release Albanian Muslim fighters involved in murder, rape and torture of non Albanians while seeking to ethnically cleanse Kosovo and southern parts of Serbia.

Around 3,000 Muslim Albanians gathered in Presevo demanding the release of murderers of the so-called “Gnjilane group” that tortured hundreds of non-Albanians in a Gnjilane high school.

Earlier in this month, Serbian police has arrested 10 Albanian Muslims guilty of murder, rape, torture and other atrocities in Gnjilane.

* Serbs in Gnjilane require constant military protection because Albanian Muslim militants always want to kill them.

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