Afghanistan and Pakistan need more money for Schools…

… Because the Talibs blow them up faster than we can build ’em…

Pakistan: Taliban blows up five more schools

The price of an education

Making good on its threats. More on this story. “Militants blow up five more schools,” by Hameedullah Khan for theDawn, January 20: via Jihad Watch

MINGORA, Jan 19: Suspected militants blew up five government schools in Swat on Monday.[…] 

Swat District Coordination Officer Shaukat Khan Yousafzai said 182 schools, most of them for girls, had been destroyed by militants, affecting over 100,000 primary- to college-level students[…]

* Dutch foreign minister: Karzai must “perform better or face a worsening Taliban insurgency”

He said one could understand the reason for which the militants were attacking security forces but destruction of schools by them could not be justified.


Actually, the logic of the “militants” is quite consistent: just as the government is not fully  implementing sharia law (and thus must be overthrown), so are females in school alien to sharia (and thus must be prevented).

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  1. Schools and Childrens dont shoot back– Neither do teachers. Easy prey for the brave thugs of islam.

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