Anjem Choudary ready for UK taekover


* Don’t be surprised when it happens, Brits…


          The finger, always the finger…

WHEN Islam takes over the UK, Anjem Choudary says the capital should be in Southall.


Southall as the UK’s administrative district has much going for it, and could well become the UK’s answer to Canberra, a place as far removed from romanticised visions of sun-bleached Australia as you can get without actually being a foreign country.

Says Choudary:

“We will rise up. We will rise up, my dear Muslims. One day we shall have Sharia here. And who know, maybe even Southall can be the capital of the Islamic state when we conquer it.”

Can Southall be conquered? Can a veil be drawn around it?

One would think that before any military action was enacted Choudary should hold a referendum on Southall seceding from the United Kingdom and then petition Downing Street to make it so.

In the meanwhile, we’d need to hear from representatives of neighbouring Yeading, Hayes, Hanwell, Heston, Hounslow, Greenford and Northolt. And the landlord of the Glassy Junction public house would like to know if he can still serve alcoholic beverages when his local become the administrative HQ for the Islamic Republic of Southall.

Other changes will need to be made, of course. The transition will see the Iceland supermarket renamed Iran and sell not frozen foods but goods cooked on the end of firebrand and served red hot. And Hanger Hill Pitch & Putt will need to be smartened up to become a training ground for the city state’s militia.

The Star, which brings news of Choudary’s championing of Southall, wonders if he should be “GAGGED FOR GOOD”?

Surely, confining him to Southall would be punishment enough for any man. Although, there have yet to be counter bids form Leicester, Bradford and the more salubrious parts of Oldham…

9 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary ready for UK taekover”

  1. The gall these people have is unbelievable and than their are stupid people who rally for Hamas? That is sellinmg out your own country.
    Start buying a Chador or Burka you idiots and be prepared if they take it futher to stay inside your house as a woman.
    Happy New Year.

  2. “We will rise up. We will rise up, my dear Muslims. One day we shall have Sharia here….”

    Moslems are colonizing the UK. They have no intention of assimilating nor following the rule of British law. They should be expelled. NOW!

  3. * Moslems are colonizing the UK.

    Not just the UK, AOW, but the USA, Oz etc, as part of a program of Hijra (migration) for
    a “higher purpose” (allah’s) …

    Significance of Hijra
    Hijra (migration), an important principle in Islam, has played a significant role in Islamic history. … And it is not meant to serve any material interests; it is meant rather to be undertaken for the sake of Allah: in other words, for some higher purpose.

    There is a fifth example of Hijra, i.e. the exodus from most of the Muslim countries to the
    US, Australia and the European countries. It has been estimated that there are at present
    about 20 million Muslim migrants. A whole new phase in da’wah work has been started by
    this universal migration.

  4. Yet still the Dhimmi Politicians and Mohammedan apologists and the stupid, biased anti semitic MSM don’t get it. Even when the Mohammedans come right out and tell the exactly what they want and what they are doing. The West deserves everything it gets if it fails to wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. Attention, there is a debate bertween Brown and cronies and the fwit Chouhury on whether Islam is responsible for terrorism. This is basically an open challenge to the government from these muslim thugs. So – I suggest that as many people as possible should go to support the non-muslims – as the muslim thugs will try to fill all places.

    The debate will take place near the end of January 2009.

    For more information regarding its details please contact Mr Brown, or the cabinet office. Or you could contact the muslim twat Anjem Choudary on 07956 600 569 (uk number).

  6. Ultimately the West will deserve what it gets. It appears inevitable that the West is playing the Chamberlin Card with Hitler and Germany of ” Peace in our times”.

    This is not Hitler thast you are dealing with.

    May the great Lord have mercy when tourists to Europe and the USA , in the future, see white women in burkas and veils and men wearing skull caps.

    The signs are so visibly there. The effects of the 2nd World war have not worn off the psyche of the Eurabians and USABIA. They still feel a sense of guilt and continue to accommodate what is going on al over Europe, USA and Australia.

    Anyway, it would be good to have Caliphs ruling us and having our hands, legs and other useful organs chopped off under the new laws that would immediately come into force. The white ladies can look forward to a warm burial up to the neck in sand and then being clobberred with minute stones by over a thousand of her neighbours. Ah. What fun it would be.

  7. Have you guys never taken history?

    Do you forget when white ppl took over non white majority countries?

    You guys seem to be no different than nazis

    Nazis said all jews should be expelled

    You are saying all muslims should be expelled

    I guess history does repeat it self.

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