Austria: Susanne Winter sentenced to death by stoning

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* Well, not its not quite that bad, not yet. But what does it take to get your attention? Give it time, it will come to that. Given that the Dutch inquisition is going to any length to shut up (and down) Geert Wilders just proves that things are worse than we thought in EUrabia. Ayaan Ali Hirsi found refuge in the US after she was driven out of the Netherlands, but is she safe? And the PC-establishment of Austria is eager enough to prostrate themselves to the Islamic invasion to the point of no return. 

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Susanne Winter

       * JW: Austrian politician Susanne Winter convicted of “anti-Muslim incitement” 

Austrian “far-right” legislator convicted of anti-Muslim incitement

Earth Times

Vienna – Austrian far-right parliamentarian Susanne Winter was convicted Thursday of incitement because of her anti-Muslim statements, including the claim that Islam’s prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. A court in Winter’s home town of Graz also found the 51-year-old politician guilty of humiliating a religion. She was sentenced to a fine of 24,000 euros (31,000 dollars) euros and a suspended prison term of three months, Austrian news agency APA reported.

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The politician, who took a seat in parliament last fall for the Freedom Party (FPOe), made the anti-Islamic remarks in January 2008. 

She also proposed in a discussion with students that Muslim men should commit bestiality rather than making “indecent advances” on girls. 

The politician had pleaded innocent Thursday, claiming that she “did not want to insult anyone, but only to point out problems.” 

The verdict is not yet legally binding. 

Winter’s son Michael, a former youth leader in the Freedom Party, was convicted of the same crime last October. He had suggested in a newsletter that Turkish Muslims were in the habit of committing bestiality.

2 thoughts on “Austria: Susanne Winter sentenced to death by stoning”

  1. One hopes that those who support her and who have seen the sources and know that she has, strictly speaking, said nothing but the truth, will pass round the hat and set up a ‘paying the fines’ fund.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali said exactly the same thing, about Mohammed, on a TV show in the Netherlands, early in her career (see ‘Infidel’, chapter 16, right at the beginning – Ayaan told her hearers the story of Aisha’s marriage and then said bluntly ‘by our Western standards, Mohammed is perverse and a tyrant’). And in Yemen, Morocco, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other parts of the Islamosphere, because of the example of the ‘prophet’, child ‘marriage’ is common and girls of 8 and 9 and 10 are forcibly subjected to ‘marital relations’ by what one can only call dirty old men.

    As for the bestiality, well, the more honest anthropologists – and horrified random Infidel visitors – reporting in from the ‘Arab’ [Muslim] world, and from elsewhere in the Islamosphere, have plenty of tales to tell of what they observed. The Ayatollah Khomeini, a Persian Muslim, advised coolly that a goat or sheep that was used for pleasure, and then killed, must be sold in the next village…

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