Erdogan throws hissy fit in Davos

* Erdogan storms out of Davos meeting, receives heroes welcome back in Turkey

* Earlier this month: Turkey arrests 4 more army officers in plot probe

Islamist Erdogan with hijabbed tilt

Update from Davos: Erdogan brushed past reporters outside the hall. His wife appeared upset. “All Peres said was a lie. It was unacceptable,” she said, eyes glistening. 

* Jews defending themselves? Jews having a state of their own instead of being humiliated, impoverished, subjugated Dhimmies?  Doesn’t fit into the Weltanschauung of Turkey’s primitive Islamist PM Tayyip Erdogan:

It wasn’t just that he called for a new definition of terrorism that would make Hamas and Hezbullah into charitable organizations. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan also had a temper tantrum at the World Economic Conference in Davos on Thursday.

* Newsflash from Carl:

Ban Ki Moonbat calls for another appealed for $613 million in ’emergency economic aid’ for the ‘Palestinians’ in Gaza, over and above the billions of dollars in ‘economic aid’ they have already been promised this year. More

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stalked off the stage at the World Economic Forum red-faced after verbally sparring with President Shimon Peres over the fighting in Gaza.

Amr Moussa, the former Egyptian foreign minister who now leads the Arab League, said Erdogan’s action was understandable. “Mr. Erdogan said what he wanted to say and then he left. That’s all. He was right.” Of Israel, he said, “They don’t listen.” 

More from Carl in Jerusalem

Turkey’s PM urges Obama to “redefine terror and terrorist organizations in the Middle East”

Video here

* Meanwhile, in Gaza, Hamas keeps roasting the opposition

Erdogan wants Obama to declare that Hamas and Hizballah are not terrorist groups. That would be fine with me, in fact. The State Department should designate them and others to be jihadist groups, and declare that we are fighting a defensive war against Islamic jihadists.

But of course, that is about as likely to happen as Obama naming Tom Tancredo his immigration and borders czar.

“Turkey urges Obama to redefine Mideast terrorism,” from Associated Press, January 29 (thanks to JW):

Turkey’s prime minister had a message Thursday for US President Barack Obama: redefine terror and terrorism in the Middle East and use it as the basis for a new American policy.Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose country has played a key role in trying to mediate among Israel and Syria and the Palestinians, said Obama’s new Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, will be in Turkey for talks Sunday.

“President Obama must redefine terror and terrorist organizations in the Middle East, and based on this new definition, a new American policy must be deployed in the Middle East,” Erdogan told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Turkish leader appeared to be referring to the US Position toward Hamas and Hizbullah, which the United States considers terrorist organizations. While both have military wings, Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007 and remains in charge following the recent Israeli invasion. Hizbullah is a major political force in Lebanon….

Sheik’s comment:

Any infidel would have to have lost their mind to take anything he says seriously. Especially when we recall some more outrageous comments he has made in the past, such as that“assimilation (of Turkish immigrants) should be considered a crime against humanity”, during a state visit to Germany.


What Erdogan conveniently forgot to mention:

The Turkish Armed Forces have destroyed 8000 Kurdish villages creating 3-4 million refugees since 1984.

Of course, there is no 24/7 CNN coverage or threads chronicling the suffering of the Kurds, since the anti-semitic Arabs and Muslims and the anti-semitic media  only care about Israel and the Jews and their lego-scale conflict with the Palestinians.

11 thoughts on “Erdogan throws hissy fit in Davos”

  1. He should consider the deportation of all Turks from Germany who refuse to integrate perfectly OK then.

  2. if you are in opposition to the palis getting 613 million, please write to your local politicans and the un.

  3. listen Sheik

    dont tell me we kill 8000 kurdish. they are not kurdish, they are terrorist (PKK) we dont kill unborn babies, kids,mothers. they put bombs in puclic places and kills innocents people.we have million kurdish people living in turkey and they are treated same like turkish.
    so” if israil wanna finish up hamas then they should do this like gerilla fight not bombs all over gazze. 1 hamas terrosrist dies with 10 kids, this is not right.
    This looks like one killer has one little girl hostage and point the knive to her throat
    police wants the killer, to catch the killer police first shoot the girl then the killer.

    how you like the story? this is what israil do. 1200 innocent people + maybe 100 hamas militans.

  4. yes hamas is terorist but not the innocent people. we are talking about over 1300 people.
    over 1300 people and from israil side only 6 soldiers, something is wrong with this fight. israil is a country hamas is terorist group,you are attacking palistin and bombing all over this country.
    i am asking if the hamas militans they were in england you think israil would come and bomb all over the england? of course not.hamas is not stupid they will not stay in the apartmants.

  5. Sheik,

    Notice how the apologists for hamas keep increasing the numbers of children killed?

    mert, nuva, how many missiles fired into your own country is acceptabe? 50…100,..200???

    I suppose hamas never killed any innocents?

  6. Mert Get a grip on reality please, look at real history, facts and figures and get back to us.

  7. Mr. okay than I am talking to you open your ear and listening to me, if you
    are now about Turkey and history talk, than I will listen to you. So first what hapened in the Gallipolli? They talking about history and you to brother and I am telling you, dont make a game, germany move Turks or something, okay I have to ask this questions where do you want to go? Because this country before was indian country, German did that and some thing, do you have a anough gold? Also where is the all the historicall art in the Turkey or in America? First read to Koran and undertand about to story, second this all the time hapining, 3 you are the person if you say you are person just tell me your feel, think about why the christians rich, dont tell me suudi or other arap country also muslim, they are muslim but repaplican, tell me what that mean terorist, just tell me about that, can I tell what’s my think, its about money its not about muslim cristian or other , just about pocket, go asked your pop, go asked your high muslim person or imam, they will tell you same thing. I went to close to irag I saw life, aga its willage bus or sef, they have good life standard how about other one, your country like that, if you lost your money in to the bank if you lost your home than come back we will talk about that. I dont like alot my president to but he didnt make a dans front of the tv canera. You can go and asked about that your Mr bush. I lost my job in this country, I am going to back do you want to take me out the my country? I will tell you you can take my bonds, my meet, my organs only. Just like that points like that(.) Go to some muslim country just tell SelamunAleykum than you will see whats the different, it will be gorowing young flowers. Aranizda sevgi varken icinize zehir serpmeyin. Sonucta muslumanida hristiyanida yahudiside insan, hatalar olur kusurlar olur, el ele dunya olur vatan vatan olur, Narettin hocanin kuyunun icinden ayin yansimasini cikartmaya calismasina benziyor. Aslinda yansima tek yansima sadece dalgalanmalarla yansimalar fazlalasmis kuyunun icinde, I did not want to broke your hard, I am not trying to show you bad guy, but alot so Muslim say firt put your as sarp stic and than try pot someone as, thats mean you will realy understand how is hurt. Saglicakla kal Allaha emanet.

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