Great Idea: Lets make "War on Cousins!"

* Well, after the “War on Terror” we had to have Chertoff’s War on Extremists” which in some places is also called “War on Militants” because the spin-doctors from the media are very inventive when it comes to avoid the words ‘Islam and Muslims’,  but when they declared the War against Missionary Bandits” in Thailand they literally had me in stitches. But not to worry, it doesn’t end there: this is the age of stoopid, remember? We can always rely on our fearless PC-media on dumbing down our clueless, confused citizens some more:


AP’s headline is “Cousins plead guilty in plot to kill US soldiers.” But of course they didn’t get involved in this plot because they were cousins. The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t need to begin a Global War On Cousins. They did this because they wanted to wage jihad. They met the jihad recruiter at a Muslim convention. They were clearly inspired by Islamic teachings regarding the necessity to wage war against unbelievers. But since none of that is suitable for an AP headline, we get…cousins.

An update on this story. “Cousins plead guilty in plot to kill US soldiers,” from AP,

* Stop Press! We already moved on:

WSJ: Hey, let’s call it a war against “Islamic supremacy”!

James Taranto has had a great new idea: let’s not call it a War On Terror, but a War On “Islamic Supremacy”! Gee, Taranto, this is a terrific idea! Where’d you get it?

In reality, I am glad to see my ideas, even if uncredited, breaking through in what has up to now been a reliably dhimmi publication.

“‘Islamic Supremacy’: The solution to a conundrum of language and policy,” by James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal, January 16 (thanks to JW)

Chicago: Two Muslims plead guilty in plot to kill U.S. soldiers

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Two cousins from the Chicago area accused of training to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq pleaded guilty to terrorism charges Thursday, federal prosecutors said.

The two were part of a plot organized by three men living in Toledo who were convicted last year of recruiting terrorists and raising money to fund their plans to wage a holy war against U.S. troops, prosecutors said.

The two cousins received training in firearms and counter-surveillance so they could join the insurgency, prosecutors said.

Khaleel Ahmed, 28, of Chicago and Zubair Ahmed, 28, of suburban North Chicago both pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

Each faces a maximum of 15 years in prison….

Prosecutors said Marwan El-Hindi of Toledo recruited the cousins in 2004 to join his cell in Toledo. They all met at a Muslim convention in Cleveland with a former U.S. military man who worked undercover and helped foil the plot, prosecutors said.

Over the next year, the men talked more about training in explosives, guns and sniper tactics, U.S. Justice Department attorneys said….

According to recordings heard in court, El-Hindi said the two cousins were eager to receive “jihad training.”…

At one point during a conversation, the informant asked El-Hindi if he was recruiting for jihad.

“Oh no, I just want to take these two,” El-Hindi answered, adding that he wanted to take care of them for their families….

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