Hamas blows competition away, MSM silent…

Still more Palestinians executed by Hamas

From Ronmossad


Following up on two previous reports of Hamas firing on aid convoys and killing six Fatah supporters in one case as well as executing dozens of suspected “Israel-collaborators” in another…today brings us more examples of this tyranny – this time from DEBKAfile:

Our sources disclose that the Hamas extremists are finding time for the brutal persecution of their rivals, the Palestinian Fatah. Under cover of the general mayhem, Hamas gangs are kidnapping Fatah operatives and executing them. Their bodies are tossed onto the mountains of uncollected garbage and their kinsmen informed where to find them. Hamas leaders are convinced their rivals are plotting to exploit the fighting to overthrow their regime.

* CNN busted running phony Gaza propaganda, doesn’t fess up

* France: “Teenagers” charged in attack on a Jewish girl

Uncollected garbage. Well they are Fatah “operatives” after all. Lest we forget who these people are exactly, prior to the apologists’ revisionist history of the post-Hamas-rise-to-power era, Fatah was responsible for no less than two intifadas and dozens of hijackings, murders, suicide bombings, shootings, knife attacks and thousands of dead and injured Jews. So while we at the ronmossad blog don’t feel TOO bad for these guys, they are the allegedly more “moderate” of the terrorist factions. See they at least PRETEND there might be hope, while Hamas tells it like it is. Which I GUESS is progress.

In any case, these Hamas saints, that are busily butchering their own fellow Palestinian Arabs, are the people the United Nations expects Israel to trust when they passed Resolution 1860 – which “stresses the urgency of and calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire, leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.”

Right. A “durable ceasefire” – with THESE people:

No mention of illegal weapons smuggling.

No mention of Hamas brutality against its own people. 

No mention of violation of Israeli soverignty to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers.

No mention of this guy:

No calls for Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

No mention of Hamas at all.

It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t so par for the course.

Thanks for the advice UN, but I think we’ll continue taking care of our own business.

Bring back Gilad!

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  1. What is even more PATHETIC is that this one sided UN proclamation was drafted by the UK . The UK is fast becoming the most Dhimmi Country in the World such is depths it has been dragged to by Nu Labour and a public who in the main seem to be just as STUPID and Dhimmified as they are judging by some of the virulently anti semitic posting on blogs. They are not ALL from Mohammedan fifth columnists.

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