* Tim Blair’s recorded it, unimpressed, here

“America now a nation of ‘Christians & Muslims’- and all lived happily ever after…


“To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect”


Jihadwatch has more

Spencer said,“Good luck with that. Will he find that mutual respect reciprocated? Do the Saudis treat us with respect when they fill Islamic schools and mosques in America with material teaching hatred of Jews and Christians and the necessity to subjugate unbelievers under the rule of Islamic law? Do the Pakistanis respect us when they take our money to fight jihad terrorism and use it instead to aid jihad terrorism? Will Obama examine the reasons why that respect may not be forthcoming, and adjust policies accordingly?”

Anecdotal: His mother-in-law didn’t know the words to our national anthem (she’ll be living in the White House, right?).



My favorite Obambi line: “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent”

How in the world did he get into power if not by following this very same method??

* CNN has actually compared the inauguration to the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca (video here).

Fibbi Hooper is delighted:

CAIR Welcomes Obama’s ‘Encouraging’ Statement to Muslim World in Inaugural Address

* Ingrid “Hijab” Mattson to Speak at Inaugural Prayer Service

She will sound a note of moderation to the public, as she has assiduously done for years, while secretly harboring and championing a radical agenda that supports Wahhabism, supports terrorists, denies the existence of Islamic extremism and blames the West for the rise of terrorists like Osama bin Laden. Is that who the Obama Administration really wants to set as an example for the rest of the country?

Partying in D.C.: Illegal alien/deportation fugitive Aunti Zeituni Onyango

* Obambi’s Kenyan relatives (and associated tribes) will they ever go home again?

Iran goes apeshit over Obimbo

WTF is wrong with these guys? They’re waiting for the Mahdi, the “hidden imam”- and they don’t believe the Obamessiah is it?

“Death to Obama” in Iran

*  Riots on Obama’s Inauguration Day


ISNA’s Ingrid Mattson in Her Own Words

— “Mattson places loyalty to Islam before loyalty to the United States of America”
— “Mattson on the possibility that Americans may ‘rise to the challenge of defining themselves as an ethical nation”‘”
— “Mattson denies the existence of terrorist cells in the United States” <;sub_cat_id=1023>
— “Mattson defends Wahhabism”
— “Mattson on the negative effects of the end of the Islamic Caliphate”
— “Mattson teaches the jihadists Sayyid Qutb and Syed Abu’l-‘Ala Mawdudi in her course at Hartford Seminary – see the syllabus here”
— “Mattson praises the jihadist Mawdudi (aka Maududi)”
— “Although she recommends and teaches Abdul ala Maududi, who advocates
 violent jihad against non-Muslims (see above), Mattson is highly critical of
Christians who make the factual statement that texts by Muslims support violent
 jihad against non-Muslims — and she equates Christian critics of violent jihad
 with Osama bin Laden, who wages violent jihad. Mattson on critical statements by Christians about Muslims”
— “Mattson is a traditionalist on Shariah law and the legitimacy of Shariah authorities”
— “Mattson is a leader in Muslim efforts to censor the right to free speech in America and especially in the United States government”
— “Mattson denies the actual state of women’s rights under Shariah law”
— “Mattson rationalizes the actions of the Taliban against women”
— “Like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Mattson condemns
terrorism in general but avoids criticizing Hamas or Hizballah”
— “Mattson apparently thinks that Evangelical Christians are more of a threat to Jews than Islamic jihadists”
— “Mattson is highly critical of Israel”
— “Mattson limits dialogue”
— “Mattson and ISNA have been criticized by those who identify themselves as American Muslim reformers and moderates”


  1. When will the Americans wake upo and smell the coffee. The Obama Messiah is a LIAR. Watching yesterday thought I had gone back in time and it was 1933 all over again with a whole country selling its soul to the devil.

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