Israel declares ceasefire, Hamas celebrates with shooting 6 rockets and 3 mortars into Israel

* Which is perfectly cool according to the rules of Muhammedan warfare: terrorize and harass the enemy with whatever weaponry you can muster and with every stratagem of war. That’s why its completely useless to show any kind of mercy or letting up, because the next thing you will see is that Hamas declares victory and when Israel reatliates she gets all the blame for ‘breaking the ceasefire’- an absurd situation…

6 rockets, 3 mortars fired from Gaza 

Y-Net News

Despite ceasefire declared by Israel, Palestinian gunmen resume rocket fire Sunday morning. One Qassam lands in Sderot area, another hits kibbutz henhouse, killing dozens of chickens
Shmulik Hadad 

* Israel allows wounded Pals into Israel for treatment, FOC of course

Rocket fire continues despite ceasefire: Palestinian gunmen fired six rockets and three mortar shells into Israel on Sunday morning. The Israel Air Force attacked and hit the rocket launching cell.

One of the rockets hit the Sderot area, another rocket hit a henhouse in a kibbutz and a third one landed near another kibbutz. The three other rockets also landed in open areas. The mortar shells hit open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no reports of injuries.


From LGF:

Hamas uses children as spotters and human shields:

This Palliwood flick from youtube is supposed to implicate Israel in some kind of wrongdoing, instead it shows that Hamas is using kids as spotters. At about 1:20, the terrorists appear to be shooting at a helicopter overhead—and they send children into the streets, in the open, to point out where the helicopter is, while they stay hidden under trees and next to walls.


They do this because they know the IAF tries not to launch airstrikes against children. But they also know that if any of them are killed, their useful little spotters can easily be turned into propaganda tools with the willing assistance of Western media.

They don’t waste any part of the child.


Gabi, who is responsible for the henhouses in the kibbutz hit by one of the rockets, told Ynet he was only several meters away from coop. “I heard the Color Red alert and lay down on the floor because the place is not fortified.

“The rocket directly hit the henhouse, causing heavy damage. We have some 160,000 chickens, and between 200 to 300 of them died and many of them are traumatized due to the pressure. We must get them out of here, both because the henhouse has been damaged and because of the trauma they’re in. Luckily it ended like this and not in the loss of human lives.”


One of rockets which hit Negev (Photo: Reuters)

While Israel’s unilateral ceasefire in Gaza went into effect at 2 am Sunday, the security establishment estimated Saturday night that Hamas would continue to fire rockets and mortars toward the country’s southern region in the coming days to prove that they “have the “last word in the conflict.

Earlier, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told reporters that Israel Defense Forces soldiers will remain deployed in Gaza.

The first incident since the ceasefire was recorded Sunday morning, when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at Israel Defense Forces soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip, about six hours after the unilateral ceasefire declared by Israel took effect. The soldiers fired back.

The army reported that the troops had spotted the source of the fire and fired back with a tank aided by an Air Force aircraft. The gunmen were reportedly hit. There were no injuries among the soldiers.

The schools in most rocket-stricken cities remained closed Sunday. Sderot Mayor David Buskila said Saturday night that as he did not intervene in the decision to enter the Gaza Strip, he now accepts the government’s decision.


“We’ll accept any decision the government makes, as long as the city of Sderot is not fired on again. And as far as I understand, the moment this happens the IDF will act,” he explained.