Italy: "Pseudo-prayers by Muslims in public have nothing to do with religion – they are threatening and intimidatory acts towards the Italian people'

And: “those who took part should be identified and possibly expelled from the country”.

Some common sense and spine from Italy:

Directive to prevent repeats of Milan Duomo incident
(ANSA) – Rome, January 21 – Italy is moving to prevent any more recurrences of mass Muslim prayers in front of Catholic places of worship following incidents in Milan, Bologna and Rome this month. 

All three incidents took place during protest marches against the Israeli offensive in Gaza, but a mass pray-in in front of the Duomo in Milan grabbed the most headlines. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said Wednesday he was working on a directive that would improve ”control” during demonstrations, without revealing full details of the measure.

”I have prepared a guideline that will be sent to all city prefects so that what happened in front of the Duomo in Milan will not be repeated,” Maroni told parliament.

The minister added that his aim was to ”guarantee the right to protest but also the right of citizens to peacefully use the spaces in their own cities,” Maroni said.

Hundreds of Muslims took part in prayers in front of Milan’s Duomo on January 3 when the hour for prayer arrived during the march.

On the same day a similar incident occurred in Bologna, where hundreds of Muslims prayed to Allah in front of the Basilica of San Petronio.

In a third incident, around 50 Muslims prayed in front of the Colosseum in Rome last weekend during another protest march for Gaza. The Roman amphitheatre has close ties with the Catholic church and forms part of the Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession.

Right-wing politicians have reacted angrily to the three events, although Muslims have said they had no choice since they were obeying Islamic prayer times.


On Wednesday Bologna public prosecutor’s office confirmed that the protest organiser, Mohamed Rafia Boukhbiza, will have to answer to charges of public security violations after a Forza Italia politician lodged a complaint.

According to law, police must be notified ahead of any public prayer event.

Rafia Boukhbiza is accused of having advanced knowledge of the pray-in, since many of the Muslims used prayer rugs.

In the wake of the Milan pray-in, Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa staged a Catholic mass in Piazza Duomo the following Sunday in order to ”reclaim” the area, while the Northern League’s Attilio Fontana said he ”would like to see what would happen if I went to recite the rosary in Mecca”. Maurizio Gasparri, Senate whip for Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PDL) party, earlier this week said all three incidents were ”pseudo-prayers”.

”They have nothing to do with religion – they are threatening and intimidatory acts towards the Italian people,” he said, adding that those who took part should be ”identified and possibly expelled from the country”.

A former interior minister, the PDL’s Beppe Pisanu, described the incidents as ”a fundamentalist operation, the preliminaries of terrorism”.

          * Stupidity from those who should know better:

But Milan Archbishop Dionigi Tettamanzi has refused to condemn the mass pray-in in Milan, describing prayer as an ”inalienable right”.

* Obviously the good Archbishop  is unaware that Muslims pray for his demise….

Photo: Muslims pray in front of Milan’s Duomo.

One thought on “Italy: "Pseudo-prayers by Muslims in public have nothing to do with religion – they are threatening and intimidatory acts towards the Italian people'”

  1. Brava Italia! Bravissima!

    This praise does not include the Archbishop of Milan -I understand however from other sources that the Bishop of Bologna was not at all dhimmified in *his* reaction.

    Pam Geller over at ‘Atlas Shrugs’ blogsite, had an earlier Italian news report which quoted the Bishop of Bologna, thus:

    Bishop Ernesto Vecchi, vicar general of the Bologna diocese, said the Muslim prayers were “not just prayers but a challenge, not so much to the basilica itself as to our democratic system and culture”. Bishop Vecchi suggested the staging of mass prayers outside Christian churches in Italy was a deliberate move “on orders from afar” as part of a strategy of “Islamisation” of Europe.

    Go get ’em, Episcopo Vecchi, go get ’em! Call it like it is!

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