Melanie Phillips: War, Lies And Credulity

* First, lets have a look at the vile, corrupt parrots at the UN:

Video: UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer debunks the disproportionality canard

This video includes ‘highlights’ of the UN General Assembly ‘debate’ on Israel’s ‘disproportionate’ actions in Gaza. Once you get through the disgusting first two and a half minutes, you’ll see UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer masterfully debunk the disproportionality canard. Please don’t give up during the first two and a half minutes. You won’t be sorry.

Let’s go to the videotape.


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The grotesquely misnamed Human Rights Watch, among others, has been throwing around claims that Israel has been making illegal use of phosphorus shells in Gaza. Phosphorus is permitted to illuminate the scene of battle but not for use against human targets. Israel has repeatedly denied that it is making illegal use of phosphorus. Now Peter Herby, the head of the mines-arms unit of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has told the Associated Press: 

But it’s not very unusual to use phosphorus to create smoke or illuminate a target. We have no evidence to suggest it’s being used in any other way’. In response, the IDF said Tuesday that it ‘wishes to reiterate that it uses weapons in compliance with international law, while strictly observing that they be used in accordance with the type of combat and its characteristics.’ Herby said that using phosphorus to illuminate a target or create smoke is legitimate under international law, and that there was no evidence the Jewish state was intentionally using phosphorus in a questionable way, such as burning down buildings or knowingly putting civilians at risk.

But as various reports have noted, one of the shells Hamas fired on Tuesday from Gaza did contain white phosphorus. And that sure as hell wasn’t to illuminate the field of battle. It was solely aimed at killing and maiming civilians. So where’s the outrage at this banned use of white phosphorus by Hamas from all the people who have been falsely accusing Israel of this behaviour?

Not from the Independent newspaper, for sure. Its fashionable new columnist appears to be the Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Hanieyeh (He Is: Are You?). Haniyeh takes the opportunity to repeat the claim that 1000 Gazans have been killed by the Israelis of whom nearly half are women and children. He also claims that when Israel shelled the UNRWA school (he omits to say that this was return fire in response to Hamas firing rockets from a yard adjacent to the school) forty-six children and women were killed.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has been parroting those civilian casualty figures which have been widely accepted in the west. But according to the head of the IDF’s Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA), Col. Moshe Levi,the CLA had compiled a list with the names of 900 of the Palestinians killed during the fighting.

He said that 150 names were of women, children and elderly and that the maximum number of civilians killed so far was 250… Levi also dismissed OCHA’s claim that 43 Palestinians were killed in an IDF attack on a Hamas terror cell that was firing mortars at Israeli forces from within an UNRWA school in Jabalya. Levi said that the CLA knew of 21 Palestinians killed in the attack, including a number of Hamas operatives.

In war, accurate figures are of course very hard to come by. In general, the Israelis tell the truth. They may not tell the whole truth; and on occasion they provide information which is later shown to be wrong. But in general, experience shows that their default position is honesty. By contrast, Hamas have been shown time and again to tell bare-faced lies, fabricating not just casualty figures but staging ‘Pallywood’-style ‘atrocities’ to hoodwink the media — not to mention their Nazi-style libels about the Jewish people. Yet the media choose to believe Hamas and disbelieve the Israelis. Why?

One final question: when Foreign Secretary David Miliband, UN Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon and a zillion others in the west lament the 1000 in Gaza whom the Israelis have killed, are they lamenting the killing of the 75 per cent-plus of that total who were Hamas terrorists, whose purpose in life was to annihilate Israel and exterminate Jews? Are they lamenting the killing today of the key senior Hamas leader Said Siyam, said to have been a radical close to Iran? Would they have preferred that all these individuals remained alive to continue pursuing their genocidal project? Are they saying that no-one should be killed in war and that therefore there should never be war? And if so, when will we hear Miliband similarly lament all those Taleban who have been and are still being killed by British forces in Afghanistan, along with al Qaeda in Iraq

Melanie Phillips: London’s reaction to the Gaza war shows it is giving up against jihad

The chickens…are coming home…to roost: “Years of demonizing Israel and appeasing Islamist extremism within Britain have now coalesced, as a result of the media misrepresentation of the Gaza war as an atrocity against civilians, in an unprecedented wave of hatred against Israel and a sharp rise in attacks on British Jews.”

“Britain’s Surrender: London’s reaction to the Gaza war shows it is giving up against jihad,” by Melanie Phillips in the Wall Street Journal Europe, 

Gaza Returns To Rule By Thug


Further evidence is surfacing that, far from having enhanced its reputation in the eyes of the people of Gaza, Hamas has been shown up as brutal thugs to their own people but cowards who run away when confronted by a proper army. The Jerusalem Post reports:

From the perspective of the people of Gaza, Hamas simply abandoned the arena and fled into the crowded neighborhoods. Once there, since the second day of the campaign, Hamas fighters have hurriedly shed their uniforms. Many of them simply deserted and returned to their families, taking their guns with them. In some locations, Hamas prevented civilians from leaving neighborhoods that were in the line of fire; overall, it invested great effort in blocking civilians who wished to flee to the south of the Strip.

Hamas forcefully appropriated the few international aid deliveries, hijacked ambulances in order to move from one location to another, and carried out public executions of Fatah activists. In many cases, Hamas fighters showed ‘forgiveness’ and made do with shooting the Fatah men in the legs.

All of this was going on while the entire political leadership of Hamas was hiding in the basements of hospitals such as Shifa in Gaza City or Kamal Adwan near Beit Lahiya. Sporadically, they released videos from their places of hiding. The rather pathetic impression they created is that of a leadership that abandoned its population and was busy trying to save its own skin.

Khaled abu Toameh reports that since the ceasefire, Hamas has been carrying out massacres of Palestinians:

A Fatah official in Ramallah told the Post that at least 100 of his men had been killed or wounded as a result of the massive Hamas crackdown. Some had been brutally tortured, he added.  The official said that the perpetrators belonged to Hamas’s armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, and to the movement’s Internal Security Force. According to the official, at least three of the detainees had their eyes put out by their interrogators, who accused them of providing Israel with wartime information about the location of Hamas militiamen and officials.

…Eyewitnesses said that Hamas militiamen had turned a number of hospitals and schools into temporary detention centers where dozens of Fatah members and supporters were being held on suspicion of helping Israel during the war. The eyewitnesses said that a children’s hospital and a mental health center in Gaza City, as well as a number of school buildings in Khan Yunis and Rafah, were among the places that Hamas had turned into ‘torture centers.’

A Fatah activist in Gaza City claimed that as many as 80 members of his faction were either shot in the legs or had their hands broken for allegedly defying Hamas’s house-arrest orders. ‘What’s happening in the Gaza Strip is a new massacre that is being carried out by Hamas against Fatah,’ he said. ‘Where were these [Hamas] cowards when the Israeli army was here?’

And where now is the BBC or Channel Four News? Where is the UN, or Human Rights Watch? Or don’t murdered or tortured Palestinians count when it’s other Palestinians doing the killing? (Don’t all answer at once).

Now here’s how Reuters reports some Gazan reactions to the war:
The gains and losses of Hamas’s policy are a major point of discussion among Gazans, many of whom instinctively support Palestinian resistance against Israel, but question the cost in lives and destruction of the past three weeks. ‘Rockets must end. What did we gain from them?’ said Lama, a secretary for a Gaza company, who would not give her full name. ‘Now Hamas is negotiating a truce. They were given an offer to renew it in December but they refused. Now after thousands of casualties, how does Hamas explain that?’ she asked.
On the other hand, the main lesson of the war for other Gazans is to find more efficient ways of killing Jews:
‘I have always been a supporter of rockets and all forms of resistance,’ said Aziz, the taxi driver. “But maybe Hamas needs to renew martyrdom operations instead,’ he said, referring to suicide attacks. Hassan, the father of five, said there was little point in firing rockets if they were not effective. ‘Rockets — I think this issue needs to be stopped for sometime and restudied,’ he said. ‘Once we have a missile that can reach the heart of Tel Aviv and blow up a building, maybe they can resume fire.’
In the midst of all this derangement, not least in Britain, what a relief to find one sane, decent observer – and one who knows what he’s talking about. Interviewed here on the BBC during the fighting, Col Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan and military adviser to the British government, said Israel had no choice but to defend its own people by such an operation. Asked about the reportedly high toll of civilian casualties, Col Kemp said this:

Flying Pig Moment at Al BeBeeCeera:

I don’t think there’s ever been a time in the history of warfare when any army has made more efforts to reduce civilian casualties and deaths of innocent people than the IDF is doing today in Gaza. When you look at the number of civilian casualties that have been caused, that perhaps doesn’t sound too credible: I would accept that. However, Hamas — the enemy that they are fighting — has been trained by Iran and Hezbollah to fight among the people and use the civilian population in Gaza as a human shield; and Hamas factor in the use of the civilian population as a major part of their defensive plan. So even though, as I say, the IDF is taking enormous steps to reduce these civilian casualties it’s impossible, it’s impossible to reduce these civilian casualties when the enemy is using them as a shield.
Can you imagine British government ministers or Tory front-benchers putting Israel’s actions  in such rational, factual and moral perspective, or giving the IDF such an encomium?  Exactly. The Britain which Col Kemp has devoted his life to defending is dying before our eyes.

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