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When Ed Husain famously renounced Islamism there were some who warned that, despite his denunciation of Hizb ut Tahrir and Islamist ideology, he remained dangerously confused and should not be treated as a serious reformer. I thought this was too harsh. He had, after all, bravely taken an enormous step out of the darkness; surely he had to be given time and encouragement to adjust properly to the light. Surely it was a good thing that he was encouraging young British Muslims to turn away from Islamic radicalism. The extreme importance of that task was such that, even when he wrote a stupid and ignorant piece about Zionism, I hoped that if he was now told the truth about the history of Israel and the Jewish people, he would realise the error of his thinking on that particular issue. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I was wrong.

With first this press release from the Quilliam Foundation soon after the start of the current Israeli operation in Gaza, and now his poisonous piece on the Guardian’s Comment is Free today, Ed Husain has shown that in the great battle to defend civilisation against barbarism he is on the wrong side.

Disgustingly, he draws a moral equivalence between Palestinian human bomb attacks and Israel’s operation in Gaza, which he calls

Israel’s massacre of innocent Palestinians

But this is totally untrue. The vast majority of Gazans who have been killed were Hamas terrorists. According to today’s UN figures, 364 have been killed of whom only 62 were civilians. Israel has been targeting only the Hamas infrastructure and its terror-masters, as detailed here. While some civilian casualties are unfortunately inevitable, Israel is clearly attempting to minimise them. It is Hamas which deliberately targets Israeli civilians when it fires its rockets and detonates its human bombs specifically at Israeli civilian targets. It is Hamas which deliberately turns its own civilians into targets by siting its rockets and other military equipment under apartment blocks and in centres of densely crowded population. Hamas tries to kill as many Israeli innocents as possible; Israel’s military operation is conducted solely to defend its people against such attack and is designed to minimise the loss of civilian life in Gaza. To draw an equivalence between the two is obscene.

Ed Husain argues that this war will strengthen Hamas in Gaza and radicalise yet more Muslims. It is surely rather more likely that many Palestinians, who have themselves been terrorised by Hamas, will blame Hamas for the current situation, just as Fatah and Egypt have done. Moreover, since any measure Israel takes to defend itself against mass murder – and for that matter, any and every military action in defence of the west by Britain or America — is used to radicalise Muslims, he is in effect saying that Israel should never take any military action to defend itself, even after being attacked by 5000 rockets in three years.

Indeed, since the very existence of Israel is used to radicalise Muslims, it also implies that Israel should cease to exist at all. Which is implicitly to endorse a second genocide of the Jews. But then Ed Husain comes perilously close to doing just that in this article. Having declared

I’ve spoken out in support of Israel’s right to exist

— big deal! – he vitiates even this by saying he is now having second thoughts:

But Israel’s cold, politically timed killing of more than 300 Palestinians makes me, and millions more, rethink our attitude towards Israel.

‘Cold politically timed killings’? But Israel only launched this offensive because — as Mahmoud Abbas has said — Hamas ended its ‘truce’ and started lobbing dozens of rockets at Israel. And the fact that he can even apparently entertain the idea that Israel might no longer have ‘the right to exist’ puts him outside the moral pale altogether. Does he say China has no right to exist on account of Tibet? Syria on account of the thousands it killed in Hama in one weekend in 1982? Iran on account of its barbaric killings of women, gays and political dissidents? No, of course not – only Israel. He goes on:

Israel’s calculated killing and attempts at deception cannot be overlooked. How can the children of Holocaust survivors become such brutal killers? And during the Sabbath?

This takes the blood libel onto another plane still. The implication that the victims of brutal killing have themselves become brutal killers – when all they are doing is trying to prevent another Holocaust, explicitly threatened in the foundational charter of the people against whose genocidal onslaught Israel is merely defending itself – is unconscionable. And the dig at Jewish religious practice is as ignorant as it is gratuitous. Wars of self-defence, as this one is, to save innocent lives threatened by murderous aggression, take precedence in Judaism over sabbath observance. How telling that Ed Husain, ostensibly condemning Israel over the conduct of a war, cannot resist having a sly poke at Judaism itself.

Then there’s his lamentable historical illiteracy. He writes:

I’ve sat in homes of poor, hospitable Palestinians who still yearn to return to their homeland, taken by force from them in the turmoil after Britain hurriedly left Palestine in 1948…At schools across the Arab world children are taught about the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916. Here in Britain, we might want to forget this imperial past, but ask any Arab and they will reel off these dates and confirm Britain’s involvement in creating Israel. As a country, we have a moral duty to right our historical wrongs. We helped create Israel. We must now help create a Palestine.

For goodness sake! To repeat for the nth time: Israel was never the Palestinians’ ‘homeland’. It was never taken from them ‘by force’. On the contrary, they tried to take the Jews’ homeland from them by force – and are still trying. It was the Jews alone for whom historically ‘Palestine’ was ever their national homeland. On account of that history and the inalienable right to the land that it conferred, Britain was given a mandate to re-establish that national home and establish accordingly ‘close settlement’ of the Jews within the whole of Palestine – which included what is now Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. To appease Arab violence, the Arabs who lived there were offered their own state around the areas where they were concentrated. But they refused and, backed by neighbouring Arab states, went to war to destroy at birth the Jewish state established by the UN under international law – a war that has continued uninterrupted to this day.

There is only one way to de-radicalise people who are being brainwashed by murderous lies, and that is to tell them the truth. If Ed Husain were really interested in de-radicalising Britain’s Muslims, he would tell them that they have been fed a diet of incendiary lies and blood libels about Israel and the Jews, and that justice demands they are taught instead the truth. But instead, he has now adopted the very narrative and rhetoric that are driving Muslims to mass murder.

The issue of Israel sits at the very apex of the fight to defend civilisation. Those who wish to destroy western civilisation need to destroy the Jews, whose moral precepts formed its foundation stones. The deranged hatred of the Jews lies at the core of the Islamists’ hatred of America, the ‘infidel’ west and modernity, and is the reason why they wish to destroy Israel. Unless people in the west understand that Israel’s fight is their own fight, they will be on the wrong side of the war to defend not just the west but civilisation in general.

The British government has invested huge hopes in Ed Husain as an attractive and plausible antidote to Islamist extremism in Britain. But how can anyone now believe anything he has ever said when he promulgates such a gross libel as the canard of Israel’s ‘massacre’ of hundreds of ‘innocent’ Gazans? How can the government believe that Ed Husain will de-radicalise British Muslims when through articles such as this one he is inciting them to yet more hatred of Israel, the west’s forward salient against Islamist aggression?

Of course, his arguments are — tragically, appallingly — replicated in large measure amongst the British intelligentsia, media and indeed members of the government itself and the broad political class. Indeed, this is a far, far wider problem than one not-so-reformed-after-all Islamic extremist. It is a profound moral corruption that has infected the British body politic. The fact that so many among Britain’s educated class think like this means that they too are on the wrong side in the great battle to defend civilisation. And it’s not just Israel that in their moral confusion they are thus preparing to throw to the Islamist wolves. It is their own society too.

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  1. Seems like you can take the man out of Islam but not the Islam out of man. In order to swallow the complete hogwash that is the Islamic CULT you have to have a gullible unquestioning mind. Anyone who can read the hate and misogyny and utter gibberish that is the Koran and believe it is a book from God and not what it really is the mindless hate filled gibberish of a charletan called Mohammed is either stupid or a willing fool.

  2. I agree fully with Ed Husain – who always made it clear that he remained a Muslim. As for the Zionist propaganda above, Israel is a manufactured state created in someone else’s country out of misplaced guilt after the war. It has no more credibility than that, given the entirely risible claims of Zionism and its sinister ‘chosen people’ mentality.

  3. hey mel, your just a typical stinkin zionazi extremist isolationist supremecist racist who claims to ascribe to the religion of judaism. i.e. you are a jew gone rotten, a shame on a respected religion and people…

    you accuse ed (btw, ed and I aren’t best of buddies, but that doesn’t prevent me for stating the ‘truth’ that you seem to believe in so much) of libel and the classic ‘inciting hatred’…

    1. please put forward clear evidence of how he has incited hatred, and PLEASE, please DON’T refer to exaggeration after extention followed by further ‘reading between the lines’ of what ed had said, in typical zionazi fashion.

    2. It could be said that you, mel are the one who is guilty of libel aimed at ed! By accusing him of a) inciting hatred b) ‘driving muslims to mass murder’.

    3. Mel, you are also guilty of soft racism when you say, ‘Ed Husain was never one of us’… what exactly are you referring to when you say that he isn’t one of you? are you referring to the fact that he isn’t a jew, that he isn’t a ‘white dude’? Why must he be anything like you to be considered one of you? Who the hell are you, to decide if one belongs or doesn’t? jews should be the first people to understand the dangers of this type of supremecist racist mentality having been on the recieving end of a hell of a lot of racism themselves. yet this doesn’t reflect in your words, and your words do not speak for the jewish people, most of whom are pretty decent folk.

    4. how do you legalise illegal occupation and theft of land? Can you qualify an absurd statement like the one you made with some more REAL evidence
    “Israel was never the Palestinians’ ‘homeland’. It was never taken from them ‘by force’. On the contrary, they tried to take the Jews’ homeland from them by force – and are still trying. It was the Jews alone for whom historically ‘Palestine’ was ever their national homeland. ” Everyone knows jews arrived in palestine in the late 40’s as a result of their persecution at the hands of the nazis. they were allowed sanctuary and had refugee status. The sick irony is that the refugees then began their own persecution, causing the native people of palestine to inturn become refugees.

    PLEASE don’t just comment on ONE of the points (that you find easy) but respond to all of the above points.

  4. Are you seriously expecting a reply from Mel -mad and demented – Philips?

    Mel – you have seriously got to be the most stupidest, dumbest, illiterate fool existing in mankind. Its funny how you and Ed were best of chums (Ed being the fool – does he not realise that your only happy to associated with him as long as he keeps feeding you the slanders about Islam), and suddenly you are denouncing him because he had something that you do not agree with. This alone proves your intellect Mel – not being able to accept that someone has a differing view to you. This world must be a scary place for you in that case!

    You foolishly say that Israel is attempting to minimise the deaths of innocent civilians. Oh give it a break you foolish woman. If you honestly believe that, than you are seriously a lost case. Or maybe its that you don’t believe it but hey, because the attacks are against Muslims and you’re an Islamophobe, you in actual fact love this war! Stop beating around the bush and be open with the fact that you don’t care that innocent children and woman are being murdered. You are a stone hearted and cold being, and so nothing less is expected of you anyway!

    You go onto say in your ridiculous and lamentable article ‘Israel was never the Palestinians homeland. It was never taken from them by force. On the contrary, they tried to take the Jews’ homeland from them by force – and are still trying. It was the Jews alone for whom historically Palestine was ever their national homeland’.
    Mel, I implore you, please read up on your history! Any sane person knows that Isreal was the Palestinians land and it was taken from them illegally and by force. And what is this rubbish about the Palestinians still trying to take away the Jews’ homeland? When we think you can’t get any stupider, you just prove us wrong. Who is currently occupying Gaza and trying to steal their land?

    Honestly, if you are going to write articles then please write sensible intellectual articles. I sometimes wonder if you actually stop to think about any of the rubbish that you write!

    @ Peter Barry,
    Have you actually ever read the Quran Mr Barry? Funnily enough I have, and it doesn’t at all concur with how you have described it. Please don’t tell me that reading Mel’s rubbish has started to have you speaking like a fool as well. What utter rubbish and nonsense your post is!

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