Muslims Threaten the Citizens of Cologne

* 40 years later, Turks in Germany are the least well integrated

* Escalation: Israel foils Hizballah attack in…Europe


As you read this article from Elsevier (as translated by VH), bear in mind that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicly stated his belief that ethnic Turkish children in German schools should be taught in their “mother tongue” and “assimilation is a crime against humanity”

Of all the foreign population groups in Germany, the worst integrated are the Turks. Of the 2.8 million people in Germany with a Turkish background, 30 percent have no school diploma at all.  This is shown by a study published on Monday, which is based on data for 2005. The German authorities are calling the results “dramatic”.


by Baron Bodissey

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article about recent threats issued by Al Qaeda against German cities. He includes this prefatory note:

The Mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma (CDU, Christian Democrat) who last year said that his opponents — the pro-movement — should be “flushed down the toilet,” has already found warm sympathy from the Antifa blackhoods, the militant Left, and Islamic fundamentalists. He may now add another kindred spirit to his list of soul mates: Al Qaeda.

And now his translation from the Pro-Köln website:

Muslims threaten the citizens of Cologne

Muslims Against Pro-Köln

[Image caption: The video message on YouTube was online for only a short time, but the threat to the citizens of Cologne is clear: The Islamists are planning attacks in the city.]

Islamists have announced attacks in Cologne. The Muslim pictured above, who calls himself “a German” (!) and threatens the “world export champion”, expresses himself very clearly: “We will send an army into the midst of your cities, especially Berlin, Cologne and Bremen. Germany and four other countries will be in trouble from February 2009 onwards.”

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* What took them so long? Cowardice?

(ANSAmed) – NICOSIA, JANUARY, 27 – Cyprus will file a case with the European Court of Human Rights against Turkey to clarify the fate of some 1,500 people who went missing during the 1974 Turkish invasion, the government spokesman said on Tuesday. “It was decided to take the missing persons’ issue to the Permanent Members of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and at the same time to the European Court of Human Rights,” Stephanos Stephanou told a news conference.

The action comes amid outrage in Cyprus after Turkish actor Attila Olgac said on television in Turkey on Thursday that during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus he killed ten Greek Cypriots, one of them a 19-year-old soldier, taken prisoner of war, who was killed in cold blood. Olgac subsequently retracted his confession, claiming he was actually talking about a film scenario. Olgac’s confession was discussed during a meeting between Cyprus President Demetris Christofias and Cyprus Attorney-General Petros Clerides. “During the meeting it was decided that the issue will be brought to the CoE’s Committee of Ministers in the framework of 4th interstate application of Cyprus against Turkey, and at the same time to appeal to the ECHR,” the Spokesman said.

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  1. Bring in more Muslims(better known as ‘Asians’) and throw more money at the problem!!!

  2. * Bring in more Muslims(better known as ‘Asians’) and throw more money at the problem!!!

    Pick a prize from the top shelf, Joe! How about the kewpie doll in the black burka.

  3. Re: “perhaps the europeans will now open their eyes”

    If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that, I could buy a harem.

  4. It looks like the time has come for payment to the immigrants.Their refusal to assimilate into German Society is a sure sign of the ‘sickness’ that pervades German society today. It looks like they are becoming more and mpre DHIMMIES and hoping that the guaranteed coming of EURABIA will go away.

    Just like Hitler’s Final Solution – EURABIA is also the Final solution in so far as the Non Infidels are concerned. Their insane jealousy over the better conditions of life and the freedom that the West and many parts of the rest of the world enjoy – is the cause for the Arabs and their mulititudes all over the world to look for the same privileges which they think that they will get when the Caliph takes control of the world.

    How saddening that they do not also think of arms and lega chopping and stoning of women – which is today’s pastime in certain countries in the world.

    No. It is not going to go away until theCaliph and his instruments of implementation take control of the whole world. If the Prime Minister of Turkey – who has no bloody business to interfere in the domestic affairs of Germany – can castigate Germany for not teaching Turkish to third and fourth genberation illiterate citizens of Turkish origin, – then surely the ongoing situation reminds one that the time is coming for another HITLER to rise from the ashes and for the dreaded Death Camps to be opened up to eliminate the scourge that now dominates every facet of action and thinking in Europe.

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