Pal's threaten Euro's with terror over "Gaza-inaction"- 22 million Muslims in Europe will rise up if you don't support us…"

*  Every Muslim is a soldier of Allah. The Euro-dhimmies don’t understand that yet…

Palistanians threaten Europe with Muslim minority

From Islam in Europe

Since when are European Muslims a weapon?   Threatening that European Muslims will use violence to get their wishes is a very dangerous double edged sword.  Unless they want to be seen and treated as a foreign weapon, it is a threat that European Muslims should strongly reject.

* I smell a bit of naivety in this last sentence. Muslims are on a global mission to make the world Islamic. Nothing else matters…/ed

* Hamas terrorists hijack international aid into Gaza

A couple of warnings from the Palistanians:

First, from the PLO representative in the EU, Leila Shahid, regarding the compromise resolution accepted by the EU in Strasbourg.  Shahid was concerned that the statement did not mention article 2 of the Euro-Mediterranean agreement with Israel, which states the relations between the two will be based on respect for human rights.

Shahid deplored the compromise, saying that  “A watered down text feeds the violence of the citizens of Arab origins living in Europe.  They have the impression that the same rules don’t apply to everybody when it comes to human rights.”

This is not the first time that Shahid uses the Muslim citizens of Europe as a threat.The second comes from Talal Nassar, the chief Hamas spokesman in Syria:     

Mr Nassar warned that Europe’s Muslim population would not forget the EU’s lack of hard action.

“The European position through this was not good and effectively supported the Zionists,” he said. “They should understand that Europe will be the first to get damaged by the Islamic movements there. Revolutions always arise out of injustice.

“Now the Arabs see Europe as raising empty slogans while doing nothing on the ground. If these massacres had been done against animals Europe would have been upset about animal rights. When it is Arabs or Muslims being killed no one does anything.”


3 thoughts on “Pal's threaten Euro's with terror over "Gaza-inaction"- 22 million Muslims in Europe will rise up if you don't support us…"”

  1. Pribble-prabble. But if there is any substance in that rant, here’s my reply: Pa-lease, dear musulmans, please switch to the hard way. Even if it doesn’t appear so, we “Eurowimps” still know how to play that game. Not our gouvernments (exept it’s against the own people), not our media (exept against opposers to the leftist Zeitgeist), but the “silent majority”. Fear the patient ones.



  2. Leila Shahid conveniently states ‘Arab citizens of Europe”. If they are citizens of Europe then their loyalty is to the country that has given them food and sustenance and they are duty bound as good citizens to assimilate into the culture, laws and ways of life of their new found country instead of harping on their old world.

    If they are still engrossed with the old world and the laws that guide hand and leg chopping and stoning women because they could no find 4 ‘reliable’ witnesses then it is high time thatthey went back home to their caliphs whose embrace they would love to have again now and in the hereafter.

    They may then help in finding 4 reliable witnesses all the time a woman is about to be stoned. Has anyone heard about 4 reliable witnesses amongst the Arabs so far.

    People who are ungrateful to the country that gives them sustenance are dangerous elements who would not hesitate to be a threat to the security of the country. They must be swiftly repatriated to their lands of origin to live with their bretheren of the same faith.

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