Penis sheaths to be banned in Papua police crackdown?


Islam ueber alles!


Natives of Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea tribesmen wear elaborate feathered headwear along with some equally impressive penis accessories.

The sheath is normally made from a dried out gourd made of a type of pumpkin, and is tied both around the scrotum and the chest to hold it in place.

Politicians in Indonesia have clashed with natives from Papua New Guinea – after declaring that their penis sheaths are offensive and pornographic.

Decorative ‘koteka’ have been worn by male inhabitants of New Guinea to cover their manhood for centuries.

But last October, Indonesian authorities passed an anti-porn law which empowers authorities to jail people for any sexually suggestive performance.

Now natives may be forced to wear western-style underpants to cover their genitals.

Suroba, a native between 60 and 70 years old who just wears feathers and his penis sheath, is adamant, however, that he will not wear undies. In the 1970s, a Muslim-dominated government tried without success to ban the ‘koteka’.

“Back then we wore our traditional clothes, and we are still wearing them today,” Suroba said.

He and his fellow tribe members live in the mountain valley of Baliem, which belongs to the Indonesian province of Papua, in the west of New Guinea. Since the Second World War, they have had almost no contact with the outside world and still live in their traditional ways.

Papua New Guinea cannibals

But the anti-porn law is highly controversial, with many opponents criticising it for threatening regional cultures.

Even phallic totem poles in Papua or drawings in Balinese temples, which are mainly populated by Hindus, could be threatened by the crackdown. In Bali thousands have already taken to the streets in protest.

Lemok Mabel from the local council for ancient customs in Papua said: “The anti-porn law is a definite threat, as it goes against our cultural values. It violates the rights of the aborigines.”

But the regional head of police said: “It is unlikely that we will implement the law, because the people here are too traditional. For them the penis sheath is not pornographic, it is simply a piece of clothing.”

Recently, intrepid Italian photographer Iago Corazza journeyed through Papua New Guinea, and revealed that cannibals claimed Japanese people taste the best!

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  1. Quite apart from the – ahem – spectacle, I can see that there are purely practical reasons why those gourd things would be preferred to other forms of lower-body-clothing. They shield a man’s soft and delicate vulnerables in a jungle environment rife, at waist height, with Things With Sharp Prickles. Underdaks, jeans, Muslim-style robe, anything made of cloth will merely catch, rip, tear, and not protect. In fact, I’m surprised that the women don’t wear similar things, slightly differently shaped, on their breasts, to ward off the wait-a-while vines or whatever prickly nasties one encounters in the Papuan jungle.

  2. Let them use their old custom of canabalism on these muslims. Who knows may be they taste better than the Japanese.
    How far will these people go to force their believe on other nations?
    They will move on unless we stop them.

  3. This is yet ANOTHER example of how Islam DESTROYS all other cultures until everything conforms to THEIR brainwashed idea of how things should be. You know what that means it mean unlimited CORRUPTION, the rich do just as they will and the PEASANTS are kept in check by the iron rod of Islamic disapproval. Just look at Saudi Arabia for an example of a pure Islamic nation, Arabs don’t work they employ servants(slaves) racial discrimination is rampant (only Arabs count) misogyny is rife corruption out of control. So if this is what you want continue looking the other way while the stupid MSM and the Dhimmi Politicians take you down the road to Mohammedanism.

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