Sowdi Arabia: "At Least She Hasn't got AIDS"

Indonesian maids returning home

* An Indonesian maid who ran away from her employer and was subsequently raped by 43 Sowdi swine is not infected with AIDS, Arab News reports. The article doesn’t tell us whether she will be stoned to death for making them do it:

Arab News: Raped maid not carrier of AIDS: Police

H/T Atlas Shrugs/Pamela comments:

I almost reported on this yesterday and I thought, another heinous gang rape in an Islamic country. I’ll report on it when the 46 men get off. But accusing the rape victim (who was attempting to escape domestic slavery) of AIDS is a new twist. A rape by 46 men wasn’t bad enough — they always have to add a new horror, a fallacious charge of AIDS. The implication of course, that she was a whore - in Islam, every rape victim is a whore. Get it?

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MAKKAH: Police denied yesterday that an Indonesian maid who was raped by many people in December is an AIDS carrier as reported by several newspapers recently, Al-Watan newspaper reported.

“We do not have evidence that the rape victim or the suspects are carriers of sex-related diseases,” said Maj. Abdul Muhsin Al-Mayman, spokesman for Makkah Police.

Local newspapers reported on Tuesday that 46 men, including a police officer, raped the 38-year-old maid who ran away from her sponsor in the Al-Nuzhah district of the city in December.

The woman was first picked up by a police officer who raped her at a rest house. It was also reported that the woman was abandoned and found by a police patrol that took her to Makkah’s King Faisal Hospital where she has been undergoing treatment for AIDS

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  1. A pity that country of total lazy losers can’t be excised from the planet somehow. Not a single good thing ever came from there, beginning with the Koran.

  2. Islam and slavery they just go together don’t they. If only all the stupid Blacks in America who convert to the CULT realised that Mohammedan slavers were working in Africa long before the Europeans even came there and were the main suppliers of slaves to the Europeans. In fact Mohammedan slavers are still active in Africa now and Mohammedans had to be fought to stop overt (however they STILL do it covertly) slavery not like civilized countries who gave it up voluntarily.

  3. Realist,
    the muslims are also the major participants in the white slave trade, ie kidnapping european women and then bringing them to the middle east. I now of at least 2 cases where European women disappeared from arab airports which were never reported by the MSM. Muslims behave like scum.

  4. If she has been raped by that many of “THEM”, they would be better getting a veterinary surgeon to to check her out for infectious livestock disease’s.

    This sort of thong happens time and time again over there! All the Asian embassies through out the middle east have safe houses full of girls who are trapped with new passport but no exit visa.

    Most Asian muslims don’t realize they are looked upon as “little blackie slaves” till they get there. Nothing new in the last 1400 years, except cheap Asian labor put the mecca slave market out of business about 25 years ago. Move along folks.

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