Sudden Jihad Syndrome?


Dutch police arrest 5 at anti-Israel protest

“Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas”- in Utrecht!

Five men and boys were arrested for unruly behaviour during a demonstration to show support for Palestinians in Gaza in the central Dutch city of Utrecht, police said. A police statement issued Friday said the men were detained for shouting insults, disturbing the peace and ignoring orders to disperse Thursday night.
* Dutch get heated about Israel

Police said about 300 men, most of Moroccan ancestry, attended the Utrecht rally. Dutch television showed a group of young men chanting “Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas.” The chant is used by Dutch football fans who dislike Amsterdam Ajax, which is identified as a “Jewish” team by both its own supporters and opponents.

Several hundred pro-Israel supporters are staging a rally Friday in front of the Dutch parliament building in the Hague.

 NRC Handelsblatt
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Hey Joe, where ya going with that axe in yor hand?

Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” attacks Jewish passersby with axe on Israeli street

But no worries: it was not an “organized attack.” He was not from ‘Al Qaeda’

A “Careful With That Axe, Eugene!” Alert: “Two hurt in Rehovot terror axe attack,” by Yaakov Lappin for the Jerusalem Post, via JW

The Odense Shooter: A Model Citizen? Not!

by Baron Bodissey


In an exclusive at Snaphanen, Steen has used his skills as an internet gumshoe and tracked down the name of the suspect in the Odense shootings. The man accused of shooting two young Israelis at the shopping mall in Odense can now be identified as Wissam Freijeh.

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has kindly translated Steen’s post:

A close-up snapshot of Sudden Jihad

It seems our initial diagnosis on the Odense-shooter, Wissam Freijeh, was correct. “I want to make sure that Danes will get a more positive perception of us immigrants,” said the metal worker and model immigrant a few years ago to the council of Odense municipality — after a career as “misfit”.

One 27-year old man, now indicted for the attempted murder of two Israelis, was used as a model example in an educational campaign

“It’s one’s own choice how to live.” With these words the Odense municipality presented the then 22-year old man WF on a home page encouraging young people to get an education. WF, now indicted for the attempted murder of two Israeli salesmen in the Odense Rosegarden Center, was used by the municipality as an example to show that education is the road ahead in the Danish society. During an interview published on a home page prior to the 2003 Union Congress for Young People and Education WF told how happy he was to be an apprentice metal worker. And in another interview in Aarhus Stiftstidende [Danish daily] 2004 — one year prior to graduation — he expressed his future goal thusly: “My wish is to contribute to an improvement in the way Danes look at us foreigners”.

In yet another lengthy interview five years ago in Fyens Stiftstidende [Danish daily], he said “Palestine is my country.”

From model citizen to Israel-hating gunman:


“Wissam Freijeh is 22 years old married and with a Palestinian background. He is a metal worker apprentice, while his wife studies to become a teacher. Among other thing he produced the metal bars outlining the ‘Royal Danish Mail Bicycle Race’ last summer.

“It isn’t fun to live on welfare, getting official enquiries all the time. I feel like I am under surveillance and being pushed into something I do not like,” says Wissam. At present he is one year into an apprenticeship as a metal worker. It is a part-time job split between work and Manufacturing School. Additionally, he tries to enhance some of his basic education and at present he works at Boerge V. Jensen’s Metal Works. — It’s hard, but fun.”

Go over to Steen’s place for the Danish version, and to see a photo of the young model immigrant.


Chicken Jihad: Indonesian Muslims, enraged over Gaza, storm KFC


KFC in Pakistan, burned for Motoons, February 2006

Or maybe they’re just worked up about trans fats. “Indonesian Muslims storm KFC over Israeli raids in Gaza,” from AFP, January 8 (thanks toJW):

PALU, Indonesia: Angry Indonesian Muslim students stormed a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Thursday in protest against Israel’s military strikes on the Gaza Strip.

About 300 protesters gathered outside the US fast food outlet in Palu, Central Sulawesi, waving Palestinian flags, burning US and Israeli emblems and carrying banners condemning Israel as a “terrorist and criminal” state.

A handful of demonstrators then stormed the restaurant, overturning tables and chairs.


“KFC’s licence is from America, an important Israeli ally. In consuming US products, it means that we give financial contributions to Israel’s military strikes on the Palestinian people,” protest coordinator Maful Haruna said….