Muslims are juiced – Denmark solved this problem their own special way.

Anti-Semitic attack on teenage girl in Paris Times Online

Fears that the conflict in Gaza could spark violence between Jews and Muslims in France have been heightened as three teenagers were arrested yesterday for an alleged anti-Semitic attack on a 15-year-old girl.

An inquiry was launched after the victim said she was insulted, knocked to the ground, kicked and punched by a gang of 10 youths as she left Leon Blum school in Villiers-le-Bel north of Paris.

* Some heroes!  Just goes to show that this is not a clash of civilizations, but barbarians attacking our civilization. Internment & deportations, NOW!

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Every Jew’s a target: Warning to U.S. Jewish Centers


6 January 2009: Despite official U.S. intelligence reports denying specific threat information as a result of Israeli action in Gaza, the Northeast Intelligence Network has confirmed increased terrorist “chatter” that specifically suggests pre-operational planning by Muslim terrorist operatives against Jewish assets and people throughout North America. “Chatter,” in the lexicon of intelligence agencies, encompasses various forms of communications, from communication intercepts to postings on Arabic language message boards.

Investigators and researchers of the Northeast Intelligence Network have seen a dramatic spike in postings on Arabic language web sites used by Islamic terrorists within the last several days. The rise of these communications is obviously in direct relation to Israel’s actions launched against Islamic terrorists in Gaza. Investigators however, have observed a disturbing change not only in the tenor of these postings, but in their specificity.

“The message being sent by Muslim terrorists considered ‘reputable’ Internet sources, as much as one could consider such sources as ‘reputable,’ is one of individual, if not collective action across the globe,” stated Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. “There is a call to action being made over the Internet by posters who have established a perceived level of legitimacy. These posters are the individuals who have achieved a following in the virtual world, based in part on their history of accuracy relative to terrorist operations and their posting history. Their message is to take action against Jews anywhere in the world, including inside the U.S., Canada and all Western countries, as well as their American backers,” stated Hagmann.

Although the intelligence value of the majority of Internet postings can be reasonably questioned, there have been notable exceptions, and it continues to be an accurate indicator of the pre-operational interests of Islamic terrorists, according to Hagmann.

“The call is to strike out against Jewish places of worship, Jewish centers, and schools, especially in the U.S.,” said Doug Hagmann. He added that the more recent postings have risen from “rallying cries to the level of authoritative directions, with the admonishment that it is the moral imperative of all practicing and faithful Muslims to strike out against the Jews, especially those living within the relative security of the U.S. I’m not sure how much more specific of a threat one might expect to get from Internet postings,” added Hagmann.

“Anyplace where Jews gather for school, worship services or social events are being described as “desirable targets,” according to these communications. Emphasis is also being placed on body count and visible carnage, including attacks against children.

Concurrent with these Internet postings on the same terrorist web sites are those of a political nature. Hagmann stated that researchers have found a consistent theme among those who voice support for HAMAS and not just for the residents of Gaza. “To the ‘reputable authors’ of these Internet web sites, there is absolutely no distinction between Palestinians living in Gaza and HAMAS. In fact, there seems to be a push for Gaza residents who are not already doing so to support HAMAS in any way possible, from providing supplies and shelter to taking a more active role.

The enemy of my enemy…”

From reporters to ‘Middle East expert talking heads,’ the media is not portraying this situation accurately, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by terrorist supporters, especially in the West. We are seeing a growing solidarity among Muslims of all sects to rally behind what is being described as the “slaughter” of Palestinians by the Israelis. Featured prominently within these communications are reports by Western media sources such as CNN, MSNBC and the major television networks that feature video of alleged Gaza victims. Such footage is being used to inflame the sentiments of the readers of the Arabic websites, followed by instructions to readers of all Islamic sects to avenge the deaths of Muslims in Gaza.

Despite the media reports that Iran, for example, has no involvement in the Israel-Palestinian situation, there is indeed an Iranian component in this battle. Muslim terrorists from Iran are beginning to come to the aid of HAMAS in growing numbers, fueled in no small way, by recent statements from Iranian religious leaders. “To dismiss Iranian complicity in this matter is disingenuous at the very least,” stated Hagmann. The war is being characterized as a war against all Muslims, and all Muslims are being encouraged to defend their religion.

The exploitation of Western Media

Supporters of the Palestinian cause are being encouraged to describe the actions by Israeli IDF soldiers as “atrocities,” and to describe Israel’s actions using such terms as “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide.” The instructions being given to Western followers on these web sites are very explicit, stated Hagmann. “There is a previously unseen level of orchestration, even sophistication behind these instructions.”

According to Doug Hagmann, postings by participants of these terror sites are encouraging public demonstrations in every U.S. city and are even suggesting what words should be used to ‘insure sympathy’ for their cause.”

Lastly, much is being said about the upcoming Obama administration within these forums, according to sources within the Northeast Intelligence Network. There is a growing optimism that the U.S. policies toward Israel will change dramatically, favoring the Palestinians over Israel. “Allah willing, Israel will cease to exist,” wrote one poster in reference to the Obama administration.

There is a war for the minds and hearts of Americans in the media as well as the battlefields in the Middle East. If one is lost, both will be lost.


  1. * Internment & deportations, NOW!

    No, no! more fawning and appeasement, to avoid a “backlash” against muslims that never

  2. Internment followed by deportation is the most civilized way to resolve the problem, now. If put off too long, which it will be, it will be much worse then all past wars. Simply, because those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    If any country thinks it can survive with Islam in its midst is destined to be overtaken by the various forms of Jihad, demography being a guaranteed successful long term weapon. Consider this, Islamic birth rate is approximately 7-8 while the West is 2-3. Do the math people. Part of ther plan is to breed us out of existence while murdering as many as possible along the way.

  3. it is amazing how the people in government are slow to react. i agree this is the ideal time to deport trouble makers.

  4. I would like to see an article in the MSM calling for damnation of this act.

    What am I missing here? The child is a French citizen.

    She is not an Israeli, but she is Jewish – so what? So everything. It just helps bolster the argument that all Jews are their targets everywhere. It challenges the “I hate Zionists, not Jews” argument also. How do they know she is a Zionist? Maybe she isn’t.

    Are the French going to protect their citizens? In WW2 they were the first country to surrender their Jewish children to the Nazis.

    My guess is they haven’t learned a damn thing. My guess is that other western countries will not do a damn thing to protect their Jewish citizens either.

    This kind of action should demand zero tolerance. It’s not as if Jews world-wide are attacking Muslims.

    I think we will see more of this 🙁

  5. It’s my opinion, given the mohammedan psychology, that any perceived weakness on the part of Western nations during this current crisis, will only result in more and more demands being made on those nations from the clamouring mouths of the victimhood wallowers.

    All of these street demonstrations (and that’s what these assaults are) of ‘their’ ‘legitimate grievances’ are merely the posturing antics of sexually repressed primates who want to demonstrate their dominance.

    They should be answered with equally primitive responses – speak to ‘them’ in a language that ‘they’ understand, take a lesson from the Israelis.

  6. Wow. How times have changes. The anti-semites are now posing as anti-anti-semites. Nazis have become Zionists.

  7. ‘George’,

    Just in case your cutting retort was addressed to me, I can assure you that I have never been an ‘anti-semite’. If you are implying that, you are sadly deluded. However, in your defence, if you are a mohammedan, as some have presumed, or a true believer of the Left’s defunct doctrines, then your delusion is to be excused.

    I’d like to confess, to play with your head, that I am an apostate of the Left (I am also a licentiate of the judenrat gnome’s linguistic theory, for my sins), and I have mixed with both the noble, suffering ‘palestinians’, and their claque, the petit bourgeois radicals who fawn over their new ‘noble savages’. Having said that, I have heard the ‘real’ opinions expressed by both of those sorry parties when they let their guard down in the company of supposed friends. So, I’m not fooled by any ‘analysis’/taqiyya that emanates from the gifted mouths of those strange bedfellows.

    Given that anti-clericism was a required part of my former correct thinking, I merely applied that mindset to the repressed, misoygnistic, inadequate mohammedan shites who litter and pollute the UK’s streets with their threat displays whenever someone has the termerity to offend their specially protected sensibilities, just as if they had been some militant christians bemoaning some presumed offense, as if.

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