Townsville toilet row – man sacked over toilet habits

* Actually, there are “more than 70 rules to urinate and defecate” in Islam, and according to the hadith, this Muslim would have done the right thing to use an uneven number of pebbles, not dung or bones, because that (according to Muhammad) “is the food of the jinn…”- but splashing water all over infidel toilets is acceptable, and the PC police and the Greens are all shook up that his ‘rights’ have been infringed:

A TOWNSVILLE man has been sacked for `un-Australian’ toilet habits.


*  With thanks to Mullah – soon coming  splashing in a toilet near you:

Amador Bernabe, 43, uses water to clean himself instead of toilet paper.

Mr Bernabe, a machine operator on a working visa from the Philippines, said it was his culture.

But on Thursday he got the shock of his life when his foreman followed him into the toilet questioning his toilet hygiene.

Mr Bernabe said his employer Townsville Engineering Industries (TEI) sacked him yesterday for not going to the toilet the Australian way.

TEI, which is located at the Bohle, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The move has angered union bosses and politicians on the Australia Day weekend.

“I went to go to the toilet and I took a bottle of water when my foreman saw me and he said `you can’t bring the water in there’,” Mr Bernabe said.

“I asked why and he said it wasn’t good but I said it’s our way and he followed me into the toilet.

“I said it’s my personal hygiene. I didn’t break any law, I didn’t break any rules of the company, why can’t I do this, and he said he would report me to the manager.

“The next morning when I came in I went to punch my time card and he told me the manager wanted to talk to me in his office.

“He asked me what had happened and I explained to him and he said if I didn’t follow the Australian way I would be immediately terminated and I said `sir, then you better terminate me’.”

Australian Manufacturing Worker’s Union state organiser Rick Finch said the incident was shocking.

“I think it is atrocious, an invasion of a person’s rights and cultural beliefs,” he said.

“The paradox of the toilet and a person’s actions is something that no boss can even think about interfering with and the thought that bosses think they have the control to get involved in the toiletry is a gross invasion of an employee’s privacy.

“If it wasn’t so disgusting it would almost be laughable.”

Mr Finch slammed the move as `bigoted’.

* Would Mr Finch also call the Islamic practice of FGM, child marriage, rape of infidel women and wearing of the burka including the of killing unbelievers “bigoted?” 

Greens spokeswoman Jenny Stirling praised Mr Bernabe for standing up for his rights.

“I commend the man for standing up for himself and I encourage the employer to have further talks with the union and the employee and I am sure commonsense will prevail,” she said.

* Greens spokeswoman Jenny Stirling is blissfully unaware that under Islam she would not be a ‘spokeswoman…”

“I would like to see how Australians feel when they go to Europe where in places they don’t have toilet paper.”

Thuringowa MP Craig Wallace said the company should re-evaluate their priorities.

“Employers should be worried how their business operates rather than what their employees do in the loo,” he said.

“I know in a number of cultures using paper to clean yourself is considered an offence because of their beliefs.

“If he is being hygienic and not bothering anyone else then good luck to him.”

Mr Finch said employers should be more tolerant of their employees, especially in Mr Bernabe’s case where he has been brought to the country by TEI on a 457 visa.

“At the end of the day we are a multicultural society and if they want to import workers then they need to be tolerant of other workers and other cultures,” he said.

“They don’t own these workers, they are borrowed and hired to carry out a job.

“The thought these bosses think they can lord it over these workers is insane.

“What it shows is the company’s complete arrogance for workers’ rights.”

Mr Bernabe, a father of four, had been with the company since April 2008 and said he had no problems until yesterday.

“It’s hard work but it is my skill so it is good,” he said.

“The only problem was yesterday.”

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  1. One is just the beginning …

    * Jobs coup in 50,000 Filipino worker deal for SA

    July 10, 2008 11:30pm

    ADELAIDENOW SCOOP: AN IMMIGRATION agreement with the Philippines will deliver up to
    50,000 skilled workers to South Australia over the next decade. […],22606,24006453-2682,00.html

  2. I spent a large share of my life living in foreign hell-holes. Rule #1 never use a public toilet, new undies are not at all that expensive. Imagine the delights of diversity when you walk into a toilet and see two muddy footprints on the seat, it is their culture to squat, not sit.

  3. perhaps finch will explain to us why we should not be concerned when a muzz breaks the rules of OUR country. If he cannot, Mr. Finch should be relieved of duty.

  4. * see two muddy footprints on the seat

    From memory, it has been posted in here – the case in Sweden (?) where workplace
    toilets had a “no squatting” symbol – like this –

  5. * “They don’t own these workers, they are borrowed and hired to carry out a job.”

    I’m sure Finch would be pleased if the painter / carpenter he hired to work on his home
    squatted on the seat & splashed water around the bog instead of using the paper. Maybe
    a handful of stones would be the go, followed by a call to the plumber.

  6. Why should we have to tolerate such filth? These people come from third world countries. If they want to live and work here they should follow our toilet customs and not splash water and faeces around the loo where everyone else has to go.

  7. This Bernabe guy is just as arrogant as the rest of his third world laborers. They are inconsiderate of others, just of their pride. They like splashing water and feces all over the loo. No wonder they have high cases of cholera.

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