UK and the "Moderate Muslim" Extortion Racket

UK government wasting $1.4 million on group that claims to fight radicalization of Muslims

* Ed Husain and the art of living high on infidel stupidity:


                     “Moderate” Jew hater Ed Husain

Why doubt their claim? See information about Ed Husain here.

“Critics hit anti-Islamist think tank cost,” from UPI, January 20 (thanks to DW):

LONDON, Jan. 20 (UPI) — The British government is wasting $1.4 million on a think tank run by former Islamic extremists to counter the radicalization of Muslims, critics say.The public money is being given to the Quilliam Foundation think tank despite doubts expressed by members of the government as well as by Conservative Party opponents, The Times of London reported Tuesday.

The foundation was set up nine months ago by bestselling author Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz, a former political prisoner in Egypt, as part of the government’s strategy to combat the spread of extremist ideology among British Muslims, The Times said.

* Support Quilliam, or else! Whitewashing war criminals….

“It will be very interesting to see what has been achieved with this considerable sum of public money,” Patrick Mercer, the Tory Member of Parliament who heads the House of Commons counter-terrorism subcommittee, told the newspaper.

An unnamed government minister told The Times that the size of the grant was outrageous, and saying Britain had seen the rise of an “ex-Islamist industry.”

Husain, however, said that Islamism can only be defeated by those who were once a part of it, saying, “If it is becoming an industry, it’s a good one and let’s have more people on it.”


In other words, send more money!




“With partnerships come progress”

* Don’t get bored  with the BS from this scumbag. Skip to the comments, there are few buyers. Looks like the general public is gradually waking up to what these terrorist wankers are all about…


Muhammad Abdul Bari: “By nature and temperament Muslims are community-linked”

* Yes, linked to communities in Pakistan, Afghanistan.

“London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and Muslim communities have long been part of its rich mosaic”
(richer than the AIDS virus)
Wednesday 21 January 2009 13.20 GMT

Ethnic and religious diversity makes London one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities of the world, contributing to its economic prosperity and dynamism. Its multicultural nature paints a multicoloured rainbow of humanity, all adding further strength to the city’s onward march to progress.

By nature and temperament Muslims are community-linked, more so when they live as citizens of a world class city such as London. Both locally and globally, the experience of everyday life encourage Muslims to consider compromises and practices to live a meaningful life. Examples are plentiful – Muslims from Senegal to Xinjiang arrived and adapted themselves, retaining their souls intact and while sinking their roots in the soil. In no time they became a part of the canvas. Today nearly 50% of London’s Muslims were born in the UK. For Muslims, diversity and differences to be celebrated, and add to the richness of a mosaic society. The Qur’an proclaims, “We have created you as male and female and divided you in nations and tribes; so that you can get to know each other.” It is through understanding each other’s unique qualities that we develop respect for each other. This is probably a core concept all of us need to develop in today’s interdependent world. Muslims do not represent a single ethnic, linguistic or geographical group; London’s Muslim communities are highly diverse in terms of nationality, ethnicity and language.

The Muslim presence in London is not just a contemporary episode. The history of connection between the city and Muslims is long and rich, stretching over many centuries, and has left powerful traces in the field of scholarship, commerce and diplomacy. Evidence is plentiful in place names, historical records, art and architecture. In early 19th century the son of the proprietor of Mahomed’s Bath and Shampooing Establishment in Brighton, Frederick Akbar Mahomed, went on to qualify as a doctor in Guy’s Hospital, where he developed the Sphygmomanometer, the first blood pressure measuring instrument, in 1870. This association flourished manyfold in the 20th century.

Nearly half of all British Muslims live in London, according to 2001 census. Today they make a significant contribution to the city’s cultural diversity through food, sports, media, art, language, literature and entertainment. Muslim communities are developing religious, educational and cultural facilities and events providing a wide range of much-needed services.

From its outset 11 years ago, the Muslim Council of Britain‘s perspective has been working towards the intertwining of strands of commonality between the Muslim community and wider society to enable us to work together as citizens of London. We are a microcosm in the national and global amphitheatre. Like other Londoners, Muslims also face barriers in education, employment, housing and healthcare. There are many instances of this commonality that we have experienced, our work with trade unions, the National Union of Students, anti-racist groups, grassroots projects and partnerships with the former and the current mayor of London.

Progress, however, can be a double-edged sword. At times it seems we are making giant leaps forward, as with the successful bid to host the London Olympics, and yet at other times, when cowed by the unabashed “war on terror”, we regress into violence and discord. Yet when we look through the lens of hindsight, we must ensure that we are not deceived by myopia but rather are surefooted in the way we, as Londoners, frame our plans for the future. One has to only look at how London responded to events on 6 July 2005, when we became the 2012 host city; then only a day later, the same London was united in grief after the bombings of 7/7.

Progressive ideas are a necessity for any society to help change the fortunes of the future generations; the Muslim Council of Britain wants to contribute to the future of London and beyond. Partnerships are the key to any progressive change, whether with grassroots organisations, social justice movements, faith and non-faith communities or individuals with like-minded aims. Only with these partnerships can progressive dreams can be achieved.

Muhammad Abdul Bari will be one of the speakers discussing policies for London at the Progressive London conference, 24 January 2009

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  1. What a load of BS. The East End of London, where very large numbers of immigrants live, has been turned into a drab, miserable place where most indigenous peoples do not go.

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