UK: The Case of the Retard Revert Who Prematurely Blew Up the Loo


Failed suicide bomber gets 18 years

Quite ridiculous. The poor fellow needs to be treated in a mental institution. A miscarriage of justice. And the guys who made him do it are allowed to get away? No further investigation? Pathetic!


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith cuts the mustard:

“We need to work together to prevent people, especially young people, getting drawn into illegal activities.”

Reilly came from a “loving and fairly normal family unit” but was “seduced” by a cause he “wrongly and almost fatally interpreted and probably never understood”, said the judge.

Al BeBeeCeera sure makes your heart bleed, doesn’t it? More

*  London judges are looking for more sophisticated suicide bombers:

“Unfortunately those who attempt to commit suicide and in doing so murder other people are almost invariably unsophisticated in many aspects.”

* UK: When Did the Bobby Turn Into the Slobby?

Pamela from Atlas: 

A little concerned about this case – because the guy was retarded – and was preyed upon by these Islamic guys who I think are the real villains.

Here is a guy who used to visit an internet cafe and need help with using the internet – then he builds a bomb by himself ?? The guy at the internet cafe used to help him – then all of a sudden he started to get help from these two Islamic guys – next thing he’s got a bomb strapped to himself – in a restaurant!

Someone has gone free in this trail that shouldn’t be free!! 

Sydney Moonbat Herald

A Muslim convert who injured himself in a failed suicide attack on a restaurant in Britain was jailed for life on Friday, and ordered to spend at least 18 years behind bars.

Nicky Reilly, 22, accidentally set off a home-made nail bomb in a toilet cubicle as he prepared to target more than 30 diners and staff in a restaurant in Exeter, southwest England.

Described during his trial as the “least cunning” person ever to have been charged with terrorism, Reilly injured only himself in the blast in May last year.

Reilly, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and has learning difficulties, had pleaded guilty to attempted murder and preparing an act of terrorism.

Sentencing him at the Old Bailey in London, Judge Justice David Calvert-Smith said the offence was made worse “by the fact that it was long-planned, that it had multiple intended victims and was intended to terrorise the population of this country”.

“It was sheer luck or chance that it did not succeed in its objectives.”

The court heard that Reilly decided to carry out his attack on the Giraffe restaurant after being radicalised and encouraged by extremists on the Internet.

He had intended to charge out into the busy dining area holding three bottles filled with caustic soda, kerosene, and nails, to his stomach.

But he became stuck in the toilet as he prepared the blast, allowing one of the bottles to explode before he could leave the cubicle, causing serious injuries to his face.

9 thoughts on “UK: The Case of the Retard Revert Who Prematurely Blew Up the Loo”

  1. What an idiot. Looks like that bomb sprayed the contents of the toilet onto his face.

  2. Agree Pamela – One of the islamists was arrested, but at present no charges appear to have been laid.

  3. “He has learning difficulties and Asperger’s Syndrome, struggled to make friends and is thought to have a mental age of 10.” – perfect windsofjihad supporter then.

  4. The muslims who recruited this person are still free – they need to be jailed and/or terminated. This should be the priority. Steve Brown – if you want to look intelligent then you should say something intelligent.

  5. Isn’t it amusing – the uniquely bad language structure and spelling that identifies the islamist i.e. Steve Brown aka mindless slave of a perverted 6th century pedophile camel rapist called …

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