Up to 3000 terrorist supporters and trade union mobsters rally outside Melbourne's state library

The Age

UP TO 3000 Palestinian supporters rallied outside the State Library yesterday, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli assault that has resulted in hundreds of deaths in Gaza in recent days.


                       Pali terrorists rip an Israeli flag to shreds with their teeth

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Organisers of the rally urged the Federal Government to speak out against the Israeli military action.

Mosheer Amer, from the Palestinian Community Association, said the violence would only end when the Israeli occupation did. 

* “Occupation” is code-speak for jihad vs Israel and genocide on the Jewish people…/ed

* Thousands attend Gaza demonstrations in Sydney and Melbourne

“Violence begets violence and more Israeli violence will result in more Palestinian responses to this aggression, which only generates more aggression and bigotry on both sides,” he said.

Organisers estimated about 2000 people signed petitions that called for an end to the Israeli military assault on Gaza.

Speakers who addressed the crowd included Victorian upper house Greens member Colleen Hartland and state secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Steve Dargavel.

* Useful idots to the front:

“I am a trade unionist and trade unionists must stand up against oppression,” Mr Dargavel told the applauding crowd. “We must not accept this aggression — our Government must stand up against it.”

After an hour of speeches at the State Library, the crowd marched down Swanston Street to Federation Square carrying Palestinian, Australian, Lebanese, Turkish and Iraqi flags and chanting “Free, free Palestine” and “Out, out, Israel out”.


* Last time I checked I saw the muzz with posters saying “Freedom go to Hell”

Some who joined the rally yesterday were Jewish. They said they were there because they objected to Israel’s military action. Dual Australian-Israeli citizen Anna Mularski marched holding her blue Israeli passport and a “free Gaza” leaflet. (More useful idiots…)

The Melbourne University student said it was a symbolic gesture that expressed her frustration at the violence, which she said would only result in the next generation inheriting hatred.

Police were on standby for trouble, with 34 assigned to the Palestinian rally yesterday, but there were no reports of clashes with participants from the pro-Israel rally that took place less than a kilometre away.

Another Palestinian rally is planned for January 18.

In Sydney yesterday, a boisterous rally in which a protester burnt an Israeli flag while others carried coffins past the Egyptian consulate came after a week of peaceful pro-Palestinian gatherings.

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  1. sheik – last time I was reading through the threads at jihadwatch I encountered word of a pro-Israel [and therefore anti-jihad] rally being held in Sydney.

    You would know about that? – a Community Gathering in support of Israel, on Sunday 11th January, at 6 pm, outside the Central Synagogue in Bondi Junction.

    If I were still living in Sydney there is no way I wouldn’t be there with bells on. I do have a pro-Israel philojudaic friend living in Sydney so I emailed her and strongly urged her to attend if she possibly can, and represent me.

    All Sydneysiders reading this, who are looking for some ‘boots on the ground’ action they can take to stand up and be counted against jihad and sharia: here’s your chance. Be there. Support the right of the Jews of Israel to stand up as free people and defend themselves against Muslim jihad aggression.

  2. throw these muzz animals out – these violent scum do NOT represent Australians.

    On another note – a story which shows why western women should never marry muslim scum and then visit an arab country. I have personal experience with egyptian muzzies – all I can say is that a glass parking lot is overdue in Egypt.

    A date has been set for an appeal hearing of a British mother facing six months in jail in Dubai after being convicted of adultery. Story from Al BeebCera

    Marnie Pearce, 39, says she was framed by her ex-husband so he could gain custody of their children, Ziad, four, and Laith, seven. He denies the claim.

    The teaching assistant fears she may never see her children again if she loses her appeal on 22 January.

    Ms Pearce, originally from Berkshire, was convicted of adultery in November.

    She was accused of cheating on her Egyptian ex-husband Ihab El-Labban.

    Ms Pearce, from Bracknell, is now on bail while she attempts to overturn the conviction. Another waiting period but more time to spend with my sons

    Marnie Pearce

    If it fails, she is likely to be deported and may lose custody rights to her sons.

    She said in a statement after a hearing on Thursday: “All I can say at this time is the verdict will be given on 22 January at the Dubai courts.

    “Another waiting period but more time to spend with my sons.”

    Ms Pearce first met her ex-husband Mr El-Labban in Oman and married him in the Seychelles in September 1999.

    They had two children, Laith, seven, and Ziad, four, and moved to Dubai but their marriage eventually broke down.

    In March last year she was arrested and accused of committing adultery with a British man who she insists was only a friend.

    She contacted Bracknell Conservative MP Andrew MacKay, who has raised her case with Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown.

    Mr MacKay said: “I hope that Miss Pearce will be permitted to leave Dubai with her children.

    “Dubai is a moderate Arab state that believes in the rule of law.”

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it was continuing to provide Ms Pearce with consular assistance.

  3. First of all, do not be fooled into thinking that Dubai is a moderate state. Whilst sitting in a taxi with my husband some years’ ago having enjoyed a pleasant evening celebrating New Years Eve, my husband leant across and kissed me on the cheek. To our utter surprise, a local Arab stopped two/three cars ahead of us, got out of hiscar, tapped our taxi window and told me that I should be ashamed of myself. I told him to f off and mind his own damn business. He had his moble phone at the ready. As he was holding up the traffic he had no choice but to return to his car and move on, probably to the local prostitute area, where he appeared to be heading! This woman should stand her ground and not leave Dubai without her children. If she does otherwise, this ex will disappear with the children.

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