Auckland Muslim Women: Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide…

Women refuse refuge because of nearby mosque


The Qur’an sanctions the beating of disobedient women (4:34). In one New Zealand town, those who want to escape this abuse are afraid to do so because a mosque is next door to the shelter, and they could be recognized. Don’t these battered Muslim women know that Islam teaches peace and tolerance?

“Women refuse refuge because of nearby mosque,” by Esther Harward for the Sunday Star Times, via DW

* Newslink: Canadian woman held against her will in Saudi Arabia by her husband — “under Saudi law, she is his property”


Muslim women are staying away from a domesitc violence crisis centre since a mosque opened next door.

The Auckland Shakti Asian Women’s Centre in Onehunga helps women escape violent domestic situations but women are too scared to go because they may be recognised by their husbands or relatives attending the mosque.

The centre has an alternative premises but cannot move in because Auckland City Council has held back planning permission for more than a year.

Meanwhile, Housing New Zealand Corporation is paying $310 a week $4030 so far for security guards to keep vandals away from the empty building that the women could move into.

Centre spokesperson Shila Nair said victims were “really afraid” to go to the centre in Church St, Onehunga in case they were recognised by men worshipping at the Onehunga Islamic Mosque, which is over a boundary fence.

Women who visited the centre usually did so without telling their husbands, she said. “If their husbands, in-laws or any other family members or friends were to know that they have visited Shakti, life for them would be even more difficult. We have had instances of women who visited our Women’s Centre later accessing our refuge.”

Most were from Middle Eastern, Africa and Asian countries that don’t legislate against domestic violence. Staff tell them what their rights are under New Zealand law.

The crisis centre took 4800 phone calls last year on a 24 hour nationwide helpline of which 90% were about family violence. Of the calls, half of the women were recommended to visit for counselling, legal advice or training.

The housing corporation renovated another building for the women to move to after the mosque bought a building next door from the Jehovah’s Witness church. The women have been waiting for 18 months for the council to grant resource consent for them to use the house. Council resource consents team leader Ian Smallburn said the consent was “on hold” because of concerns about the impact of parking on neighbours, trees and stormwater. It was not known when the issues would be resolved.

The centre opened a decade ago and is the busiest of Shakti’s five branches in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch, which together they help 6000 women a year escape domestic abuse.


Update from Pamela: take a look at Turkey:


You can judge the health of any society by how they treat the women. From the wonderful world of secular Islam:  

Although it is condemned by helping organizations around the world, wife beating is common in many places. What’s worse is when health workers facilitate or condone it as recently reported in a study done in Turkey. 

In Turkey which has wife-beating virtually institutionalized, a high percentage of health workers don’t respond or work with the victims of domestic violence in sympathetic ways. 
That’s because the culture accepts wife- beating. On a questionnaire 69.0% of the female and 84.7% of the male health workers stated that the agreed to or partially agreed to at least one reason to excuse physical violence.   

The accepted grounds for beating one’s wife in Turkey includes criticizing the man, lying to him or refusing to care for the children. Deceiving the husband is the most serious offense with over half of female doctors agreeing that the man should be able to punish the wife physically if the wife deceived him. These are accepted grounds also for honor killings. 

Because of the cultural rigidity on the matter of approving wife-beating most health care workers in Turkey don’t know the legal issues nor is there any real training in the country to help medical personnel identify and report signs of physical abuse. 

Wife-beating “virtually institutionalized” in modern, moderate, secular Turkey

Spousal abuse is found in all countries and cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction: “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

How to beat your wife properly, expert instructions here

Link to Atlas Video

14 thoughts on “Auckland Muslim Women: Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide…”

  1. This article is supposition. Domestic violence affects all women from all or no religious background. Your highlighting of this is down to hatred of muslims not concern for women’s welfare. You’re a a disgrace mate.

  2. New Flash, “Steve Brown”, it’s not the Sheik that wrote of this issue. It’s not the Sheik that runs the Shakti Asian Women’s center that claims to have a problem with this issue. It’s also not the Sheik that wrote the aHadith or Koran that sanctions this behavior. He has merely brought to our attention what Esther Haward wrote in the Sunday Star Times.

    You “Mr. Steve Brown” come a crossed as a blind PC Multicultural bigot, that is defending his PC God of pseudo-equality and latent prejudice towards western civilization. You come across extremely repugnant in the way you instantly defame anyone that is critical of a very bad cultural situation. You are clearly part of the problem.

    I feel sorry for Mohammedan because they are the most victimized by this oppressive theology. I find the theology disgustingly dehumanizing. But, I find your PC attempts to cover for it for your failed ideology beyond the pale. Shame on you “Mr. Steve Brown”, shame on you for accepting the unacceptable. Shame on you for tolerating the intolerable.

  3. “steve brown” is either a posing Muslim or just some dumbass politically correct socialist [we just call them liberals here in the USA] who just cannot reason his little soapbox. He cannot see beyond his nose to realize Islam sanctions spousal abuse as a doctrine, which makes a unique issue compared to all other cases of abuse…which are declared illegal and are condemned & subject to civilized law for prosecution. But under Sharia, beating women has justification and brown is either pretending it doesn’t, or maybe he is that ignorant.

  4. Steve, either you; put up or shut up, old boy! The article is not referring to domestic violence alone but also; to the fear, intimidation and harassment of its fleeing victims from their pious, mosque going community. Do you not have a problem with that or perhaps, you too are a supporter of this cowardly, brutish, woman beating, Mama boy practice? There are very few things in this life more shameful than that in a grown “man”. Deal with it!

  5. steve,
    read the article and when you understand – then comment. A significant number of muslim males believe that islam legitimises domestic violence (actaully it does): and then there are significant cultural issues. I lived in the far-east, and women come of a distinct second best under islam in the far east. Why do you think the islamic thugs in Afghanistan threaten women and girls who go to school. We get the islamic retards in Aus and NZ. These thugs have nothing to offer and are here because some stupid pc moron like yourself lets them in . In letting them in , and in not forcing them to integrate, you have given these thugs the impression that they can do as wish and as they did in their old country. I have heard muslims say more than one that they will never respect our laws and our society. THIS IS WHY THESE WOMEN ARE SCARED TO GO TO THE REFUGE – BECAUSE THE MUSLIM MALES WILL QUITE LIKELY KILL THEM IF THEY ARE SEEN IN THE REFUGE, BECAUSE ANY COMPLAINT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST THE ISLAMIC MALE IS A SLUR AGAINST HIS HONOR AND the mindless turd will kill to regain his “honor”.

    So Steve, I know what I am talking about – I have seen it firsthand and I understand the muslim enemy – DO YOU?????

  6. Hey, for the character who thinks the sheik is ‘picking on islam’. There are no laws in sharia laws to protect women if they get beaten – or ‘honor killed’ for that matter. And they don’t work on changing those laws and the only places where they can get help is in our Western lands. The women cannot vote to change sharia laws – and neither can non-muslims who have NO rights under sharia.

    And if you think he is picking on islam – then GOOD! IT NEEDS TO BE PICKED ON!

  7. Oh, and I almost forgot – there is no such thing as ‘safe houses’ for women in muslim countries.

    so, if go “pick on” the barbarians that follow a ‘religion’ that says it is ok to beat on women.

  8. Hi Steve ‘old mate’ ‘old buddy’ so you think the Sheik is picking on Islam do you. So can you explain why a so called Holy Book has to have a set of instructions on how and why to beat your wife? Now if the manual of Hate and War had said violence against women is wrong you might have had a point but no it just gives instructions on how and why to use violence against women. You are a pretty busted flush don’t you think Steve ‘old buddy’. Or may I use your real name Ahmed?

  9. I have a few Palestinian female friends. I’ve seen every one of them with a black eye. All their families were and are enablers. If they say anything it gets worse for them. Not just from husbands but from their fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and everyone else in the extended family. It’s another big social problem to contend with.

  10. Steve Brown interesting cliche name I bet you are really a Muslim troll. Don’t like your shit cult of Islam insulted? Well, stop blowing people up, beatin and killing women in the name of honor. Stop screwing goats and donkeys because you can get diseases and spread them to others. Mainly we who know what Islam really teaches will stop insulting it when the Quran is put in a museum hall of shame where it bleongs because Islam is the ultimate insult to humanity and life and intelligence.

  11. Hindus; Buddhists and many other religions believe in reincarnation after death. It is said that you are re born to resolve your past ‘karmas’.

    Whatever it is, if there is truth in the belief in reincarnation, our only wish is that we should NOT be born a girl in a Muslim family.

    That will be the greatest gift that GOD can give us.

    Let us all – non Muslim women – pray in thanks for the gift of life outside Islamic dominance.

    Is it possible that Moslim women are undergoing this birth to absolve themselves from past karmas?

  12. this website is a crock of horse feces…taking everything out of context and contorting it to your own desires…what a bunch of kooks….get a life.

  13. This website is GREAT…EXCELLENT in fact. What is the problem hunglo? The truth hurts doesn’t it.
    We should not even have these bludgers in our country. Whenever muslims move to a western country , they create an urgent and ever expanding need for social workers. They are all screwed up and living in western cultures makes them more screwed up..The next generation of females see the freedom westeners have and then seek it..This makes the thugs more violent than ever..They are ALL a deadloss. They do not contribute anything to any society.

  14. The article doesn’t suggest any method using the quran and the tranditions of the prophet, that the muslim populations could take to avoid abuse against women.

    The best you can hope for with secularizing the muslims… is perhaps 1 out of every 4 women experiencingy domestic violence. As experienced by non-muslim females in secularized countries.

    That’s not good enough.

    As far as I have learnt, an interpretation used by the early muslims (before clerical rule) would give us something like less than 1 in 100 women experiencing domestic violence.

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