Australian Jihad Website Issues Islamic Fatwa About Deliberately Lighting Bushfires

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Australians will be punished!

Islamic Fatwa About Deliberately Lighting Bushfires

Since Victoria’s bushfires in Australia have started, many Muslims have asked Sheikh Haron whether deliberately lighting bushfires would be Mustahab (Recommended), Wajib (obligated) or Haram (forbidden)?

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Letter of Sheikh Haron to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd dated 9 February 2009:

“I swore to God and I promised you that Australians would be hurt, punished and killed. Now I formally claim that Victoria’s bushfire was only one of those promised incidents. I take full responsibility for ….”

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There is lots more from these potential mass-murderers, but by now you’re so scared of cries of racism and Islamophobia that you will voluntarily lie down for your beheading, right?

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Muslims will take over Australia:


Can Australian Muslims carry the national flag of Australia? Is it Haram to hold or raise Australian flag?


The land of Australia, like other countries’ land, belongs to Allah (SWT), it doesn’t belong to us. To carry, hold or raise the flag of this land not only is not Haram but also it is recommended. Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran (Chapter 24, Verse 55) has promised Muslims that they would be the rulers in the Earth. According this verse of the Holy Quran, we, Muslims, will capture the Earth including Australia. Insha Allah Ta aalaa, we will be the majority of Australia one day. Australian Muslims should practice and be prepared for such a day which might be soon Insha Allah (SWT). Australian Muslims should try to carry and raise the Australian flag much more but at the same time they must always remind people about the promise of Allah (SWT) that Muslims will take over Australia. (Sadaqa Allah al Adhim).


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  1. There it is in black and white staring us in the face at how deranged muslims are yet no journalist or politician will face this obvious threat this vile cult of delusional bigoted freaks represents to everything that is of the Non-muslim world…

  2. * Letter of Sheikh Haron to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd dated 9 February 2009:

    Is this a grant application for funding for a new islamic college associated with Macquarie
    or Monash U?

  3. I met an Australian gentleman in Dubai some years ago and warned him that Australia was on the islamists hit list via Indonesia as I had just finished a book written by VJ Napaul stating such. This gentleman was adamant that Australians would NEVER allow this to happen and would fight back hard. Come on Australia, otherwise you will find yourselves in the same street as we Brits and the rest of Eurpe. Your current woosy Prime Minister is not going to help you. Good luck.

  4. Sheikh Haron has sent a letter 12th February to John Brumby the premier of Victoria. Sheikh Haron has revealed some intelligence about the Islamic operation for lighting bushfires which was a plan to make Australia’s 9/11. Sheikh Harun says that the Kilmore fire which started on the 7th February 2009 was successfully lit ….

    Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi confessed that his Muslim fellow have done the Islamic operation of Victoria’s bushfire, then Sheikh Haron wrote:
    “Australia’s 9/11 would be an act of revenge. Yes, it would be an act of revenge for Australian’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would be an act of revenge for the Bali bomber’s execution which was the result of Australian pressure on Indonesian politicians. It would be an act of revenge for all kinds of oppression our Government has committed.

    Dear Mr. Brumby if the victims of the Victorian bushfires were innocent, the civilians who were killed by the Australian soldiers in Afghanistan were innocent as well.
    Australians are busy with sex, drugs, drinking and gambling, so as a result our corrupt politicians have the opportunity to oppress other nations.
    Australian citizens will be killed as long as they don’t stop their authorities from killing the citizens of other countries.
    Australians deserve to be burned in the fire of hell, the fire of Bush is nothing!”

    Some details of the Islamic operation on Saturday 7th February 2009:

  5. Looks like a new political party. I’ve just found them on the Internet
    AAP: Australian Protectionist Party

    APP begins mega membership drive: Free membership offer!
    Campaign announced on Australia Day 2009:

    The Australian Protectionist Party is on the way to registering as a political party to contest the next federal election. At this stage, we have not reached the 500 members required to register. As a sign of our determination to become registered, APP has declared that free memberships will be offered to enable national registration.

    Time is running out for Australia and we do not have time to muck around. Our nation needs a federally registered political party to represent Australians, and this is what we intend to achieve.

  6. These links below are suspended! Does anyone know the reason why??

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    Lots more where this came from: Source
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