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* Chasing Muslim “hearts & minds” in strange places…

Did you know that Indonesia is a “secular nation?”

* This is the kind of bullshit MATTHEW LEE, an Associated Press Writer, would have you believe. No report from Indonesia without the obligatory apologies. But “secular nation” is new, kind of. Who said the MSM is unimaginative?  The rest is obligatory:  “Indonesia’s Muslims practice a moderate form of the faith”


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Though most of Indonesia’s 190 million Muslims practice a moderate form of the faith, public anger ran high over U.S. policy in the Middle East and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush years, fueling a small but increasingly vocal fundamentalist fringe.

* See, this “tiny, fundamentalist fringe” is so tiny that you can hardly see it… The MSM sux….


Security was tight for Clinton’s visit, with 2,800 police deployed in the capital along with members of the army, according to local police.

Witnesses saw scattered protests and at least five people were detained by police following a rowdy rally by 200 Muslim university students in front of the U.S. Embassy. Some protesters set tires on fire on the capital’s outskirts and others screamed “Hillary is terrorist.”


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* Well, whether she is a terrorist or not, the least she can do is support them:

Hillary: Implementation of sharia in Swat Valley needs to be “thoroughly understood”

While she expressed “concern” that the Pakistani government relented to demands for sharia, State Department spokesperson Gordon Duguid made the “curious statement here that Islamic law is within the constitutional framework of Pakistan.”

“Situation in Pak is a concern: Hillary,” by Lalit Jha for the Press Trust of India,


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  1. Yeah! America go to hell. Just wait until you need aid, then your grubby little hands will be pushed into the trough. Fuck miscreant misfits.

  2. Most or nearly all Muslim or Islam dominated Nations have been living for long as we can remember from the ‘Dole’ that has and had been doled out by the People of the United States.

    In return they have treated the US with contempt and hate whilst remaing parasites in nature. Their religion apparently condones begging and pleading for money and aid without any morality attached to it.

    It is time or is it not time yet for the US to stop giving aid to these ‘beggar states’ aid in any form and forget about the ‘milk of human kindness’ and let these specimens of identical plumage go quickly to Paradise and the anxiously waiting vestal virgins.

    Of course none of us are yet aware what the female Muslims get in Paradise when they arrive there, if they ever do.

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