Ezra Levant: Moral inversion and the Yuman Rites Circus

* Defiant Wilders to travel to Britain despite ban

In healthy democracies, the media is a watchdog over the government. In the soft tyranny of Canada’s human rights commissions, the government is the watchdog over the media.

Ezra Levant


                                         Mark Steyn

More eye-opening reporting from Joseph Brean, the MSM’s most prolific HRC-watcher:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is calling for Parliament to force all Canadian magazines, newspapers and “media services” Web sites to join a national press council with the power to adjudicate breaches of professional standards and complaints of discrimination.

* Tom Calma is working on a similar scam Down Under, with the support of chairman KRudd who wants to censor the internet:

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KRudd’s Brain Police Wants Internet Filter to Block 10,000-plus “Unwanted” Sites

The Totalitarian Nightmares of KRuddistan

Stop Internet Censorship! Krudds brain-police will make filters mandatory for all Australians!

The council would have the power to order the publication of its decisions and “would help bring about more consistency across all jurisdictions in Canada,” reads an OHRC report to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Human rights commissions are obsolete; the battles for equality of the sexes and races were won decades ago; the number of HRC complaints in Ontario has actually fallen year over year, despite that province’s population growth. Think about that: the most ethnically diverse province in Canada has a declining number of human rights complainers, according to their own annual reports. That’s good news to normal people — but to those who need to stimulate and manufacture grievances in order to maintain and grow their bureaucratic empires, that’s very bad news indeed.

By putting the entire media — including blogs! — under HRC jurisdictions, there will be an endless source of bitching and complaining, all of which will need very lengthy and detailed investigations by the government — punctuated by 5-star junkets.

Fire. Them. All.


Sorry, Ezra, But We’ve Got Miles To Go Before We Sleep

Written by Fortitudine   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 18:12
After a year that has been defined by argument over the limits to free expression in Canada, the controversial section 13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Acts – the section that has been used by Canadian Human Rights Commissions to try Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn for ‘inciting hatred and islamophobia’ – has finally come up for debate in parliament.    


The controversial section of the Canadian Human Rights Act governing hate speech comes under scrutiny today when federal politicians decide whether to debate the limits it places on freedom of expression.

Brian Storseth, a Conservative MP, has asked the Commons justice committee to review Section 13 of the act, which contains provisions that deal with hate messages. Mr. Storseth also wants the committee to review the mandate of the commission itself.

It is imperative that the Canadian government initiates a massive overhaul of its policy on hate speech. Unfortunately, this is still a long-term goal since removing section 13.1 will only be the first step – albeit an important first step – towards restoring the complete freedom of expression in Canada.

If this long-term goal is to be realized, however, it will require solidarity on the part of Conservative MPs and a certain degree of non-partisan and cultural support for free speech as well. I’m not at all convinced that either of these conditions have been fully satisfied at this juncture.

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