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From Agence France-Presse via JW:

Roses are red … and unwanted in Saudi Arabia as a Riyadh flower vendor shows how the vice squad crush red roses while enforcing a law banning Valentine’s Day celebrations in the conservative desert kingdom. Islamic law strictly segregates the sexes before marriage, so flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners shared by boyfriend and girlfriend are next to impossible.

Hence… jihad aganst flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. Ah yes: Music too…

In fact, Valentines Day is so dangerous that it might destroy the whole ummah:

Egyptian Cleric Hazem Shuman Warns Muslim Youth: Valentine’s Day More Dangerous than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera

Valentine Jihad, Chocolate Jihad

Apart from that we have one Muslim woman beheaded, another set on fire, a third stabbed 23 times by her brother, and now plural wives imprisoned and children tortured.

* Afghan diplomat Mohammed Fagirad charged in all-day wife beating 

French court gives Muslim 20 years for setting ex-girlfriend on fire

Her face burned, his honor restored

“Prosecutor Camille Palluel said Butt had meticulously planned his attack ‘to end the life’ of his former girlfriend in an attempt ‘to restore his honour.'”

Love Is In The Air Update: “Jilted man jailed for fire attack,” from the BBC,


Friends of moderate Muslim leader who beheaded his wife: he’s a terrific guy, he must have just, er, lost his head

But ultimately it was she who lost hers

“I am totally stunned. They were really more than married — they encouraged each other in everything.” Probably she didn’t encourage him in this.

Moderate Beheading Update: “Orchard Park businessman charged in beheading of wife,” by Fred O. Williams and Gene Warner for the Buffalo News, February 14 (thanks to JW)

A “moderate” Indonesian examines the Valentine Day controversy among Muslims

And reveals he’s not that moderate after all. For instance, after pointing out that the main problem the ulema have with Valentine’s Day is its Christian origins, he does not suggest that Muslims should cease being so hostile to everything Christian, but rather attempts to extrapolate Valentine’s Day from its Christian roots, thereby making it less offensive to Muslims. And this is the moderate approach…

“Should we ban teens from celebrating Valentine’s Day?” by Tasa Nugraza Barley for the Jakarta Post, February 14: thanks to Raymond Ibrahim

Today is Feb. 14 and it’s Saturday – a perfect day for Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

Young Indonesians out there who live in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung know exactly what this means: It’s love time! I bet many of them are busy choosing the right flowers and chocolate for their girlfriends or boyfriends.

If you visit any mall in Jakarta at the moment you will know they are covered with red and pink love-shaped accessories. It seems that everyone wants to be part of this special celebration.

But that is not the case.

In reality, not everyone in Indonesia is a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Indonesian Islamic clerics have long condemned Valentine’s Day, claiming that this celebration comes from Christian culture and therefore should not be celebrated. And that’s not completely wrong; Valentine’s Day does come from a Christian-dominated society, the West.

I remember when I was in high school, my friends would be divided into two groups. One group would talk about Valentine’s Day weeks before. They would trade information on where the best florist was or what kind of chocolate they could get.

The other group would distribute brochures giving information to others on how Valentine’s Day was not Islamic and therefore should not be followed.[…]

There are several versions of the story of Valentine’s Day. According to one person, a priest named St. Valentine was killed by a king after helping couples to get married. For some reasons which I don’t quite know for sure, this king didn’t want people to get married.

So what?

What if that guy named Valentine had been a Muslim? I’m sure we wouldn’t have any problem with Valentine’s Day celebrations.

But he wasn’t; he was a Christian — hence why Valentine’s Day is anathema to Islam.

But why should we make things so complicated? 

I just think Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with Christianity – It’s simply a celebration of love and every religion in this world believes in the power of love.

The fact that its history involves a priest is not a big deal. The fact that this celebration comes from a non-Muslim culture, I think, shouldn’t be exploited too negatively.

But it should still be a deal — not necessarily a “big” one — and exploited negatively, just not “too” negatively? This sentence alone shows how sympathetic this supposedly “moderate” Indonesian is to Islam’s xenophobia.

So what if Valentine’s Day comes from a non-Muslim culture? Don’t we use the internet and learn about computers when we all know they were all invented by non Muslims? Before you judge that as a wrong analogy, please remember that I already told you how sometimes I simplify things too much. 

I completely agree with parents’ concerns over how Valentine’s Day celebrations might have a negative affect on their teenagers. Many people have shown their frustration regarding the behavior of Indonesian teenagers, they complain that Indonesian teenagers are becoming far to Western.[…]

All I want to say is that we shouldn’t be too paranoid about this. Not everything from the West is bad for all of us. There are things that we could learn. But, there are also things that we shouldn’t follow.

Things Muslims are interested in learning from the West: making weapons and bombs, and all the necessary technology to facilitate their use. Things Muslims don’t want to learn from the West: an open society that led to the development of such technologically sophisticated weapons — not to mention general equality, prosperity, and freedoms, or even the responsibility associated with using such weapons.

Anyway: Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. .
    St. Valentine’s Day came from a priest named Valentine who was imprisoned in 270 AD for marrying women with Roman soldiers, thereby supposedly ‘weakening’ them, so the Government was against the soldiers getting married. He fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and signed his last letter to her “From Your Valentine”.

    In Muslim countries it’s good to see that love and the market are stronger than unreasonableness. Since many Islamic clerics condemn it as a non-Muslim Holiday, and say that Muslims may not celebrate a Christian (or Pagan) holiday; and since their ‘Religious Police’ enforce this, it’s pretty safe to say that Sharia Law is against this. Not all Muslims of course, just the Law governing them in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

    India’s radical Hindus are rabidly against V-Day too. There will be goon squads out looking for cuddly couples, who if caught will be taken to a government office and forcibly married.

    How very enlightened and civilized.
    here’s an absurd thought –
    your Supreme God says
    outlaw Valentine’s Day

    confiscate ALL red roses
    keep men and women apart

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    Valentine’s Day is evil

    it just reminds the people
    about Christianity

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    destroy ALL Valentine’s cards

    remove items colored red
    from all the store’s shelves

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe fears
    a Christian minority

    even though they may not build
    or repair their churches
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.


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