Indonesia: Rotary Club a 'threat' to Islam

Can’t be much to it when distinguished, benevolent organizations like  Rotary Club and the Lions Club    threaten ‘the faith of a billion soldiers of Allah’- that means the foundations of Islam are indeed build on shaky ground:


* Is there anything that doesn’t “threaten Islam?” Among the perceived threats  is Yoga. cartoons, free speech, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter and the existence of infidels. I guess we should just all swallow the cool aid and make room for the ummah…

Article from: Agence France-Presse

INDONESIAN Islamic hardliners have called for a ban on international organisations the Rotary Club and the Lions Club, saying they are part of a Zionist conspiracy, reports said today.


The People’s Ulema Forum (FUU) said the clubs were “infidel” fronts for Freemasonry and the world Zionist movement and threatened Islam in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

“They gather funds and give them to America and the Israeli Zionists,” FUU chairman Atian Ali Mohammad Da’i was quoted as saying in The Jakarta Globe daily.

“We urge all Muslims to renounce membership in the Rotary Club and the Lions Club. Otherwise they can consider themselves infidels.”

He called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to ban the groups.

Indonesian Muslims are overwhelmingly moderate but a vocal hardline fringe regularly succeeds in influencing policy-makers despite opposition from secularists, civil society groups and religious minorities.

The FUU is an ultra-conservative group that has used force to stop Christian services and in 2002 issued a death fatwa (Islamic ruling) against a Muslim scholar who had criticised conservative Islam, the Globe reported.

Raja Juli Antony of the Maarif Institute, a moderate Islamic group, told The Jakarta Post there was no evidence that the Lions or Rotary clubs posed a threat to Islam.

He said they had made positive contributions to Indonesia’s development through their charity works.

A senior member of the Indonesia Ulema Council, the country’s highest religious body which last week issued a fatwa against certain forms of yoga, said it was not considering a ruling against the Lions or Rotary clubs.

The public service clubs – formed in the early 1900s and claiming some 2.5 million members around the world – were banned in Indonesia in 1962 for nationalist reasons but were allowed to reopen in 2000. 

5 thoughts on “Indonesia: Rotary Club a 'threat' to Islam”

  1. I must see if there’s any leftover Lions Christmas puddings in my local supermarket & buy
    a couple in solidarity.

  2. Our government lacks the stones to outlaw Hizb ut Tahrir, but indonesia will tackle extremist
    service groups…

  3. They would not know about these clubs if it were not for the COMMUNISTS who are the ones causing all these problems and using the Muslims to fight their proxy wars. Communists hate the Lions and Rotary Clubs because the members of these institutions recognize Communism and are “intolerant” of their BS.

    Obama’s book translated as “struggle” from Jakarta to the White House, etc….this was interpreted as “jihad”—but the struggle references the “class struggle”—-expose the Communists infiltrating and mobilizing Islam, and you will go far in rooting out terror.

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