Italy: Muslim Invaders Torch Migrant Centre

            Tunisians, police hurt in riot


The actual header on this story reads “IMMIGRANTS TORCH MIGRANT CENTRE”– but here on Winds of Jihad we have always maintained that these people are not immigrants, they are not refugees and they are not asylum seekers: they are Muslim invaders.

(ANSA) – Lampedusa, February 18 – Immigrants rioted at an expulsion centre on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa Tuesday, setting fire to parts of the facility.

Police said the migrants used mattresses and waste paper to start the fire after failing to break down the centre’s gates. One of the buildings in the centre was destroyed, they said.

Two migrants and some 20 police were hurt in the scuffles, police said.

They sustained cuts and bruises and inhaled fumes.

The riot broke out after around 300 Tunisians protested against the expulsion of some 100 compatriots.

Most of the 863 migrants at the centre are Tunisians.

The interior ministry said it would speed up the repatriation of the migrants in the wake of the incident.

The centre has repeatedly seen protests after going over its 850-bed capacity.

It was recently transformed from a holding centre into an expulsion centre.

photo: police face protesters at centre last month

6 thoughts on “Italy: Muslim Invaders Torch Migrant Centre”

  1. This is what happens when letting muslims in – the country will turn into a pig sty of muslim violence.

    We can expect it to happen more and more also.

  2. The Marina Militare should commence to deep-six the invaders ships in the Mediterranean. This will cool down the fiery temperament of those who want to bring us their oh so superior culture. And please save heart-bleeding “inhuman!”-shouts. It’s inhuman to destabilize a whole continent and bring it to the verge of civil war by importing millions of people who truly hate our civilization.

  3. Italy should cease to be an inlet for these Invaders. One day the ‘ Invaders’ are going to take over Italy and Europe thereafter -if they are not stppped now and sent back to their Caliphs and Colonel Gaddafi – who loves his people very much that he will make roast meat out of them.

    There is no one of the Stature or Spirit of Chrlemagne of old Frank Empire now to stop this evil from breeding and spreading all over Europe.

    Stop it now or, fact the music later.

    The unfortunate thing is that it is our children who will suffer and curse us because most of us may be dead by the time of future events.

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