Jihadists celebrating Victoria fires; taking joy in the scenes

JIHADISTS are celebrating the worst tragedy in Victoria’s history. 


Sunday Herald Sun

Terror watchdogs said fundamentalists had blogged on websites across the globe, applauding the lives lost and destruction in the Victoria fires.

Senior analyst at SITE Intelligence Group Adam Raisman said they were posting pictures of burnt homes and devastated victims and “taking joy in the scenes”, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

One jihadist wrote: “It would be an act of revenge for Australian’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.” 

Bushfires victims said they were stunned. 

“We’re minding our own business and trying to cope with all this and they are celebrating our suffering,” said Denise McCann who lost her home in the Kinglake blaze. 

Regional Islamic Council vice-president Dr Ameer Ali said the comments did not represent the wider Muslim community. 

“They have no idea what they are talking about,” he said.

Dr. Ameer Ali: Calling for Hezbollah’s legalisation

* But terrorist supporter Ameer Ali has a much better idea. He knows very well what they are talking about. That’s why he goes straight into damage control. He believes Australia is a “Muslim nation” already and is doing everything to make it a little more so every day, and that includes lying,  taqiyya, because “War is Deceit”- according to Muhammad. 

* Calls for Forest Fire Jihad have been heard for a long time. There is no reason to believe Muslims wouldn’t act on it…

* Al-Qaeda fanatics are using paedophile websites to plot terror attacks

* Aussie Fire Suspect “Cannot Be Named”, Also Charged With Child Porn


9 thoughts on “Jihadists celebrating Victoria fires; taking joy in the scenes”

  1. “They have no idea what they are talking about,”

    They know exactly what they are talking about … and the government, now under Kevin 07,
    continues to do … nothing.

  2. Can you give us the websites of these fundamentalists so we can see for ourselves what they are saying?

  3. In effect, the slaves of Allah are blaspheming Allah when they say the “Religion of Peace” has nothing to do with it. By the Islamic definition that Allah is all powerful, all knowing, and timeless, i.e., Allah does not do accidents and surprises, the fires happened because Allah willed them. So, the “Religion of Peace” did it because Allah did it, and denying the “Religion of Peace” did it is denying Allah.

  4. @bluelagoon

    There were literally hundreds of fires and they continue to burn today. Some were natural, some caused by infrastructure not coping with the heat and some were deliberately lit.

  5. The rate at which the fire fronts spread, given wind, temperature and state of bush at the time suggests that many of the sources were not natural.

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