Lizard Watch: Real bad lizard crazyness

Smearing Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller:


An obscure blogger (Java Zen) makes genocidal accusations against Robert Spencer. Spencer threatens to sue:

The Lizard loves it, the lizard rubs it, the lizard echo chamber cheers:

Robert Spencer has now graduated to making empty legal threats, sending angry email to a blogger who removed Spencer’s site from his blogroll: Java Zen: Thinking Out Loud » Changes to the Blog Roll.”Robert Spencer Echoes the Islamists He Opposes”- so threatening to sue a slandering slime-bomb makes Spencer a hypocrite? 

Nucking futz!

But the morally supremacist lizard doesn’t stop there.  A ridiculous hatched job on Pamela Geller by Chris Selley is just swell, because its better to leave Aqsa Parvetz, a victim of honor killing,  without a grave stone:

The story of one of the most disgusting publicity stunts I think I’ve ever heard of: Chris Selley: How not to memorialize Aqsa Parvez.

Yeah, that’s the spirit. Lizards are indeed creepy crawly little things… I guess you need something stronger than Gamma Rays, mr Lizard…

* But if you really want to know who honestly and valiantly stands against honor killings, check this out


2 thoughts on “Lizard Watch: Real bad lizard crazyness”

  1. The LGF cult now has gone from completely irrelevant to a humor site somewhere on subpar of the Colbert report.

    Compared em’ and tell me if there is really any difference now. The only difference is that Colbert’s humor is on purpose.

  2. That’s just one hell of a pic! I can’t wait to break the story that they’re an item….LOL….Pamela IS an “anti-Muslim maniac”. And the first to jump up and down at the accusation.

    Ahhhh well, we laugh at all sides at my place. I must say I was surprised to land at the blog of someone whose name I know so well. We have traveled along many of the same channels, Sheik.

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