Muslim Baby Boom? Polygamy? Warsi Blames The Infidels…

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FEARS of an Islamic baby boom have grown after it was revealed the Government is not stopping Muslim men from having more than one wife.

Warsi: “what Britain needs is a polygamy police unit…”

Baroness Warsi, Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, lifted the lid on the polygamy problem by accusing Downing Street of being afraid to offend Muslims.

She said the Government was ignoring the issue of multiple wives because of “cultural sensitivity”.

And she said the result is a boom in the number of Muslim women forced to take part in polygamous marriages. It is also allowing Muslim men to have children with several women at the same time.

Baroness Warsi, 37, said: “There has to be a culture change and that has to be brought about by policy-makers taking a clear stance on this issue, saying that in this country, one married man is allowed to marry one woman. And that must be the way for everyone who lives in this country.

“There has been a failure on the part of policy makers to respond to this situation.

(Perhaps. But more likely is the failure of the Muselmanic invaders to respect the laws of the infidel nation state. Fat chance!/ed)

“Some of it has been done in the name of cultural sensitivity and we’ve just avoided either discussing or dealing with this matter head-on.”

Polygamy is illegal under UK law but religious marriages are not registered and so are not legally valid.

This opens the door for a Muslim man to marry his first wife in a civil ceremony and then marry someone else in a religious one.  Baroness Warsi urged the Government to consider the mandatory registration of all religious marriages to stop men in Britain marrying more than one woman.

And Stephen Green, of campaign group Christian Voice, said: “If this is going on then the Government should not be afraid of offending people in that community.”

* Freedom dies as radical Islam advances


But her remarks provoked an angry backlash from some Islamic experts last night.

Manzoor Moghal, chairman of the Muslim Forum, said the Government should not interfere.

He said: “Why would you not allow Muslims to conduct their affairs in their cultural, religious framework, without interference from the state? Why should we take them to task for having a second, third and a fourth nikah [marriage] which is compatible with their religion?”

Answer: Because WE, THE INFIDEL HOST SOCIETY ARE PAYING FOR IT with our taxes!  Because Muslims use and abuse women to outbreed the infidel host society with the intention to destroy us!

A Ministry of Justice spokesman denied that polygamy was being ignored by the Government and insisted the practice was illegal in Britain.

But he added: “It is not the role of government to take a position on the rites, beliefs or practices of any particular religious faith, other than where these give rise to conflict with the common law.”

* Comment:  Mate, this is about your existence. You better start defending yourself or you’ll be gone along with your common law and your tolerance!

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