Poll Results: Should religious clerics have a say on what -or what you cannot wear- on the beach?

90 % of all votes said NO- religious people should have no say…

A reassuring vote, is it not?


New Poll starts today:

What is more important: Freedom of speech or appeasing Muslims?

1. We must respect peoples beliefs

2. We should ridicule them as much as possible

3. It is their right to vilify us

4. Our Freedom is more important than Muslim Rage

5. I am afraid of Muslim terror

4 thoughts on “Poll Results: Should religious clerics have a say on what -or what you cannot wear- on the beach?”

  1. I also wanted to vote that ridiculing them as much as possible should be the way to proceed from now on. I voted our freedoms are much more important tham muslim rage – since they are always raging about something and they won’t be happy until we are dead, converted or subjugated. And even then I doubt if they will be happy.

    It is not a ‘religion’ of happy people.

    In another day, and another age, I would have said respecting other’s beliefs are important. But not now – and that is all thanks to muslims – those ‘silent, deceptive’ ones. I don’t like calling them ‘peaceful’ since they only speak up when their victims strike back.

    Ideally we should be taking out islam as a religion since it is a definite political movement bent on overtaking us and subjugating us – if we don’t die by their hands before that.

  2. Good to see that you people in West are realizing it.Get to act before it is too late Guys or else You will end up becoming what are majority in country like India and Ghastly history of India will be seen repeated in your country.

  3. Ridicule? or is it mocking the afflicted. The more pious these head-bangers become the more murderous they become. That is not a religion it is a mental disorder.

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